Bruno Mars – Grenade (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Feb 11, 2011 by

Bruno Mars Grenade Remix Feat Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne and Tech N9ne in the studio recently!

Tunechi just made this Bruno MarsGrenade” song even better with a quick 16 bar verse at the beginning of the track to make the official remix! You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Bruno Mars – Grenade (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Shouts to KC

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  • Domo


  • saral ojha

    yaya first…awesome remix!

  • jef-fry

    sonds like there supposed to be more at the end

  • YoungTune

    Why were they open?

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    never really like this song but with wayne in it how could i not now… his voice is sounds good with it too.. pause

  • damn went in

  • TheOneAndOnlyMrs.Carter

    tune i love you always!

  • rapaddict

    techanina !

  • Jdflu


  • Fly Dungas

    this is fucking dope


    This is the Wayne i remember.

  • ashleyB.

    nice smooth verse… i like

  • sperrottijr

    wahts up kid.

  • wayne doing it big on the songs! tunechi best rapper alive!!!

  • now thats the wayne we all where waiting for :D!
    tunechi for life!

  • Jdflu


  • Jdflu


  • Set Gecko

    FUCKING TRASH wtf was that? It feels like wayne is putting those dumb tweets he had when he first joined twitter into rhymes. I stood outside…..does that make me outstanding?

  • weezyybabbyyy

    omfg. looveethis<3

  • Jdflu

    Set gecko read what he’s saying it’s some complex shit you’ll never understand so stfu

  • Yanna

    shit! this is amazing, love it!

  • CJ

    holy shit.

  • Perry

    I wish there was more Wayne in this song but anyway very good remix 🙂

  • tunefish

    the reall weezy come backkk

  • Perry

    I hear Lil Wayne’s Lighter at the end he goes back in? xD 😀

  • Kristoffer Fed

    If you want waynes verse only it’s here:

  • B

    man i was lookin forward to his tracks with mike posner and bruno mars but i have to say that i was disappointed with both of them. Lyrics r good but overall im not feelin it

  • B

    @Perry “I hear Lil Wayne’s Lighter at the end he goes back in? xD” i think its pretty funny that the simple sound of a lighter flicking is associated with wayne

  • lil waynes verse:
    And I don’t mind when we fall out
    As long as we fall back into it
    I hope we never put an end to it
    Even though you not that into it
    Heaven, have you ever been to it
    Cause you look like you never been
    You’re more like a Hell’s angel
    And for you, I’d rather sin
    Broken heart, Love you with a broken heart
    For you I’ll jump off Noah’s Ark
    Love is blind and hope is dark
    But why does pain feel so good
    Love is science, live for you
    Die for you, and I’ll die smiling

    best rapper alive, with the best lyrics alive 😀


    @setgecko if you wasnt so fuckin closed minded you’d understand it jackass

  • $$$

    @tunafish go fuck your mother

  • Lil Wayne fan



    I wish he remixed more of the song

  • tune777

    Rumors saying Drake is leaving ym to join roc nation.

  • 2pac

    No check his resent post on twitter

  • Boo

    yeah @2pac

  • hellomynameis

    the only problem with this verse and the mike posner verse is that they are both too short, if they were longer it would be better.

  • bigDbandit

    @hellomynameis…even if the verse is longer it doesnt change what it says…this is just ok in my opinion

  • YungNizzy14

    Man Tune be killin slow tracks like a motherfucka cant wait till Tune and Drizzy drop dat collabo album shit will be the some music for the history books YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nope

    Very gloomy, i don’t like the lyrics in the song … now watch people call me a hater lol.

  • weezy forever

    thats why he is the best……..the best the best the best….

  • nope your a hater

  • 30 Minutes to N.O.

    KC SHOUTS OUT RIGHT BACK AT YA!! This is fucking crazy! It seems like Misery Loves Kompany dropped a couple of days ago and now he’s already being featured on THA C4!!! I can’t believe that somebody i met in real life is going to be on a Lil Wayne ALBUM! SHOUT OUT TECH N9NE.

  • low z

    dang can wait 4 tech & wayne got up the studio.. sum strong team work

  • #Reply

    It should of been longer but It still is dope…YmCmB!!

  • bigDbandit

    tech n9ne wont be on C4…hes not pop enough for wayne

  • sly

    follow me on twitter @yungangel_sly

  • Colin

    Why can’t wayne rap like this on all of his songs. That was the best verse I heard from him since coming out of Jail. That’s what you call rap, not mindless rap about money and how many cars you got.


    this song grenade fails.. but wayne makes it sound better now =D

  • the song is hard but wayne made it better and the verse is iiii8

  • this is a sick song. i love it.

  • Rg1985

    Damn love that guy….take a low level quality song ..put wayne on it and it goes to a whole another level ….. YmCmb 4 life

  • Bgang

    Damn. Waynes lyrics are dope!! Even my mom that dont like rap music liked his verse. It was nice!!

  • JOE

    he’s soooooo high hahaha

  • TONY
  • $$$

    @bigdbandit man stfu even if tech not on c4 they still recorded music TOGETHER!! SO FUCK OFF PUSSY

  • bill613

    @JOE what?! no he’s not he dont even sound high like he use to. and @bigdbandit stop jockin drakes lyrics and go sucka aids dick. tech and weezy coming soon bitch

  • Amy

    bruno mars looks and sounds so gay….

  • jacob4u54

    this isnt the full version. In my city, they played a differnt version, half way into song, wayne came on in a sorta techno, fast beat verse. Not slow like this in the begging. But good verse(:

  • Aleeks

    @jacob4u54 in the radio? I wanna hear it :/

  • jacob4u54, i think you where high lol, there is no way there is a diff version of this, coz if there is it would be all over the net like this one, and how the fuck would wayne flow fast as you said in that beat, nice try to hype ppl but that didnt work lol

  • YG


    And I don’t mind when we fall out, Long as we fall back into it,
    I hope we never put an end to it, Even though you not that into it,
    Heaven, have you ever been to it, Cause you look like you never been,
    You’re more like a Hell’s angel, And for you, I’d rather sin,
    Broken heart, Love you with a broken heart,
    For you I’ll jump off Noah’s Ark, Love is blind and hope is dark,
    Why does pain feel so good, Love is science,
    Live for you, Die for you, And I’ll die smiling.

    its only 8 bars. nice though.

  • saral ojha


  • bigDbandit

    i never said they didnt record music together…i just dont expect it to be on C4

  • jacob4u54

    I swear, i have it on a recording. I was shocked after I heard it that it wasnt all over the web,
    Trust me. but there is, if I can figure out how to send it from my phone somewhere with a link, ill put it up

  • weezy f

    awee-some wanne hear more like this..

  • jacob4u54

    @vocker, what are you talking about. Hit the lights, romans revenge, told yall? but i just listind to it agin, its not techno type. my bad. But its like amix between the grenade beat and a hotel room style..

  • JOE

    @bill613 i meant he looks high in the picture

  • yall be suckin wayne dick hard lol

  • ayooo

    @junie bitch the only person that suck dick is ya mama.. it’s A FANSITE! wtf u want us to do we’re supporting him. you fuckin cum guzzler

  • kris

    @junie fuck you and ya life bitch get off this site if that’s how u feel..

  • 2011

    @junie sooo that’s what haters like YOU r callin it these days huh?!! smh lol

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Bgang

    We are all fans ! Junie Are you dumb? Fuck off. Wayne killd it. Lyrics are madd intelligent.

  • drew

    come on wayne…this shit sucks.

  • da bomb r de weeeeeeeziessss!!!!!!!!!, welkmed u r maaa Bruno mars

  • Arshadyy

    yao dis track is sick yo too sick yo amazingly sick yo sick track yo true tingz yo

  • Nickellsac


  • shannon

    Wow wezzy needs to do more music we him that was sick

  • Jr

    Bruno mars is more inportant daaaaaaaa