Lil Wayne – Show ‘Em What Ya Got

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Lil Wayne Show Em What Ya Got

So here is the second full track to the 3 snippets we got in February 2011 (the first being That’s What They Call Me” with Gudda Gudda)! This Lil Wayne song is called “Show ‘Em What Ya Got“, and I’m pretty sure it won’t appear on Tha Carter IV. You can listen and download this record below:

Download: Lil Wayne – Show ‘Em What Ya Got

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  • free weezy


  • Bobby b


  • weeeezy

    Ahhhh the one snippet I REALLY want in full is the last to be leaked!! This song is decent though

  • D3

    Will probs be on Dedication 3…or meant for it

  • tune777

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    das gr8 cnt wait for tha carter IV

  • Yung Reezy


  • daaaamn! thats my shit right now!!! “ya diiiiiiigg” *weezy voice* πŸ˜›

    i swear weezy going hard all the time, all i want to hear now that there will be a D4 before CIV, so i can just start jumping like a mutha fucka! πŸ˜€

  • I love this joint!!!!! I feel the lyrics…they are so real:-)

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    well lets see what the last snippet is like hope it comes out soon too!!! and Danm time flew by so fast i remember when the snippets first came out shit its April all ready!!!!!!!!!

  • this song is iight

  • Nawy

    this song is awesome .
    Weezy for life
    5 letters YMCMB !

  • Allex B.


  • Sportz

    I won’t be surprised if this song makes C4, though I hate when Wayne puts leaked songs on albums.

    Why do you guys think this is for D4? As far as I can tell, this is an original beat.

  • Reaal,

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  • tunechi

    Damn the fuckin cut at the end, when we are going to have the full ?

  • zeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    should be on c4 cuz its sumthin different
    nice song tho

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    show me what you got lil mama show me what you got bird lady!!! haha throwback!!!

  • This Song is Sexy & Dope aF πŸ˜€
    –Twittter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow ME and i’ll Follow Back :]
    #YMCMB !

  • weezyf

    Reminds me so much of ‘Me and my drank’, love this song. Definetly gonna listen to this ishh’ while im smoking dat good kushhhh!!

  • damn wayne this is hard lol cant wait for c4

  • krayzieman


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  • Lauren

    He is pure gorgeous.

  • Lil Wayne From PARIS

    4 EVa

  • adz

    wtf is this wayne

  • Lauren

    He’s so gorgeous.

  • Lauren

    Ooft he’s so hot. I’m english btw πŸ˜‰

  • awww man here come the haters shoot starting off with adz

  • TunechiYM

    This song is Howwt! Tunechi CIV <3

    Follow me on twitter- @AbbzCarter
    5Letters YMCMB

  • Hell yeah its already on youtube, good song for the ladies!!! YMCMB

  • tune777

    @waynec4- just ignore him bro plz. He’s just looking for attention

  • Meg

    Hey Lauren, how are you?

  • weezyfan43ver

    Wayne is the king baby :X

  • Lauren

    Im good, how are you?
    don’t you just think lil wayne is HAWWWWWT <3
    do you think he goes for brunnettes?

  • Meg

    Yeah I think he wants a bit of British Brunette πŸ˜‰

  • Lauren

    brown eyes and long eyelashes like him.
    we should get along fiiiiine πŸ˜‰

  • Meg

    Yeah bet you would, fiiine in the bed more like πŸ˜‰

  • Tune

    This & thats what they call me is going to c4 fasho cuz d4 is mainly remixes and these are original beats

  • dude this isnt a chatroom take that to facebook this is about the song

  • Right, Like I Guess it’s Just for the records huh? Can’t wait to get hold of the full Lil’ Wayne songs

  • Lil Wayne Fan

    I Like it Love it and Got to have it

    this song is Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    These arn’t on C4 fool. These are awesome tracks that are unfinished and left off of the album. We can only imagine how live the tracks on C4 will be judging by what were getting here for free.

  • Sportz

    @Tune This song is not on C4 and neither is the track with Gudda.

  • Lauren

    love this song <3 he's amazing and so friggin hot

  • Meg

    Gawd I have to agree with you Lauren, I would do him anyday and that song is just amazing πŸ™‚

  • Tunechi Tune

    Forreal i like the Track
    But i think its Not a C4 Track
    Follow me om Twitter – @TunecheTune

  • Lauren

    Ooft so would I. Americans. <3 and this song is too good

  • Meg

    Hey are you the one on the left in your pic?

  • Lauren

    Yup. why?

  • Beast-mode

    Dope as fuck!

  • Meg

    Just wondered cause you are actually really pretty πŸ™‚

  • Lauren

    Thanks (:

  • YO

    meg u ugly as fuck, why would he fuck u?

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Amazing song , now ” you and i ” will be the next song… Yeah!!! C4 LEGO

  • Meg

    Yeah Lil Wayne is my hero, I hope that I can be just like him one day but in a woman form obviously

  • heepnottik

    Good or not I will always be a Wayne fan till I die! YMCMB

  • Dude

    Aw hope it aint C4 i aint feelin this at ALL. no homo. πŸ™

  • Meg

    OH btw @YO, really you saying that when you can’t even put a picture up hmm kinda shows. Go back and learn some manners next time hey

  • You cant ban the UNBANNABLE Seth Gecko

    this fucking shit sucks soooo bad. This is fucking trash really. Okay, it’s not that bad, but it does not belong on c4 for sure, it does not even belong on d4, it belongs somewhere in swizz beatz unreleased vault

  • haters lol making him money

  • noooo naaaaaaaaaaah stoooop

    noooooooo … this sounds like that pop Carter 3 era type shit, its not bad but Lil Wayne doesn’t need to go back to this type of music.

  • Allen

    I wouldnt mind if this made C4. I like this Wayne : )

  • Tyler

    this sound like something Drake would do … you are the best “RAPPER” alive for a reason mannn lol.

    thats all im gon say.

  • cj..

    im not crazy about the beat but this song is awesome

  • domo

    You & I Will Probably Come Next Monday.

  • Sandzz

    god dayum. haters gonn hate, but wayne is f’in back!

  • TK

    BEST BEST BEST BEST ……… better than all THE REST πŸ˜€

  • LA

    Not feeling it not bad tho

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    glad wayne finally produced something to hush the haters up a lil bit this song is dope!!!! c4 d4 leggo!

  • malcolm

    waynes lost it. fell off. needs the drugs
    this has that d3 or me and my drank feel to it but its just a lot worse.


  • thomas

    now im ready for “you and I”

  • Corey

    With this song i think its safe to say…….WAYNES BACK!

  • This song is dope! It’s relaxing, hope we get something like this on C4.

  • F is for Featuring

    i thought he wasn’t gonna sing no more ?

  • this song is crazy its a straight hit,no lie.weezy forever

  • Qadeem

    I believe You and I, the third snippet, will be the best. I think they saved the best for last. This is amazing though.

  • iHateSetGecko

    Hi haterz

  • sumanth

    can any1 please tell me what the 3 snippets were in febuarary???

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    “i am talking to no particular audience, but understand am a guardian” hahaha weezy!!!

  • Β€Mazin CarterΒ€

    That’s Perfect Tunechi, I Like It !

  • weezynweed

    why not c4?

  • Corey

    karen civil tweeted that this isnt on tha C4

  • SpencerHawes

    hmmmm…def not C4 material…maybe it will grow on yaaa

  • Birdman III


  • MJM

    Lil Twist just said on his ustream that the song is on the carter 4.

  • LA

    ?Lil twist burn in HELL!

  • KeepITReal

    The correct titled of this song is” You Da Shit “

  • james

    Karen Civil tweeted that this isnt C4 music….thank God

  • Tom

    Why is he singing doing soft shit he needs more like thats what they call me leave the singing tracks to other ppl but I feel like you and I could go hard. and d4 better be back on that d2 level

  • kishi f baby

    i’m inlove with wayne long hair don’t care..
    this song is tha shit!

  • Rell


  • YM is shit

    i havent heard this yet but im gonna guess the lyrics: I love money, i like honey, she beat me up like sunny. oops i meant sunday i like to have a fun day

  • Glowe

    Lol besides this fan site, C4 has no buzz compared to C3. This song is terrble, this nigga is so lost in all the money he makes he has forgotten what got him here, GOOD Music. Hopefully people wiht real skillz like tech nine bring the best out of wayne on the C4

  • weezyfire

    glowe stfu your opinion is yours don’t share it no one cares stop hating on wayne, for real your not rapping or changing the “rap game” in anyway stop hating and just enjoy

  • YM is shit

    if this was on C4 i would throw up

  • duke

    while this song is def not c4 worthy and it is targeted esp. for women….

    I still like it….keep replaying it, it grows on you madness… catchy as hell…

    but on c4 i need to hear some real rapping with some real soulful and hard beats

  • sweenie

    sounds like drake wrote this!!! big track though im feeeeeeelin’ it

  • aaaa

    100th bitches^


  • awsome song

  • people don’t push so much pressure on wayne he have two two cool crazysongs on c4 en now he want on song you can feel en i love it wayne can really rap and sing with his emotions this song is just perfect c4 is better than c3

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  • cj..

    @ ym is shit, please call me up when you buy the c4 and are ready to listen to it b.c i would LOVE to see someone vomit while listening to music. lol make my day please. 555fuckyou.

  • dboy out da SOUTH beeotch

    God i hate auto-tune …please weezy, no more

  • ricardo laguna

    too good I really liked the song really is an excellent song is so good it should appear in C4 there is no doubt that Danny Wayniacs @ M and a month or less or a little over a month to go and not tha c4 has shown the tracklist or anything and c4 do not talk about me can clarify this question please from Venezuela brother Wayne is the best

  • ricardo laguna

    too good I really liked the song really is an excellent song is so good it should appear in C4 there is no doubt that Wayniacs @Danny M and a month or less or a little over a month to go and not tha c4 has shown the tracklist or anything and c4 do not talk about me can clarify this question please from Venezuela brother Wayne is the best Best wrote what I wrote earlier bad bad mia

  • Lauren

    mmmm <3

  • saint diago

    Real tok- It soundz lik em drake kinda dope sh*t – flow = tyt ,tune =super wack, an em lyrikx a 1000 time DOPE. *wanda how tyt wud d treck dropd wt dowz lyrics :). Bt in d end it metaz d least –dwayne cater…BEST RAPPA ALIVE- add me on bbm if u doubt dat (26862574)