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Videos: Lil Wayne & Eminem Perform On SNL

Sun, Dec 19, 2010 by

Lil Wayne and Eminem both performed on Saturday Night Live last night. In the video above, you can watch Weezy and Em perform “No Love“, and after the jump you can watch Shady perform “Won’t Back Down” and Tunechi perform “Six Foot, Seven Foot“. All of these three performances are dope!

Props Yardie

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  • james

    sooooo sick

  • .


  • sam

    could someone give me this performance Full Hd link!!

  • they kilt it! a lot of coversation is going on about waynes new voice and new style. they want the old weezy back. but wayne is wayne and he hasnt disapointed me yet.

  • Mnjaro

    this was soo sick

  • angilina

    i like both preformace πŸ™‚
    n Weezy looks so amazing i luv him


  • amit
  • all you people are so fag

  • h

    weezy killed it. 6 foot 7 is a beast, even weezy was out of breath at the end lol.

  • Young Mula Baby!

    Wayne flat out murdered 6 foot, 7 foot. Carter 4 is about to be crazy!
    Also, I think he said, “Happy Birthday, baby!” At the end, I’m assuming talking Reginae. I like it.

  • h

    you niggas are gelatine, peanuts to an elephant lol

  • vocker

    they killed it!!!!!, 2 legends in the stage!!!!
    even tho am kinda way dont think that eminem is gonna be in the C4, but am sure both of them are real homies πŸ˜€

  • aoksd

    his eyes are closed

  • olivialoveswayne

    fucking amazing!! love you baby!

  • ‘Tony

    NICE!!! wayne killed it like always.
    i dont get why people like Eminem. then again i dont get why some people dont like Lil’ Wayne
    some say they cant understand what he’s saying. im not sure if its his voice or they just dont get his lyrics???
    i mean who doesnt get Waynes lyrics… really… read a dictionary for once

  • ^Yeah i agree! Weezy is pretty awesome! Em lack energy. I guess age catching up with him.

  • matt

    how did this dude manage to get even better?

  • bigDbandit

    em might have got the best of wayne on the drop the world…but wayne def did it bigger on no love

  • Wayne&Em’ Da Best but wayne its better.. lol

    Nice !!! I was madd hyped up!!

  • we have all just witnessd prob the two best rappers perform a legendary performance

  • freemyniggaweez

    my heart is racing, lil wayne just killed it. HES BACKKKKKK

  • Yah think i could download this??

  • sam

    please someone give me full hd

  • weezy wee

    for some reason I like the live version better than the studio version of 6’7′

  • i like the performance better than the studio version

  • Chris

    Wayne’s performaces are electric. 6’7 is such a dope track. Lyrics are fucking amazing.

    “Bi*ch real g’s move in silence like lasagna”

    Such a cold line.

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Great performances, that is the fire we like to see on stage πŸ™‚


  • Yo check out my music you wont be disappointed. My youtube is Subscribe and spread da word. Shout out Weezy and Em

  • rell

    I agree wit yall his live performance of 6’7′ is better than the studio.

  • weeezy

    ill ass thing i dont understand tho…everyone keeps talking bout how ill the line “real g’s move in silence like lasagna” i dont get what that means lol..lasagnas quiet? anyone care to explain

  • @freemyniggaweez wayne’s back?! r u stupid!! where the fuk did the nigga ever go.

  • www.

    If you say ‘Lasagne’ you can’t hear the ‘g’.
    Silent gs.
    G’s move in silence ya diiiigggggg!?

  • vocker

    lol @weeezy the line says “real “g’s” move in silence like lasagna” now if you spell it it will spell “lasagna” but if you speaks it it will be “lasana” without the G, get it now?
    that means real gangstas move silence like lasa”g”na πŸ˜›
    thats why everybody is saying its a dope line πŸ˜€

  • kronnick

    lasaGna… a “silent” “g” in the word lasagna.

    the “g” in lasagna isn’t pronounced, luhh-zahn-yuhh, NOT, luhh-zahG-nuh. probably the best i can do to explain it.

    gnome, pronounced, nohm. NOT, guhh-nohm. get it?

    this version of 6’7′ would be ILL UN-edited, CDQ. god damn. (no sample loop, just a high riff on guitar) Imagine Travis Barker on drums, Wayne himself could probably record all his own guitar loops, and then slap on his verses and Cory’s verse, leave in the sample in all the “hooks”.

  • bdkeever

    @weeezy, the g in lasagna is silent, so you dont pronounce the g when you say the word, so that is where his line comes from

  • @Weezy The “G” in Lasagna is silent. But yeah, Wayne smashed this performance, I have high hopes for Carter IV ever since I heard “6 foot 7 foot”. IDK if Eminem will be on it, I hope Weezy does a song with Kanye though.

  • bdkeever

    and yeah why are his eyes pretty much shut??

  • tune wayne

    best rapper alive and fuckin proved that better performer than eminem when he rehersh it (he used to go without reharsing ) best and always love weezy 6’7″ performance is dope haters

  • JM

    Tune kill both songs

  • ryan

    real G’s move in silence like lasagna

  • yeedee

    Weezy killed it!! 6’7′ is fuckin tight song

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    The best performance ever!!! Weezy, you the best, more than your music, your work ethics and personality!!! BEST rapper alive, with a swagg. HUSTLER hustle, I’ll be right be behind u lol, the rest will be under u, cuz they dont understand u hahaha!

  • nah

    why the fuk does em pretend to sing the can tell its a track

  • no disrespect for em he is still one of the best in the game.
    but for me personally wayne outwins em in every aspect. but still got alot of love for em!

  • Tunechaveli

    niggas think they he-men ? POW POW the end.


  • ibc

    Nice! the only thing that beats this is the Wayne, Em & Drake Grammy Performance!

  • slim90_40

    em n lil wayne r the best rappers out there rite now, i used to think em was definitely faster than weezy but after this performance i think all there is to say is there both the most talented rappers alive!!! now lets see another collab!!

  • bdkeever

    @Tunechaveli its hemen dumbass, look it up in the dictionary

  • geezyfan93

    i wonder if waynes gonna drop cory off of 6 foot 7 for carter 4 like he did with him on amillie for the carter 3 and just record another verse. anyway it goes c4 gon be crazy

  • Miguel

    Did someone notice when eminem was pointing on lil wayne when he did the line get these wack cock suckers of stage that was funny to see XD i like weezy but eminem is more lyrical beast then him

  • @miguel, he says “off stage” and is pointing more to the ground then to wayne, therefore poiting to the stage. dumb-ass.

  • aleckzee

    Don’t really like em but weezy is fucking killa. Love 6 foot 7 foot.

  • Weezy F


    Uhh afcourse, its already said that 6’7 is Carter 4 first single bro πŸ˜‰

  • tunafish_nigguh

    i stayed up to watch this after a longgg day!!!

    so worth it though!!! It was sick!!

  • edgar


  • sai

    i like the live version better than the song for some reason

  • I didn’t understand the got the girl twisted cuz she open when u twist her punchline can someone explain

  • holy shit lol

    @godisgood are you serious? you didnt get that!? its a sex reference.

  • @holy shit lol he probably didnt get it because it is god damn stupid. The guy thinks “it cant be THAT simple, there must be more to it”. Dont get mad at the dude for the fact that you stans got him confused that Wayne is something, whereas he is just a simple ABC rapper

  • Asai Adame

    @ym is shit.. thanks for proving that every time I see your name on here that lil wayne is still the best! Nothing like seeing haters on someone elses fan website!!! You suuuuure spend a lot of time on this site, especially since you hate wayne sooo much!!… shit I think u spend more time on here than danny m. Haha.. its alright bro. “Young money eating, all you haters do is add salt”!!!.. which means that the more y’all hate on wayne the bigger he gets so keep it cominggg! Hahahahaha fuck you nikka

  • Shelby Starr


  • Marcus

    Fuck Lil Gayne, this nigga is straight garbage, this muthafuckin homo is not a real rapper hes fuckin pop star, his wack azz shit is pop not hip hop/rap, fuck all ya’ll pussy azz Gayne fans, Em is da muthafuckin truth, hes ah real rapper.

  • Fuxwitya

    Lil Wayne is the biggest con artist piece of garbage around. His lyrics are child like and are such an insult to hip hop. He has single handedly ruined modern music. He’s on every track because of morons like yourselves riding the bandwagon that should burn in flames. Eminem on the other hand has revived his career and will get back to being the best lyricist there has ever been. Today’s rap/hip hop is a joke and at an all time low because of wannabe thugs like Dwayne Carter. His shitty music has allowed retards like solja boi and flo rida to make millions. Straight bums.

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Nicki minaj sucks nobody buy her album spread the word

  • ^^haha thats my nigga Marcus Jackson, 50’s son, came here to support my cause

  • Marcus

    Lil Gayne and Soulja Girl are the worst muthafuckin rappers in da history of rap/hip hop music, these faggot azz niggaz are a fuckin disgrace to rap/hip hop!!

  • Fuck Weezy

    Yo shouts out to all my fellow Lil Wayne Hataz out there. big up to my nigga Marcus, well said about Lil Gayne i couldn’t of said it any better, i got mad respect for you my nigga, Fuck Weezy!!!

  • Truth is Obvious

    @Fuck Weezy, @Marcus, and @YM is shit. It is sad with you have to create several different aliases (screen names) just to hate on an Artist. Are you that fascinated and obssesed with Wayne that you stay on his site non-stop trying but failing to hate on an artist. Damn let his nuts breath. Dude is a clown; like how lame does it get?

  • iloveweezy

    great performance from a great rapper and eminem was good too

  • LOL

    fuck weezy how about fuck you

  • Cleo Princess

    No doubts, weezy is the best.
    He killed it. This is lengendary.

  • Vocker

    Wayne us te best rapper alive πŸ˜€
    Best performance of the year
    No on can beat this guy, this single was the best rap single of 2010, no wonder why he is the best
    And by the way, creating 2 other accounts makes you a retard, and for real 50’s son??? I means if you wanna hate be alittle more clever, no one wonder why you hate Wayne coz your a RETARD

  • weezy wee

    @Fuck Weezy hahaha damn you shout out yourself ? stupid ass bitch

  • sam

    fuck haters!!!fuck all weezy haters…

    pusssssssssssssssssssssssssssies…. couldnt write your mutherfuckin names!!!!

  • witeboy

    black and white diamonds…fuck segregation… he killed it

  • YMulaaa

    Young Money running shit and you n-ggas just runner-ups…..lmao

  • bloodbro

    haters have no lives SMH

  • Loyalty

    OOOh was soooo excited to see Wayne on SNL. Why EVERYBODY gotta hate on Mr. Carter? I set the reminder on the cable box for SNL (I NEVER watch that bs show) just to see Wayne, and the info for Saturdays night show said host along with musical guest Eminem. Like WTF?!! The media stay sleeping on Mr. Carter.

  • Miggity

    6’7′ is such a beast of a track. Wayne killed it. Effortlessly. I still can’t believe a Carter IV in February.

  • Michael

    Its time we start killing some Lil Wayne haters!!

  • Michael

    Fuck all Lil Wayne haters!

  • That entire episode of SNL was epic!! This just boosts it into the OUTERSPACE EPIC PORPORTIONS!! THANK YOU EMINEM & LIL WAYNE!!! This preformance is fantastic, beautiful & so wonderful. C4 Mr. Carter’s Home!! Gettem!!! So thrilled. I couldn’t watch it live but I DVR’d and This is even nicer!! 1#rapper?! Yup Yup!!

  • Shelby Starr


  • Lil Wayne Tha King “C4”

    Fuck these haters hating for no reason..
    If you’re a wayne fan, be happy because the king it’s fucking BACK!
    C4 will make 2.5 Milli The first week…Mark my words.. If you sick and tired of these fucking haters Buy like 4 albums of tha Carter 4 so you can shut this haters up for good..

    We don’t listen to wayne for no reason, we listen to him because his the best and because he loves what he do & his fans, if you don’t agree it’s because you’re a Hater..

    We can do it!!


  • Lil Wayne Tha King “C4”

    As I greet you all in my last days on this island, I must reflect. I think back to when I first arrived and I had no clue of what I’d be experiencing. I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation. For that, I thank God, my family, and you, my amazing fans. I prayed for you all every night, as I’m aware that I was in your prayers as well. The very first day that I received mail, it was about 300 pieces or more! I smiled like a child of Christmas. But when I began to read them, my heart smiled. I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you. I responded to as many of you that time would allow. I plan to keep reading and responding after my release. I thank you all for being so very supportive, as I never imagined how much impact my words and life can have. With this knowledge, I vow to continue to be me! For you have assured time that I don’t have to change for no one but God. I will be the same Martian I was when I left, just better. You fans are more than amazing, and I will for to the end of the world for your love. This isn’t the last of I will continue to thank you when I’m home.

  • GCS

    chris breezy song features weezy and busta rhymes
    coming soon guys

  • Don_Prince

    @YM is shit >>>> Why do you keep commenting on every single blog if u hate YM….Go fuck urself nigga & stop being a hater!
    YMCMB ya herd!

  • Wezzy#1

    Lil Wayne should do a song with Ke$ha or Lady Gaga do Ya’ll agree

  • Weezy#1

    My bad i misspelled weezy on my screen name.

  • babymama

    what kinda vans is wayne wearing on snl

  • ricardo laguna

    always the best .from venezuela weezy the best

  • Josh

    Lil Wayne and Eminem go HARD!!!!!!!!!

  • Ty’Ron

    I loved this performance, it would have been real crazy if Em had came out in bust out a freestyle on Lil Wayne 6 foot, 7 foot song he would really kill that shit!!!!

  • Tunechi The Best

    That was a sick performance! Love you Wayne. Taking home all the Grammys in 2012 with C4

  • Tez91

    Tez tha mixtape, check it out!!

    Shout to tunechi and ymcmb!!

  • rolliwayne

    lil tune is a fucking killer

  • Lil t.k

    Wayne killed it, nd murded Em @ this performance… No diss em

  • 100

  • rob

    anyone on who hates on wayne probally started listening to him last year cuz no rapper can compare to lil wayne who dropped and album and got a milli by 15 and eminem is now a pop star all his music is on the radio with some bitch singing instead of rapping about how he used to rape bitchs em is a fake faggit and like he says in his old songs if he ever became like how he is now he should put his nuts inbetween his legs and cluck fucking homo

  • u damn right weezy back and a million times better. represent weezy till da death of me.

  • Never been an eminem fan, but always respected his talent. Having said that, he’s good but should not be on the same stage as Wayne. Wayne IS rap.

  • BBEY

    Weezy is so cute ! =)

  • giih

    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy
    i love weezy

  • Sergio

    Eminem + Lil wayne = The best combination and the best rappers (Y)

  • Liz

    Omfg! Wat can i say? Lil Wayne! Weezy is back Bxtches!! Best ever!! hardest shit that 6’7′ . Eminem i luv him too but he #2 WEEZY #1 all the way!!

  • Gabos

    eminem is so booring when he is on the stage…weezy is a great enterteiner on the stage you dont realy need to listen to the song to be fascinated by him…weezy is the hottest nigga under the sun

  • Lil Wayne is freaking good! No one is better then him! πŸ˜€ Love yah!!! πŸ˜€ <3

  • Lil t.k

    @Gabos Agree, Weezy is the fucking best! No argument

  • wiep

    You have made me go grazy……… Again…

    Weezy your the best…


  • cheeseqpie

    lol this made me laugh the way the messed up their own song!!

  • solo

    Wayne and em go hard!!!!!!! But weezy kill dat 6″7″(“hip hop is alive don’t worry i got it” )

  • The Kid

    My Man Wayne Did It Again Nice I Loved It I Can Play 6 Foot 7 Foot All Day And Still Won’t Get Tired Of It To Me 6 Foot 7 Foot Is The 2010 Version Of A Milli I’m Waiting On The Real Video Cuz That Song Is Dope As Fuck Nice Way To Open Up C4 Keep It Coming Wayne We All Love U

  • Michael

    The guys are really good. Emi and Lil, what good combination.

  • Cardiac

    So why the fuck would I join them, without beat them..

    You tell them, Em haha