Slim Thug – Fuck You (Feat Lil Wayne)

Thu, Nov 25, 2010 by

Slim Thug Fuck You Feat Lil Wayne

Slim Thug releases a new record featuring Lil Wayne that was recorded before Weezy went to jail earlier this year.

The song is called “Fuck You” and it was originally supposed to appear on Slim Thug‘s Tha Thug Show album, but it was left out due to clearance issues.

You can listen to the track below:

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  • yOuNgCarTer17

    dope verse!..but wayne sounds high in this shit! lol

  • bigdick mcgurk


  • yeedee

    3rd!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg i am so fuckin cool!!!!!

  • Lil Carter

    4th BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH.. tyyyyyyyyyyyyt Slim and Weezy !!!!

  • brian

    i dont give a fuck, if i do FUCK YOU!!!


    You can tell this was from the same recording session as the song Drip with Yung Joc 😉

  • george


  • chadiii

    weezy in thisss bitchh

  • estonia

    i like the verse , its quite short, but he still kills it.

  • tune777

    Wayne went in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • просто я

    ОоО! наконец-то что то стоющие


    hey slim thug FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  • weezy24

    Good verse from weezy! Is it true that dedication 4 comes out december 4th

  • weezy805

    weezy went in … watch it on youtube 🙂

  • Jozi

    Weezy goes hard Slim Thung sucks as fuck!

  • Luc@zZz

    Life on the edge… I wear my jumpsuit!!!

    Weezy be killin’ them other nigga’s without even
    tryin’! Real Nigga Period

  • angilina

    i dont ‘t give a fuck 😉 i realy like this shit 😉

  • TheTexasKid

    This song goes hard as fuck. The song is actually coming out on the Best Buy exclusive of the CD of Slim Thug’s album on Tuesday.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    hey slim thug FUCK YOU

  • Max Русский

    Русские?))) Круто!!! Weezy Tunechi Weezy F. Baby))) Motherfuckin best!

  • sick song 🙂

  • weezyF

    damn weezy killed it as fuck!

  • AJ

    Runnin’ thru these hoes like Maurice Jones Drew!

  • sqeakyG

    so basically all you have to do is tweak your voice, use hella metaphors, hella similies, flow with it, and talk about money, bitches and violence and people will buy it….i could…but i LOVE hip-hop to much…Hip-Hop, not Hip-Pop, or Wankster Rap.


  • sqeakyG

    damn i forgot about the image…i need hella tats, expensive shit, and a entourage…or record label.

  • DatLiLFanboy

    Damn! weezy fucking ripped this songs to shreds! in 32 seconds…fuck Slim, cut him out and remix this shit weezy! get tyga or some dude on here. Keep slim for the hook tho, since it is his song.

  • rio904

    nice verse weezy!..

  • МилкиВан

    эй русские фанты вэйна где сидите?…поговорить хочу…WEzzY!Da Best!!!

  • LiLDiDi

    FREE WEEZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • ricardo laguna

    fuck you omg soo good fuck the best lil wayne so exelent a love that nigga haha XD.. YMCMB the best from venezuela nro 1 idol the best

  • kronnick

    if you dont like what he’s doin, nigga fuck you.

    still hatin to love or lovin to hate? now THAT’s a conspiracy.



  • Jon Frost

    if you hate black people come find me
    i’ll kiII you like i did my slaves

  • просто я

    руские фэны , кого интеерсует пишите в скайп Bioss.

  • YG

    Weezy’s verse

    I dont give a fuck if i do, its fuck you,
    Runnin through these hoes like maurice jones-drew,
    Life on the edge, i wore my jumpsuit,
    My hoes keep they mouth closed like they sucked glue,
    Weezy in this bitch, thugga i got cha,
    Im all up in they face like the fuckin eye doctor,
    Fuckin wit me wrong turn ya brains into pasta,
    Double barrel pump, it look like nostrils,
    Real nigga status, real nigga period,
    You a real nigga, now thats a conspiracy,
    Young money shit you gon need some artillery,
    Science class nigga, me and money got chemistry.

  • Jay

    Life On the edge, I wore my “jump” suit..clever weezy 🙂

  • baby tunechi

    wazzam my nigga weezy f bby please say bby


    its… “life on the edge, I want my jumpsuit”

  • YG

    @WEEZY.F.BABY: dude, its ‘life on the edge, i wore my jumpsuit”, you know how many times ive listined to this shit?

  • Weezyfan24

    Does anybody know when Dedication 4 comes out?? I’ve heard its suppose to come out December 4th, can anyone confirm this????

  • D RevLee

    @LEGGGOOO.Wayne must have did fuck you,drip,and back to the money in the same rip cause he sound buttered in all of em.

  • giih

    i love weezy (:

  • i love you Lil Weeeeezy!!! this songs tha shit! and u jon frost uppthere, go fuckin die yoself bitch!!! i love u weezybaby!!!!!!!!!

  • Miikeey