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Lil Wayne Returns To The Studio

Tue, Nov 9, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Returns To The Studio

Last night, Lil Wayne was getting back to business after being away for 8 months. Weezy had his first recording session at Hit Factory in Miami which lasted through till the morning. You can see a photo above, and you can also see that Tune is using a notebook which he has not done since he was 17 years old. Wayne was also recording his verses over a Develop beat, and here is a lyric from one of the verses: “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.”

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  • Steven Porter


  • Tony


  • Steven Porter

    So glad Weezy is back, this notebook thing won’t last long but i have a feeling his verses are gonna be deep as hell since he has had so much time to think about them. can’t wait to hear

  • free_weezy

    3 peat

  • Young Tune

    @Steven Porter, why didn’t you just say what you had to say in your first post instead of spamming this thread with the overplayed and idiotic “First!!!”? Very annoying…

  • YM is shit

    wow I cant wait what he comes out with next. That line was not particulary punchy but rather slick. I like that. Give us the Light Up Freestyle like first thing ine morning tomorrow



  • YM is shit

    @Steven Porter I highly doubt that his verses are going to be deep. I think his verses will have less filler like the horrible “balling with my bloods call it B-Ball”. There is a reason he said that his first few days with the notebook were rather frustrating.

  • J-WAY

    I See Ya Weezy! Get Em!

  • if time is money, im a hour past paid hahhah
    beast still a beast

  • Welly

    Weezy still get it!!!

  • Mike

    How do you, Danny, know that Weezy hasn’t written since the age of 17? It’s alleged. He may have decided to stop writing, but for this long straight non-stop? C’mon shun, fuck outta here with that not writing since 17 bullshit. Know I’m tom ’bout?

  • Brandon crain

    I liked it when he said “Ballin with my bloods call it B-ball” I think that is pretty good.

    weezy welcom back *sooo wooo*

  • Jake2010

    4 peat my nigga

  • on hiphopxxxl there ive read weezy next track is about his jail sentence
    which will be a EP album about it

  • Daniella

    Thank God that this sentence is over quickly!

    Now throw that Carter III!

  • ricardo laguna

    jake 2010 exelent bro 4 peat haha or mrs officer remix YMCmb the best lil wayne from venezuela weezy carter

  • yea weezy kill them.were waiting for am back

  • hamada


  • YMCM13

    @mike STFU! how do YOU know he hasn’t?? ANSWER THAT! are you around wayne @ ANY time ?NO! BUT people that IS say he DONT. which is y he said it was kinda hard writing on paper cuz he hasnt did it in so long. he’s gotten use to doing it IN HIS HEAD!! lol @you talking bout “you know what you “tom bout” ” i think NOT.

  • YMCM13


  • dfasjklfaj;

    shit is not playing man. pissing me off.

  • K-Freshz

    CANT WAIT TILL HE STARTS WORKIN ON D4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND C4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ YMCM13
    STFU dumb azz u know nothing
    you feel like , u the best friend of weezy
    stupid kid
    go weezy kill thiz YMCM13 haha

  • Tunechi

    Weezy will be spittin fire like always….i jus wonder what he gonna smoke for the nxt three years

  • Zach

    Ye already know weezy bout to come back with some straight heat… Lyrically genius flows and he’ll prolly be smokin that “legal, buy fake bud”

  • Zach


  • Drew

    @Tunechi He’s probably gonna just smoke Cigars, cause thats what he’s been doing so far.

  • jojj

    what is a develop beat?

  • nwoky

    weezy woke up into d world and cuts d light of cause confidence is a stain dat cant b wiped out

  • weezyfBABY

    YM is shit seems like he is the biggest wayne fan of us all! hahah

  • Shelby Starr


  • wezzzzyyy!

    YM is SHit.. i saw you on another post talking shit about lil wayne ?

  • yeedee

    Weezy lookin Depressed. But im glad hes reading his lyrics and recording. Cause he actually put time into his lyrics this time.

  • yeedee

    “YM is shit” is a true fan, but a hating fan. otherwise, why would he be on this site every day? or he just gets off on people responding to him.

  • ma weezy is tha best

  • cleo

    He is probably looking in his notebook because he has been writing so much in jail, now he is just about to record it

  • TmY

    what is with ”shittin on ya ”Track ?

  • cwayneftw

    @jojj develop produced Fireman.

  • jojj

    @ TmY

    was is das?

  • TmY

    ja ka hat irgendeiner heute geschrieben , heute kommt ein lil wayne track ft t-pain und kevin rudolph 😀 ka meinte glaube ich @jaaaaaaaap odr so 😀 ja ka

  • TmY

    yaaaaaaaaap Says:
    November 9th, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    thiz track is gonna drop tonight
    called shittin on ya feat t-pain and is a leftover from i am not a human being 🙂

  • #TeamMinajNo_1

    something about wayne isnt rite – he doesnt look too happy

  • rochelle

    thank god im sooooo EXCITED to see what wayne’s gonna do next.

  • yeedee

    he looks like he wants to be left alone or something

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    nanana men even if written again is a good thing i guess… bt still i dont want him to write jst cuz not written made him lil wayne among other things that shou remain name less

  • 3zzy

    he probably jus zoned out, wen somebody has that love for music its like another life steppin to the mic, and in the booth for that matter

  • Junior

    lil wayne ese el #1 raperro en el mundo!desde mexico!!

  • klim

    baaaakkkkkk it this b*tch!

  • YeahBaby

    yea he don’t look happy.

  • TT

    Wat is a develop beat? Weezy tha king.

  • YM is shit

    man my nick name is YM is shit because everybody on YM is shit especially Gudda Gudda. Wayne is nice though, but unlike you stans I respect my ears and when wayne drops shit music I acknowledge it

  • smh

    i doubt waynes shit will be deep and im a big wayne fan. he hasnt made anything from the heart since 07.

  • lil-rockstar

    This is a Develop beat its a producer

    fireman is prod. develop too

  • ymcm13

    yeah @ “ym is shit” is a “dick ridin fagget he loves the attention” but FUCK EM’! …and @ yaaappp unless YOU’RE @mike STFU PUSSY.u sound stupid as hell. it’s evident he hasnt writen anything down on paper in a looonnng time. which is y he looks like he’s in deep thought while’s really a big transition an step BACK creatively , u jackass.

  • Mike

    @ymcm13 Ok, dude. Relax. Obviously you don’t know Wayne either so can’t speak on behalf. And not to hate, but dude is stupid on the mic, whether he writes it or not. He’s not the only rapper that doesn’t write either so it shouldn’t be a shock.

  • Mike

    Look guys sorry for hating on Wayne. I have nothing else better to do I mean I get no girls, I have a small dixk, and I’m thinking about coming out the closet….sorry.

  • Mike’s Dad

    well well son first of all am really mad to the fact your hating on lil wayne i love him and am not really mad that you want to come out the closet…and well your dick been small well mm lets just say am your daddy sorry sweety.. we can still be best buddys

  • wezzy


  • LIl Wayne

    I am the best rapper alive

  • sashaj

    Every Waynes fan dream is for Wayne to release to Carter 4 and have it be the most lyrical, deep, personal shit hes ever put on record while still keeping it hot, sell millions of records and get unanimous critical acclaim so everyone can stop saying Wayne is wack cause we all know he isnt, hes the best! but this situation is pretty improbable

  • joe504

    lmao @the comments above @mike and @mike’s dad!

  • Youngtunechi07

    Ok yea thank god hes back in the studio but seriously… That line is whack as hell i hope he goes back to carter 2, like father like son wayne!!!

  • Loren

    lil wayne looks soo stupid now

  • Weezyf

    Damn he’s gonna spit fire

  • Through that carter !11! and there will be all bitches running to the door!!! played to them women.
    By. ChrisCalloway(ToonSi) to Lil Wayne(Tuneshi)

  • Sorry let me correct myself, Tunechi.

  • NuNcHiii

    ((NOTEBOOOOOK !!!!)) but “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid” iz on fiRe
    shoutout 2 weezy

  • Mnjaro

    looks like that song is coming out tonite

  • YungNizzy14

    I can tell Wayne gonna go deeper in his music now tht he writin cause he has time to think and process what he says before he spits it on the mic now, 2011 gonna belong to YM just like this yr did THE KING BAK, YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beezy!

    are you sure it’s not full version of talk that by wayne and t-pain lil waynes verse came out couple days ago!






  • yeedee

    Lil Wayne is sad because he missed the World Series……it was great!!!!

  • ily lil wayne
    be5t rapper alive
    welcum bacc home weezy!!!!!!!!!

  • LiLDiDi


    free weezy ♥

    i luv u 🙂

  • Jae Millz

    TOLD ALL YALL! It was free Weezy till they FREE WEEZY !

  • dlizzie2007

    @StevenPorter i agree wit yhu he juz wanna get dhat stuff out nd he will be bacc tew normal

  • cleo

    I can agree that wayne doesnt seems to be happy, but wtf he cant be happy all the time? Non of us can be? Like somone said before; he is music so he has like a real serious thing with it. Im a huge wayniac, but is it just me that think that he wasnt so happy at the welcome party too. He was a little bit laid back… Maybe something has happend? And he has a huge pressure about tha carter 4 now…

  • *5Tunetunne

    @cleo, Agree With You 100%

  • Joseph

    I think wayne was upset cuz he couldn’t smoke or drink….i mean everybody around you is getting good feeling themselves and you can’t… its kinda like he still in jail…he just have to get used to being sober thats all….but believe me he wants to fucked up

  • Caychodic

    If Develop Produced It…We Getting That Real, C2 Weezy
    No Skinny Jeans Haha

  • wezzy

    To all of you.. Why you saying wayne is sad.? Lol

    I can hardly see his face


    dont u ppl get it? waynes not going back to carter 2 style of rap.
    he cant do it. hes not the same from then. completely different changed faker person.

    “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.” thats not carter 2 like. thats a basic irrelevent line from another verse that has no meaning at all from wayne.

    just random shit put together in a clever way. im a fan of wayne but his old shits way better and he’ll never be able to do that kinda shit ever again.

  • Tunechi follower

    i believe dat Tune using a pad is to get his fans thnkn why?? I dnt thnk the notebook thng wil work out for hm… He gon throw it in the bin a week frm nw , trust me whn i say dis … I knw hm too well(^^,)

  • geezyfan93

    as soon as he records all the lyrics he wrote in prison he goin back to spittin off the dome, this notepad thang aint permanent, c4 d4 coming soon

  • cleo

    @weezy -it’s called body language!

  • vahe

    i hope lil wayne continues to write for the rest of his rapping career, he was soo sickkk without it imagine if he took his time in writting stuff out with his knowledge hes going to kill beats een worse than he did beforee

  • Mike

    I don’t get how me saying it’s no big deal is considered hating. Even if he does get “amazingly better” simply because he starts to write again. Is it really a big deal? Wouldn’t you support him and wished you were sucking his dick, regardless? Y’all acting as if you know the man and know for a fact he hasn’t written shit since squad up 7. He said it himself he wrote a song for Hurricane Season or whatever it was called. I just hope I don’t hear the same “we in the building” bullshit or “life is a bitch.” Maybe because he doesn’t write that 50% of his hits recycle bars.

  • Birdman


  • MistaJ

    Waynes the best of all time. All you haters can go die! Best Rapper aliveee

  • Tunchi FOA life , best rapper alive kiid ill the death of him YM the fuck up

  • till*

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  • Anonymous

    Aww Shit ! HE was recording Blunt Blowin Produced By Develop ! ! ! ! if time is money then im an hour past paid !!