Diddy-Dirty Money – Strobe Lights (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

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Diddy-Dirty Money Strobe Lights Feat Lil Wayne CDQ

Here is the CDQ version of Diddy-Dirty Money‘s “Strobe Lights” featuring Lil Wayne. This song leaked earlier this year, but was unfinished and low quality. A video was also shot for this song before Weezy went to jail earlier this year. “Strobe Lights” will appear on Diddy‘s upcoming album Last Train to Paris, which will be released in stores on December 14th. Be sure to download the track and give your thoughts on the song in the comments below.

Download: Diddy-Dirty Money – Strobe Lights (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

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  • Young Tune

    First! Awful verse btw.

  • Trevor Simpson

    if @Kool is going to try and tell me that this is the Weezy Wednesdays..imma kill could this be “Weezy Wednesday” when it ain’t his song..smh

  • Brandon

    That was hideous…

  • martian101

    not really feelin this one. we need some of that raww rap from wayne

  • rio904

    lmao kool was bullshytin..@Trevor simpson im over here dyin laughin at u

  • rio904

    they should have not told us about amili 2010….i hate waitin surprise me lol…

  • Trevor Simpson

    why u laughing at me lol?

  • chadiii

    THATTTSS ainttt the real weezy

  • jman

    wow…im…- what’s the word?… disappointed! this is honestly really lame…

  • rio904

    @Trevor simpson because of yesterday u and kool was goin at lol….and u said u goin too kill him lmao..

  • hey on the music calender for upcoming releases says c4 drops the 14th is this true//

  • Trevor Simpson

    lol right right..i will kill him..his house gonna be burnt to the ground here in a min 😉

  • J

    this reminds me of weezys verse in “shades” w/diddy as well… wack! 🙁 D4/NO CEILINGS 2/C4/DIO7 gonna be fiiiiireee tho!!

  • rio904

    @Simpson lol…this amili 2010 better be fy! like scooby say!…dat was 2weeks ago

  • M.AK

    “I think this song 4grown folk!” I like it,I love the sound of his voice. some people like this side of weezy some people like that side of weezy,(Me)I like them all!!(his music is created 4 everyone an I like that) 1LUV..YMCMB!!!

  • kool

    @trevor simpson what did i tell you?

  • moe


  • rio904

    @Kool u full of shyt bruh lmao…

  • Matthew

    Song is shitty all over like a pamper.

  • geezyfan93

    its not terrible once you listen to it for a while it grows on you. dont really know why you all hate it so much its pretty cool. c4d4 coming soon!!!!

  • ……

    this shits terrible. ive had enough verses i want a full WAYNE SONG

  • sai

    wayne done im sorry


  • yeaaaah

    i hope weezy be teasing us and soon he gonn’ release some fire musiq.

  • Brandon

    🙁 come on wayne. WTF

  • Steven Porter

    That was a bullshit verse, stemming from a bullshit track. We need some Carter IV tracks!!

  • thats sum wack ass shit, n diddy has sum gay music

  • weezy

    shits weak

  • prophet

    -_- seriously? …. like for real, seriously? Smfh. Compared to this the barney theme song goes hard as fuck. Shit didnt even make sense. The whole team on this project needs to get bitch slapped for this dibochary called a single.

  • WeedsmokinThug

    Very disappointed Wayne

  • tune wayne

    not happy weezy baby

  • naggerswagger

    Wayne does a good job with this beat. Diddy is wack as fuck tho. its true as you get older, your taste in music gets gay

  • Vakish

    come onnnn Wayne we all kno u can do betterrrr

  • Weezy F U now you gotta have a baby

    What the fuck is wrong with Diddy and his bitches?
    Strobelights and that joint with Justin Timberlake too, what the fuck?

    Wierd shit

  • YMulaaa

    Wayne’s lyrics were good, but the beat was awful! Dirty Money is trash, not even Wayne could save this wack ass production.

  • xhia

    Lil W.,

    Please hold your head up and keep it up! We support you no matter what. It’s okay to grow up and change the way you think and feel about things.

    A fan.

  • ‘Tony

    Tune killed it period.
    dirty money aint nothing compared to Young Money.!
    wack ass rapper ..

  • PussyEater.WAYNE


  • Joelbeezy(joelee)

    Go hard weezy!!


    We need that D4 already enuf with that wack music!

  • i got the world in my pocket cuz i aint tyna drop it!

  • Freeman23

    idk about this 1 but its ok i guess

  • ricardo laguna

    great song young money lil wayne the best from venezuela nro 1 idol <3

  • Kuba17

    wtf is wrong with you guys its a diddy song why would you expect anythingother than shit

  • tune777

    what the fuck is this? come on wayne. give us some raw rappin

  • rawawr265

    same verse as ”Fade Away” with Tom Dobson? So that one was fake?

  • baby tune

    tune dis baby tune i like every joint u make because u the best rapper that ever touch the hip hop u really is hip hop u is the man of hip hop holla ily nohomo wezzy f baby

  • weezy whats up with this bro

  • its not that bad just listen to it couple of times

  • 30504


  • Kareem


  • fmac

    song was HORRIBLE!!!

  • beezy!

    LIsten weezy has a bunch of shit ready to drop. first comes a mixtape then he will drop carterIV with i told yall go getta. Everyone says weezy is weak but we have yet heard him on his own track since he been out.

  • Trevor Simpson

    @Kool first of all it wasn’t 9:27 and second of all this is not weez’s song…its diddy’ it wouldn’t be a “Weezy Wednesday” and if it blows anyways..ur an idiot and guessed right when a song would come out..congrats..u were not right on the time..and once again..not weezy’s song..dumbass.

  • fman

    man dere has not been any leaks dey r keepin his tracks on lock most definitely 4 da carter 4 and his mixtape

  • erdt

    weezy tweeted patience is a talent
    so show him that talent

  • The Best Rapper !!!!!!!!!!
    Weezy Is The Best !!!!!!!!!!!
    Ufffffffffffffffffff…WOW !

  • rio904

    LMAO@Simpson…yea weezy bein very patient wit his music dats scary

  • this songg is a fuckkin waste of weezys talentss……bullshitt

  • MistaJ

    waynes verse is sick. the beat is wack though…
    waynes the shit. period.

  • do u wanna kill me weezy? :(( omg u are tha best babe :((…u are tha real hip hop….

  • GTLawlday

    wow i cant believe people actually dont like a wayne song…and everybodys not crying about a milli on steroids…what a solid day

  • kool

    @trevor simpson. first of all this song did come out at 9:27 pm it just wasnt posted on this site at that time. second im guessing that all weezy wednesdays songs wont be solo songs. and third i didnt guess i was just passing along info that had been given to me

  • lil-rockstar

    hey all YM Guys
    the Bill Gates Vid Coming soon
    dj scoob say
    after he come from africa
    he make the vid with weezy

  • TmY

    lil-rockstar korrekt Wo hasse das gelesen ? Twitter ?! 😉

  • lil-rockstar

    mtv haha
    geh google gib ein dj scoob do bill gates
    gleich das erste mtv seite^^

  • Trevor Simpson

    @kool Actually..This was the first site to post it..I know that for a fact..2nd of all since it’s out already..Mind giving a source? And third, This is on Dirty Money’s Album..This is an old weezy verse, and he has one verse..yea some “Weezy Wednesday” Your completely utterly fucking re-tarted..But go ahead and give me that source slut.

  • kool

    @trevor simpson this was not the first site to post it. i know this is on dirty money’s album but this is the mastered/full version. like i said b4 weezy wednesdays isnt all about solo weezy songs. i think it will be a mixture of features by wayne, wayne featuring someone else as, as well as wayne solo. I was going to give you the source until i saw you call me a slut at the end. damn sucks 4 u

  • TmY

    Okay Korrekt ;D

  • The Situation

    We got a situation here..DJ scoob doo says alot of things.

  • Trevor Simpson

    @kool once again you are not giving me a source because you don’t have one…haha SLUT SLUT SLUT

  • bigj

    This song makes my ears bleed. Stop posting pre prison songs and wait for wayne to release a song.

  • kool

    @trevor simpson if i did not have a source then how did i find out that there would be a weezy wednesday song being released last night. because no one can guess the day and time correctly. i have sources and i have no reason to lie.

  • if NC2 D4 C4 And DDIO7 are all pieces of shit im going back to wiz cuz this is just ughh. sorry weezy but god damn (praise the lord)

  • and stop making songs wit (no disrespect) diddy dirty shit

  • Trevor Simpson

    ok @kool im done with you..since you have the sources..go ahead and warn me every week and tell me what time too..but go ahead and tell me what site did post it first..since you know…ill check the times.



  • kool

    @trevor like i said i have no reason to lie. i will update you guys on weezy wednesdays as soon as i get an update

  • Sanjaya gupta

    This song sucks if ynawaimean little dwayne should only stick to rappin if ynawiamsayin

  • Trevor Simpson

    @kool ok if u don’t have a reason to lie..why not just tell me where you got the update? Its not that hard to just tell me..unless you don’t know..

  • kool

    @trevor LMAO!!! youre really desperate for a source. I told you the only way you were getting one was if you apologized and admitted i was right but you still havent done that so why should i give you a source?

  • kronnick

    ya’ll should jus pull each other’s hair and claw each other with your painted acrylic nails. whoever’s weave is on the ground and has the least amount of fake nails left, loses.

  • I like this song 10 out of 10 stars on this song..

    I like how Lil Wayne went out in this Club Music…

    This sounds like a song that should be played in the club with this verse

  • Trevor Simpson

    @kool ok i apologize..and i believe you..

  • kool

    @trevor thank you. and i accept your apology

  • rio904

    @Trevor and cool…yall too funny lmao..

  • rio904

    @trevor and kool yall too funny lmao..

  • D.HILL
  • kool

    @D.HILL yo music sucks cuz. the lyrics suck and the quality sucks. i give it 8 thumbs down

  • kool

    @D.HILL I dont appreciate you trying you trying to steal FAB’s style

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  • hi yoo weezy the fuck is this man do it

  • this is y, mustafe nigga respect the dirrty diddy shit niga

  • wayneJR

    LUVV yu wayne!! 😉

  • Sean

    A BRilliant sample of HIP POP
    The song is a classic
    The hook and the broken casio spooky shit
    Perfect combo