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Jay Sean – Hit The Lights (Feat Lil Wayne)

Sun, Jan 23, 2011 by

Jay Sean Hit The Lights Feat Lil Wayne

Cash Money’s UK artist Jay Sean is getting ready to release his Freeze Time album this year, and here is his next single from the album! The track is called “Hit The Lights“, and features Lil Wayne. You can listen and download this song below:

Download: Jay Sean – Hit The Lights (Feat Lil Wayne)

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“YMCMB, bitches call me Tunechi Li”

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  • ludy


  • Angelo

    damn this hoe is 2RAW

  • Angelo

    well lil waynes part

  • derrick


  • I LOOOOOVED it!!! I needed something to pump me up when you tweeted this!!

  • gary

    How come we getting so much wayne music now? It’s all coming at once lol

  • samantha

    I love lil waYne and nikki and drake love ya……. people say there lucky but there are just blessed!!!!!

  • youngtuna

    hey @gary.. are you complaining? LOL
    weezy went in as always

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    Bitches call me Tunechi Li
    All them bitches think they fly, and all them bitches flew to me
    Hit the lights so you can see. My drink is strong, my hookah sweet.
    Understand the time is now. The time is up, the futures bleak.
    This beat is stupid, cupid. Love me, leave me in the morning.
    If you like your friend can join in. Wildest flower in the garden.
    Coolest nigga in the party.
    Shades on, dreads long.
    Blood gang, red zone.
    And I’m wit Jay Sean.

  • W33ZY

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    yo this will be up in the club soon. weezy straight killed this beat like always! he been on FIRE lately and we all love it!


  • Weezy F

    demm weezy is killing ‘lil’ bit :O, looks like he getting back to his old schedule: Making a lot music! =D. This will be for sure in clubs soon!

  • nana

    good dancing musique………..LIKE …………YM …baybay……..

  • Lil t.k

    aayeaah, weezy killed it, amazing verse he got here, love u wayne, no homo 😀


    love u to, yes homo love

  • whatitdo

    This song isn’t really that good. They wanted another “Down” and this is not it.
    Weezy’s flow is alright but it’s soo simple and once again he just rambles on about stupid shit. (PLEASE MAKE THA CARTER IV BETTER!!)

  • posses

    tunechi really did his job although the beat is little weak

  • bknyhustle

    shit rocks, i can literally see em broads going ham at it…

    @whatitdo you dumbass stop pretending to know whats good or thinking you can set the bar on wayne anytime he spits when clearly you just making a clown outta ignorant ass…wayne’s delivery be on point which apparently fits the topic, not to mention his wordplay and consistency .hope ur being aware that this is a party song too.

  • whatitdo


    His wordplay is weak.
    Also it’s only my opinion. I’m not pretending to know whats good. I’m also very aware that this is a “party song”. Down was a party song. So what’s your point?

  • HAM

    i thought jay sean was a one hit wonder.. turns how hes a great singer! i dont understand why drake and him haven’t made a song together

  • HAM

    if jay keeps on putting out hits like this hes gonna be the best rnb artist of our day! i know that seems ridiculous.. but its true!

  • HAM

    this going straight to #1 2012 was iight i wonder why that dint do good

  • dark vader


    stop dick riding! jay sean smells like curry and hes wack SMH

  • babrz

    why is jay sean in ymcmb hes not even talented, just cuz of down this guy got famous and thats cuz of wayne

  • 757

    @ Dark vader
    LOL yeah I agree…Jay Sean is not even R&B, he is more of a pop artist and I am not into pop so this song is trash to me just like “down” was but thats my opinion…Weezy did ok, I am used to him going alot harder on other songs but this is more of a party song so I can understand why Weezy didnt go harder on it.

  • neyolover

    @757 sadly you and dark vader havent heard songs like War, Lights Off, and Ride It! jay sean should release those songs as singles.. and dark vader stop being a racist bitch LOL

  • this song is sick. weezy killed it. i love it 🙂

  • Jelsic109

    I was thinkin the other day that times are tougher right now for lil wayne than they were in 08 when Carter III was coming out. Back in 08 the popular thing were rap/singing combo songs. Now days it’s like strictly dance songs and taylor swift. It’s harder for a rap song to get the same kind of attention as it used to in my opinion. In my opinion that’s why a Milli was bigger (not necessarily better) than 6 foot 7 foot. With all that said. I think this is the first Wayne song/feature that really stands a chance at some decent radio time which will hopefully build hype for C4

  • Najeeb feelin lil wayne

    Lil wayne u da best da best da best @dark vader your mom is stupid can ur fada make a single song hatin ass fag and am 28 najeeb dada

  • Dude

    I agree waynes word play wasnt hard punches , its lyrics brought up which is ssweet. but , ..carter 4 has to be better then this !

  • Allen

    I smell #1 hit on tha charts!!!!! C4 LETS GO!!!!!!!

  • OMGZ

    This shit sucks nuts. lol
    Lil’ Wayne is the worst rapper ever now.
    Everything after No Ceilings is shit like for real.
    Fame got to Wayne’s head.


    omg, this song is better than “down” :X :X :X
    GREAT SONG [ REAL HIT ] :X :X :X !!!!

  • Sandzz

    People this is pop single, Wayne is not going to go in. All pop singles must have simple lyrics so people like them more.

  • weezy :(

    @ OMGZ i agree man…it’s kinda disappointing…i use to be a big fan but now idk man…..


    stop hating on JAY SEAN, he’s got talent!!! F*CK ALL D HATERZ

  • Matheo

    Fire ! Freeze time gonna be awesome !

  • Wayne has been letting out nothing but collabos man all I whant is just one classic rock Wayne song with just him on it just one Wayne please I love your ur verses but I hate everyone else so just put on classic with just u on it let’s represent we are still waiting for that raw weezy song since u been out from jail I no ur saving them for the c4 but give us a little taste

  • Wee-see

    When is 6 Foot 7 Foot vid comin????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • @illuminati Wayne is holding back and he nos it

  • Sam

    Yea Wayne we whant ur old rock songs back we want the rebirth 2 not the c4 @illuninati

  • Lmaoooooooo!!!!! Rebirth 2 comeing sooooooooonnnnnnnnnn

  • I whant some rock and roll weezy let’s goooo

  • I hope everyone dies slowly on 2012 exept for ymcmb cuz they have a arc and I’m gonna b on it er body else gonna die hahaha bitches

  • MOP15321

    Unlike some ppl, I’m happy The C4 is pushed back 2 April cuz now all the features he’s doin are gonna be singles and videos so ppl will start to get use to his name being out there n most likely now he’s gonna drop Dedication 4 sometime between now n April so he’s doin exactly what he did in 2007-08 2 make him the best rapper alive

  • rapaddict

    weezy untochable bitchezzzzzzzzzz

  • faisal

    AAAAAAAAAH fucking big trackk


  • ricardo laguna

    minaj soo perfect sou beautifull and weezy the best .from venezuela

  • ldfnvbldjfn

    thats terrbile !!!!!

  • my homies, roman revenge (lil wayne) and welcome to my hood are in itunes!.
    right now roman revenge is number 131 and welcome to my hood is number 137
    lets get them both to the top!!!!!!

  • Word

    Not a big pop fan but im glad he made this song becuz not everyone listen 2 all rap! LIL WAYNE THE G.O.A.T!! CARTER IV APRIL 2011!!!!!

  • wayneFAN

    @Danny M

    please answer this.

    do you have any updates on songs coming?
    and whens that Lil Twist single Featuring Lil Wayne coming out?

  • check out my song featuring an international superstar Lara Veronin

  • jrweezzyy

    when da fuck is carter 4 dropping february or april ?!?!?

  • Wee-see

    lol Rebirth 2? dont make me puke

  • Lil Wayne

    Im still in love with my money….we about to get married

  • Jays

    Not feeling this either.. Miss songs like best rapper alive, this is the carter, im me, and all of the verses he put out in those years

  • ricardo laguna

    “YMCMB, bitches call me Tunechi Li” hahahahahaha YMCMB weezy the best .from venezuela

  • wayneFAN

    yall dont understand. this is a pop song. its jay seans song. jay asked him to be on it and jay lkes radio hits. with alot of cuss words and going ham it wont get on the radio so lil wayne couldnt really do anything but what he did. it was a great verse for a being a radio pop song for jay sean.

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Great verses

  • Y.M.C.M.B

    Carter 4 coming in april

  • wiggy

    nice verse from tune

  • joe

    i can see this being the next, “down.”

  • theautotuneking77

    honestly i’d rather have rebirth 2 too. idk that album just had so much emotion and feel to it.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    THIS IS JUST A FEATURE!!!! THE CARTER 4 IS GOING TO BE THE CARTER 4!!! AND @theautotuneking77… i agree we should get REBIRTH 2 AFTER C4!!!!

  • wayneFAN

    guys, lil wayne said he ended up regreting rebirth.hes not doing a rebirth 2

  • Word

    ^A guy can only wish!

  • love the song. i’m such a fan of lil wezzy.

  • There will b a rebirth 2 and a rebirth 3 456789 ima rock starving whiny let u fans down

  • Jubo John

    Drop that NINO PART 3 SCOOOB !!

  • akash choudhary

    The song is good and the wayne’s verse is awesome. lil wayne is best

  • liltune

    When he said “Bi**hes call me Tunechi Li” What does the “Li” stand for?

  • Jay Starz

    Wayne be cold blooded . All you haters can hope off his dick. YMCMB !!!!!!!

  • kevin

    weezy gimme some rebirth….kinda shit….like the song drop the world or on fire

  • BiG Ups to My man Boss and weezy F Baby keep it nice and blazing

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  • aj

    smell curry? wtf u ugly black fucks think? u smell shit like u just been monkies like 20 years ago and u hate curry? wow

  • jamy

    jay is the best, ugly fuck wayne is ok, fuck blacks hating on jay sean.

  • Do not like the song, good dancing music.lil wayne sucks and JAY SEAN is the MAN,100% MAN… love all his music,drop lil waynes prison punk azz. YOU DEFINATELY DONT NEED HIM. your the total package and those EYES and LIPS OMG, just WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS – yummy yum………………