Mary J. Blige – Someone To Love Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy)

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Mary J Blige Someone To Love Me Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy

Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne and Diddy create the official remix to Dirty Money’s latest single titled “Someone To Love Me“, which appeared on their Last Train To Paris album in stores now. You can listen and download this song below:

Download: Mary J. Blige – Someone To Love Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Diddy)

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  • Steven Porter


  • Steven Porter

    Chill song, i just wanna hear some C4 stuff and see that look at me now video tho lol

  • veezy

    Fuckin’ awesome

  • really smooth joint….

  • gary

    Song sucks except for waynes little verse

  • O shit look at Wayne he stay wit some bad ass bitches song is tuff weezy is the fuckin best ever this gut is the fuckin greatest

  • Weezy is picking five of his biggest fans in the world and he is moveing them to Miami and he is giving them a chance to work with him and to go on tour with him for ever who will it b

  • Thierry

    Not bad! actually it’s a good remix!

  • moe


  • I haven’t heard the song but I bet it fire cuzz Wayne is on it ymcmb ymcmb ymcmb ymcmb I can’t weight till it drops on youtube

  • Word he killed it I wonna hear it

  • I only fuck wit ymcmb fans belehh dat

  • The draft starts now and we whant you

  • Fuck the x games it’s extacy games show me a mirra cuzz I’m so glad to meet Wayne

  • @liltunechi u not da real tune so kalm dwn kause if he did pick 5 itll b me so kalm dwn my man

  • Two girls at the same time sinkrinized swimmers got the girl twisted cuzz she open when you twist her never meet the girls but I love her like I missed her life is a ich and death is her sleep is the cuzzin what a family picture u no father Time and we all no mother nature it’s all in the family butt I am of no relation no matter who buyin Ina celebration black and diomonds zoon segregation whatever my money ip up u guys just honey nut young money u guys just runner up I don’t feel I done enoufe so i’ma keep on doing this it lil tunechi or young tunafish… Ok I lost my mind it somewere out there stranded I think you stand under me if u don’t under stand me had my heart broken by this women but women goin b women so I couldn’t Blane Tammy just talked to moms told her she the meanest beat the beat up!! Call it self defense swear man I b seeing threw these dude like sequence and if they think they he man pow pow the end!! Talkin to my self because I am my own consultant married to the money f the world that’s adultry you full of crap u close your mouth and let your butt talk young money eating all you hater do is ad salt stop playing wit me I got this game on dead bult mind so sharp I mess around and cut my head off!! Real dude all day and tomato butt the dudes talkin crazy like they jaw broke glass half empty half full I’ll spill ya try me and run into a walk out fielda you no i’ma ball till they turn off the field light the friuts are my laber I enjoy en while they still rip man stop playing I do it like a king do if the fools is animals then Ima have a mink soon tell them girl I deaf put my name on they wall I speak the but I guess that’s a foran langig to y’all and I call it like I see and my glasses on but most of ya don’t get the picture unless the flash satisfied with nothin u don’t no the half if it young money cash money!!! Paper chaseing tell that paper look I’m right behind ya u no real gs move in silence like lasagna people say I’m border line crazy sorda kinda I dudes is geliten peanuts to a elephant I got threw that sentence like a subject and a predicet yea with a swag u would kill fa money to strong pockets on body Hilda jumped in the wishin well now wish me well tell kiss my ass call it kiss and tell

  • Weezy knows me weezy know me!!!!!

  • yeedee

    holy shit Diddy should stop making music

  • @yeeede lmao diddy die hard fans must be wacked

  • ricardo laguna

    omg exelente cancion muy buena increible weezy y Mary J. Blige es una diosa del hip hop canta increible exelente song.from venezuela

  • Yt


  • Yt


  • Illuminitati is coming for me I think lmao

  • Young money baby

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    ^^WTF CALM DA FUCK DOWN SON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ^^^^^eazy wit da Haten bitch I’m in the bilden u just decorating bitch I’m detonating then I get blaten more dangerus than Internet dating

  • YM

    Daymn. A honestly think, even tho waynes verse was short, that his lyrics are better. I love waynes old music (no homo) but sum songs he rapped on where he was on th Syrup and auto tune, it was poor lyrics and sumtimes u cdn even work out what he was sayin. Altho i think he shudda used auto tune in this song 🙂

  • When is this song gonna b on YouTube

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    ^^ nigga are you going crazy dawg shit men

  • Jace

    Made Men (Feat. Drake) (Prod By 2 Tall Beats) This Joint Goes way Harder!!!!

  • Ymcmb

  • bill613


  • keenofosho

    autotune is shit
    thank you weezy for not using it here.
    his flow is on point too!

  • ‘Tony

    Damn. Weezy flow is Crazy!
    that C4 is shure to Sell 1 mill in a week no DOubt. YME

  • 2011


  • Diddy does rnb he sings Wayne smhh he just kills everything he is the next mike jakson he gonna b ten times bigger Thoe I whant Wayne to b called the god of music of all time I hope he is the first artist to make 100 billion bucks and he will I whant him to make a studio in planet mars there is life on mars cuzz we have Wayne

  • Life on mars ymcmb

  • S/o to marry j for the wonderful singing on this song and he is very clever he know how to b perfect

  • wayne verse should have been longer thendiddy but it is his song but wayne had more of a impact then diddy tho

  • It’s my life my life word to Mary niggas can’t fuck wit me virgin Mary go ahead make my day dirty Harry weezy fuck the world pop the cherry every body pushin but I don’t fall back and every body lookin but blind to the fact the clock in the wall say it’s time for some actin no you can take that to the bank and cash I’m feeling my self fuck if they feelin me can’t spell them with out me it’s them or me yesterday was a memory lookin in the mirra at my enemy but today I’m..

  • YO!!!! FINALLY It’s up on here!!! I’ve been bumpin this jam all DAY off’s page!!! This is an EPIC song!!! When you get three stars of that magnitude on one track it means only one thing… LIGHTS OUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE!!!! GET IN THE WAY AND UR GETTIN’ RUN OVER!!!! I’m taking The Love Train To Paris or Mars & NOT LOOKING BACK!!! HATERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! UR DAYS ART NUMBERED! Love to Love you too baby!!

  • just thought i’d share that i met lil wayne 2day lol

  • Lil tunechi

    perfect can’t wait for c4

  • vocker

    @liltunchi, its cool to find a dope fan, but your just over the limit man!
    your just annoying, i dont even think that wayne care about you alot lol
    am a big wayne fan, but that doesnt mean that i should sit in his dick all day lol, let waynes sacks get some air homie lol

  • Danny M

    Carter IV single coming tommorow!!!!!

  • Yo Chill son, Fans are like Fam! You can’t choose either but you gotta love em no matter what! @liltunechi do ya thang. But you might want to get on The Forum!! It’s really a Lil Wayne fan’s zone. @DannyM OMGOODNESS I HOPE SO!!! That would be GENIUS!!

  • cant download..WTF

  • notHUMANbeing

    weezy killed it again!dammn diddy was awesome…and also fuck all bitches who don’t love weezy!!!

  • loveee weezy :*:* so much :*:*:*:* my life :* only my :*:*


  • You should come down here WEEZy, how are all yah not capitalizing his name it’s WEEZy don’t get it twisted!!!

  • Right above it (freestyle) all of these different women don’t know who to chose, for now i’ll just take two’s, slip on some shoes my sky is sick and my flow has the flu, never snezz but if you want to bless you ha:) shit’s turned and twisted so we filling lifted chilling on Miami beach can’t even move I feel like I’m stuck on leash sweet taste peach mixed with peicosh oh my gosh pass out and wake up lost!

  • Lil Wayne is always rockin’ crazy bars.

  • BJ

    HA! havent heard that “lighter flick” in a while wayne..nice verse

  • Heepnottik

    i wish there was more wayne…

  • yeedee

    Weezy F Baby and the F is for Fuckin drop C4!!

  • Weezyismygrandpa

    Heres what i hear when Mary J sings that chorus….NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

  • zee



  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • @lilfreshley

    nice few bars. waiting on C4. gonna be big

    follow me @lilfreshley

  • Tony1226


  • yeedee

    Mary J Blige sounds like Cartman when hes singing California love on south park

  • Tony T

    When is this carter 4 supposedly coming out??

  • GCS

    hey guys
    i join to lil waynehq but where can i log in when i will see the forum things ??
    help pls
    cant find the log in botton

    • @GCS – Look at the top of the forums page.

  • GCS

    @ Tony T
    Im very sure
    that it dont drop on february ^^

  • anyone got any idea when the bill gate video is coming out? and i heard there will be a video for six foot seven foot is that right?
    anyone please help if you can 🙂

  • simonover1

    Why Is The Rap Part Of Lil’ Wayne So Short?:S It’s Very Chill!

  • lil wayne part shot , but SICK !

  • teleleul

    danny m i didn’t find any date of release date on forum..will be in february?

  • Ross already has a verse, and drake on the hook

  • where the fans u all think a fan means just to come to this website and comment, being a fan is to support buy his music,lil wayne 6 foot 7 foot was no.9 on billboard now its no.17. can u believe a song like this drop this way while a wacka flocka song called no hand is above 6 foot 7 foot.come on ever 1

  • @mohammed, no man its not coz of the fans, i think the fans bought and did there best, but the problem is that the fans are getting limited, dont forget that wayne dissed these illuminati ppl so the media made everybody hate him, am really suprized how it acutely went to number 1 in the first day, but dont worry wayne nows what he is doing, and i dont think he needs money anymore lol he got alot already, he is doing the music for us to enjoy, and who thinks they are not good will….fuck them, coz they dont understand wat rap is about, they think someone who raps fast means he is good, thats wrong rap is about wordplay and lyrics, ppl love eminem not coz he raps its coz he sings, his hit single “not afraid” he sang more than he rapped in it, he is a pop artist and thats why all these ppl are over his dick
    but wat ever happens wayne is the best rapper in this mainstream game 🙂

  • vodafon


    On January 31st (before if you can’t make it) we will all watch “Drop The World” in honor of the greatest rapper ever’s glory. Let’s give him the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let’s give him what he deserves and what Justin Beiber does not deserve to have!

    Copy and paste to all Lil Wayne videos and all music videos let’s get this noticed quickly!



  • dont do wat that dude above me is saying, we aint justin beiebers fans, we aint EMINEM fans, that was pop listeners do, we are real rap listeners
    we listen and buy wayne music for the good of it, not to make him more famous, FUCK FAME!, who give a shit if it doesnt have alot of views, who gives a fuck if his songs are not in the top 10 or something like that, wayne got alot of money already he aint doing this for the money believe it, who gives a shit if these haters are hatin, let them hate all day we all gonna stay loving waynes rap fans!
    i dont even care if tha cater iv goes over 500 sells, all i care is that i get the CD and enjoy it 😀

  • GCS

    @ vocker

    are u a stupid dumb azz man ?
    weezy make raps do get money
    its his work
    its not a only reason to make songs just for fun
    he put a lot of feelings when he record them
    nobody on this world have enough money till he die
    omg ^^

  • GCS

    I mean nobody on this world can sit on a chair
    and play with his money
    and do nothing to get more
    the money would be all away sometime

  • Lil Wang

    Wheres the end of the yr list danny ?

  • Danny M

    RIP Lil Wayne 🙁

  • GCS

    @ Danny M ( fake)

    RIP ur mother

  • Priceless

    Isnt a LilWayne and Khaled song supposed to havebeen dropped?

  • well done weezy

  • zackeryyy

    i hope he atleast features the Hot Boys on C4

  • Allen

    Maybe She Will – Wayne feat. Drake and Ross??? Anyone hear bout this track thats gonna be on C4? Sounds like its gonna be crazy!!!

  • tunefan

    weezy da best

  • diddit

    we need updates danny!

  • Vocker

    Most likely is that the next single off tha carter IV is gonna be called maybe she will, and it’s gonna have weezy (of course :P) and a verse with Rick Ross and the hook is gonna have drake
    So this shit gonna be amazing, and ya the producer is T-minus! The dude who produced how low by Ludachris, so ofcourse this gonna be full FIRE!!!
    Can’t wait 🙂

  • GCS


    maybe she will is a track on c4
    but definitly not the official second single
    cuz the sec single must be a banger with flo rida ne-yo or something like this
    and i hope
    weezy dont shot music videos for tracks with not the famouse stars like ross or drake
    okay drake is god and rick ross too but he need to get higher damn
    like taio cruz or something like that
    who understand me ?

  • diddit

    dikka du bist scheisse mainstream hau mal ab
    er soll lieber mit pappoose oder wieder mal mit curren4y machen

  • WeEzyBabY

    I got a feeling C4 is not gon’ be that good like we all expect it to be.
    I mean 6’7′ was not that amazing, but it was a good come back kinda song.
    His lyrics is better but I don’t think it’s really enough for C4 to sell a million in a week. But we’ll wait & see what happens.

  • 123456abc

    “Straight outta Rikers, Weezy’s back with the first tune from Tha Carter IV, which is expected to be the first album in history to sell 1 billion copies in its debut week” – Rolling Stone

  • rockefeelllerrr

    yo if carter 4 flops it will be the end of wayne just sayin dont even hate, this is coming from one of the biggest wayne fans out there!

  • GCS

    @ rockeelllerrr

    Weezy know good what he do with c4
    and we arent know all features artist from the album
    so we should not hate about his future
    im 100 % sure that weezy will bring out a banger that hold him on number 1 for weeks
    belive me 😉

  • N3RD

    @GCS i agree with you man i dont think wayne havin all these pop singer like taio cruz .. on his album would make it better because ppl have been critizising wayne about the pop stuff alot of ppl wernt feelin the rebirth album cuz of the pop songs….remember ppl wayne did no ceilings lik in 3 months and and it came out crazy no ceilings was the hotest mixtape in the world for lik 3 months imgaine how good CARTER4 is gonna be if wayne has been workin on it for almost 2 years ….lilwayne recorded the whole CARTER4 b 4 going into rikers island and hes remaking it becus he wants to 2 make it better then it already is ……THA CARTER 4 ESPECT THE UNESPECTED … u guys are all gona be surprised

  • waynee


    no one could have said it any better my man. thats exactly what im telling people, especially now that waynes gotten better lyrically, which i thought was impossible beforee.

  • vince j.

    i think it will be lyrical very good but i want that carter 4 gonna be creativ like carter 3, , when he drop carter 4 in february already it might haver better lyrics but i want that he take time for c4 so its gonna be crativ, you know what im sayin

  • yo

    Carter 4 will never sell a billion copies in the first week. Carter 3 sold alot because of Lollipop cause it was a popular pop club song. but Carter 3 was his best work i beleive.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    wayne siad he would be the same Martian like when he went in. but right now it dosen’t look like he is! we ain’t even getting any music videos or shit!!!!!!!

  • WeEzyBabY

    I don’t think Wayne is gonna do a music video for “Right Above It” anymore.
    We heard absolutely nothing about it, which is sad since it’s one of the best songs on IANAHB.
    Can he release something already !!!

  • Wayyyyyne

    Cortez Bryant lil waynes manager tweeted today that 6 foot 7 foot video is coming soon!!!!!!!

  • weeezzzy

    jeaz guys give wayne a break, he gave us 6’7” calm down and be greatful for what he has put out

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    na fucked that its obvious he aint the same dude he took a fucking break all ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fo Real

    Damn im listenin to Tha Carter 3 right now. Every song is just epic. Weezy will never outdo this album. His style has changed and his voice even sounds different.

    Carter 3 is a masterpiece. Im out (no homo)

  • Red

    whattabout khaleds single? whens it droppin’?

  • Pharrell

    Weezy is the best thing dat is happening to hip hop

  • i kno rite weeezzzy some people juz dont kno how to be graeatful…patience is a talent!!!

  • Ok ok im here and if you dont got nothing nice to say and iam not your mama just call me scrape you out and to say jesus save and i like some of it keep up the good work but get better for who can i get a what ——— hmmhmhmhmh jesus freak or white out say my name na na na im getting rgrgrggrh right now sso im going to step out going to page bbf

  • Dallas

    weezy da best ever who da hell can stop the best.

  • Dallas

    It’s my life, my life, word to Mary
    niggas can’t fuck with me, Virgin Mary
    go ahead make my day, dirty Harry
    Weezy, fuck the World pop ya cherry
    everybody pushing but I don’t fall back
    and everybody looking but blind to the fact
    the clock on the wall say it’s time for some action
    now you can take that to the bank and cash in
    I’m feeling myself, fuck if they feeling me
    can’t spell them without me
    it’s them or me
    yesterday was a memory
    looking in the mirror at my enemy
    but today I’m…

  • Dallas

    Man fuck these bitch ass niggas, how y’all doin’?
    I’m Lil Tunechi, I’m a nuisance, I go stupid, I go dumb like the 3 stooges
    I don’t eat sushi, I’m the shit, no I’m pollution, no substitution
    Got a bitch that play in movies in my Jacuzzi, pussy juicy
    I never gave a fuck about a hater, got money on my radar
    Dress like a skater, got a big house, came with an elevator
    You niggas ain’t eatin’, fuck it, tell a waiter
    Marley said, “Shoot ’em”, and I said, “Okay”
    If you wanted bullshit then I’m like olay
    I don’t care what you say, so don’t even speak
    Your girlfriend a freak like Cirque Du Soleil
    That’s word to my flag, and my flag red
    I’m out of my head, bitch I’m outta my mind, from the bottom I climb
    You ain’t hotter than mine, nope, not on my time and I’m not even trying
    What’s poppin’ Slime? Nothin’ five, and if they trippin’ fuck ’em five
    I ain’t got no time to shuck and jive, these niggas as sweet as pumpkin pie
    Ciroc and sprite on a private flight,
    bitch I’ve been tight since “Guiding light”,
    and my pockets right, and my diamonds white
    And my mommas nice and my daddy’s dead
    You faggots scared ’cause I’m too wild, been here for a while
    I was like fuck trial I put it down
    I’m so Young Money, if you got eyes look at me now, bitch

  • “She my motivation, I’m her transportation. ‘Cause I let her ride, while I drive her crazy. Then I just keep going, going like I’m racing. When I’m done she hold me like a conversation.”