Lil Wayne – Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)

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Lil Wayne Anne

Here’s a new track from Lil Wayne titled “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)“, which was inspired by Eminem’s classic record, “Stan“. Weezy’s version is about sending Anne a letter and she is somehow connected to Stan. This will not be on Tha Carter IV dropping on August 29th, and you can listen to the Swizz Beatz produced song below.

Download: Lil Wayne – Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)

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  • oscar


  • J


  • drakeezy

    FInally Anne!

  • Nielsen700


  • J

    I love that Wayne has dropped this now. With the should’ve-been release of C4 approaching, fans will be especially pissed but hitting us with Unplugged and Anne will keep us all happy. Saying that, I’m still undecided on this song, and very happy it isn’t another C4 track (we’ll have heard half the album by the time it’s supposedly due)

  • marcus

    damn third

  • Johnathon Taylor Thomas

    Wayne has to be half retarded to not put this on c4

  • james

    i think he just wants to give Eminem his due by not putting it on C4, cuz Stan is a classic and great song…so wayne won’t put it on his album and call it his own…but Nightmares of the Bottom is great!

  • Hollygrove1722


  • SymphonicLove

    Forreal its the first track from since he is out of jail that
    I really Love

  • Twapple

    i made it top 10 bitches . the next person to comment is a bitch ass nigga haha sucka

  • young tune

    this a promo single, it will be on itunes … but not the album.

    there is a cover art too.

  • the best rapper alive weezy f b

  • realmuthafucker

    shiiitt……i feel like wayne startin 2 be deeper person since he went 2 jail…..he acknowledges his fans alot…….word 2 weezy….this song is great

  • ogeezy210

    Mavs baby! Lol

  • Real_G

    On Wat This Ain’t Make Tha Carter IV…… Wayne must got sum str8 fire on that bitch

  • james

    @youngtune, where’d you find the cover art at???

  • Nick

    good song but nightmares of the bottom is better

  • tune777

    Why won’t this be on C4? Shit is Fucking dope

  • morris

    wayne is really deep with his fans with his latest music….we wont let u down ….expect over 1 milli on ur c4 album,


  • mmm

    if this song aint makin c4 it tells how fire c4 is and that this is for eminem and c4 is his OWN shit c4 leggooo

  • morris

    @Twapple ….pussy ass bitch u didnt even make it to top ten …dumb ass fuck


    @morris hahahaha WORD BROE!!


  • Flydungas!

    This is really ill but I’m soooo glad its not on C4, it’d be kinda weak to have a part two to someone elses song on the carter, especially a classic like that

  • YM Militia

    who cares if its not on C4. we got the song didnt we?

  • YM Militia

    but this should be on Carter 4. this absolutely kills “John” and 6 foot 7

  • the truth

    the reason why this is not on the Carter IV is because this was made before Wayne went to jail and he wants everything on the album to be fresh material.

    Remember the interview last year were Swizz Beats said the song was done, that means this is hella old. If he had a chance to make this record again it would probably be better than this.

  • I apologize for the late blog post. My posts have to be approved by Artille before they go live on the main page and he’s in a different timezone, appreciate the patience Wayniacs 🙂

    This song is great though.

  • You cant ban the UNBANNABLE Seth Gecko

    Out of sight, out of mind,
    out of time, to decided.
    Do we run?
    Should I hide?
    For the rest, of my life.

    Verse 1:
    Dear Anne
    My number 1 fan
    I write with the light from the lamp on my nightstand
    with my pen in my right hand
    and that’s also my mic hand
    codeine in the sprite can
    ink on the white pad
    and I’m thinking of life, Anne
    and wrong and right, Anne
    and sometimes I’m right
    and sometimes I might
    ca-can I fight the light?
    still my rhymes are bright
    so I continue my plan
    and I’m sure (shore) like white sand
    that they’ll be price payin’
    before my flight land
    but still, I want to see more than my sight can
    adore, so I cant ignore
    what I want anymore
    so I just go, you can call me the Gore
    And oh yeah
    I got a girl, she act like I owe her
    and um, sometimes it seems like I just don’t know her
    and the relationship is starting to feel like a chore
    but I really hope I’m not starting to bore
    Page 1.

    Out of sight, out of mind,
    out of time, to decided.
    Do we run?
    Should I hide?
    For the rest, of my life.

    Verse 2:
    Dear Anne
    My number 1 fan
    I write you this letter
    I hope everything’s grand
    I hope everyone’s good
    I hope everybody’s praying
    I hope – hold up baby, let me switch hands
    See, lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit and
    it’s burning me and I can’t get out of this pan
    and every time I look there’s a problem with this man
    but I ain’t tryna expose, I’m just tryna expand
    but your support held me up like kickstands
    and I’m also being more careful in how I pick friends
    and I’m tryna stay up out them chick’s pants
    (laughs) but, I just cant
    but, on another note, this ain’t just another note
    this is more than a rap
    this is more of an oath
    I know you’re wondering what this letter is for
    and I’m just hoping that you read this far
    Page 2

    Out of sight, out of mind,
    out of time, to decided.
    Do we run?
    Should I hide?
    For the rest, of my life.

    Verse 3:
    Dear Anne
    My number 1 fan
    by now you probably think I’m portraying who I’m sayin
    and sometimes I wish I wasn’t him, but I am
    and it’s people like you who make me part of what I am
    but hey, you are the shit
    damn, pardon the gram (grammar)
    but it’s like you make me feel like I’m a part of the fam
    and shit, when my life be like some sort of exam
    its a jungle out there- lions, horses and rams
    shit, as I sit and wait for the war to began
    I just think of you, then I’m rewarded again
    and, with you, is where my artistry can
    and, so with you is where a part of me stands
    and, I hope I see you in the stands
    Anne, because you know I understand
    and, and I’m sorry about Stan
    So I wrote this to say I’m your number 1 fan.

    Out of sight, out of mind,
    out of time, to decided.
    Do we run?
    Should I hide?
    For the rest, of my life.

    I’m sorry but how is this good? basic ass lyrics. alot of it is nursery rhymes. wow. this is what the Best Rapper alive sound like to yall? wow..


    YMCMB! wezzy is a killer!

  • Tez

    this song is like almost 2 years old.

  • paddy

    i fucking love this song, defo c4 worthy. and im the type of fan that likes his old stuff, the hook has a “t.a.t.u” feeling. LOVE IT !!!!!!!1

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    if this is a throwaway c4 is going to be a blowaway blow your minds. c4 leggo!

  • awwwwwww damn gecko bitch is back somebody delete this nigga smh

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  • Rell

    Great song and it was worth the wait but is he rapping as himself or as the fan?

  • Fad F Baby

    LOL @ Gecko

    Digging the song , though can’t see the overall message/meaning.


  • how can you not get the message of this song smh he says it twice


    Lil Wayne is about to kill this summer!

  • Abdullah

    perfect fucking soooooong

  • Abdullah

    if a leftover from Carter IV is great like this! WTF the album will be????? ppl will be like. eminem who?

  • realmuthafucker

    the overall message is 4 us his fans….we keep him going….dis song is deep…….and this is def not on c4


    gecko ur lil hatin ass herb you took tha time to write the whole entire song down then talked shit about it haha ur wack

  • nyc goon

    This song is deep and it really should be on C4. Its twice as good as 6’7′ and its 300x better than How To Love

  • AntiTrendsetter

    if this is NOT on c4, then i cant wait to listen to what IS on it…DAMN~!

  • Real_G

    Yea Its A Okay Song.. Happy We Got It Mos Def…

    But For It To Be On Tha Carter IV it has to be equal or better than Stan

    which its not…. but nice song tho…. just shows what Tha Carter IV has tha

    potential to be and im excited…. Classic??? Hopefully

  • nyc goon

    Another reason this song is dope is the fact that he stayed on topic for the whole song and it wasn’t just a bunch of random, boring punchlines and metaphors…He was actually trying this time.

  • weeeezy

    Glad its a structured song from Wayne… This is far from hating, don’t get me confused but there have just been too many songs full of one liners and punchlines. Nice to hear him stick to a topic again..! As for the basic meaning of the song, is it simply that Anne is ALL Lil Wayne fans? He is basically explaining what is and has been going on, whilst trying to say that he will do his best to stay out of trouble in the future and finally thanking all of his fans!

  • Real_G

    lol that piano shit annoying doe

  • morris

    how come wikipedia has this as a confirmed track for c4 …they need to update asap

  • morris

    @ IMSOHIPHOP…there is such a thing as copy and paste u know…and u r such a fag for making me support the gecko dude ….

  • Nak Nak

    i dont understand who he is talking to ??? like is “ANNE” us? his fans or what? somebody help me out….

  • finally!!

    Finally!! This is the Lil Wayne we all wanna hear. A storytelling Weezy is 10x better and realer than the Weezy we heard in “John” and in that horrible 9 Piece remix.

  • morris

    damn half yall niggas up here are dumber than that ymcmb birdman …smfh ….jst saying…i hate on yall….ha ha

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    thanks for the lyrics

  • jean




  • Allen
  • C4 plz

    Why isnt this gonna be on Tha Carter IV?? This song should not be a throwaway, especially not a Swizz Beatz produced track! Whoever made this decision for it not to be on the album deserves to be fired #REALTALK

  • Loyalty

    Whaaaattt?!!! I don’t get it, but I love ya Weezy F. Baby!!! And oh yeah, 9 piece is the shit WTF ya talkin bout?!!

  • Allen

    according to artwork…..(the tracklist on it and it also says June 21st when its now August 29) they might redo it….?

  • President

    Gecko if this isn’t good to you, you don’t know hip hop. Sorry dude, you think you know hip hop an you don’t. Who do you listen to? Gucci mane? Justin bieber? Oh wait you loved no ceilings….gecko your stupid, clueless and know as much about hip hop as Justin bieber.

  • me likey

    Not one mention of guns, pussy, or money. A great song thats definitely C4 material. This song ended my doubts about Weezy haha

  • President

    I think this was kind of a “I respect eminem, so I wont put it in my album” obviously not as good as the original but nothing would touch the original as the concept in itself was so unique and great. Nas single just went out now as well have to listen


    Hold on there bruh No Ceilings is in his top 5 mixtapes, slow your roll

  • bad shanell

    I like this song.:-)

  • YM Militia

    not going to be on Carter 4? what a waste!!!!!

  • TinasheC

    “we in the same picture but we got different poses” Anne is dope,bt nightmares of the bottom is fire!!!
    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!!!Zimbabwe salutes u!!

  • Liltunechi be the name

    Man even though Wayne pushing back c4 really sucks. I know well all be a lot happier when it’s released. If he’s dropping songs like this from the album an adding songs like nightmares of the bottom, this album is gonna be hella fire!
    C4 bitch!!
    Weezy F Baby and the F ain’t for Flaw!

  • Anticipated954

    I know we were all lookin fwd to this song. but im hopin this is saying that carter 4 is gnna be amazing. And i believe weezy didnt put this on the album because it is a playoff of stan. But i hope we see more material like this and better! august 29th a day to remember!

  • TinasheC

    C4 all the way!nightmares of the bottom is a really dope track,this album gn bloww the f**kn roof!!Zimbabwe salutes u!!!!

  • RJAYferia

    he quite the codeine tho? But this song is great and at first I thought he was talkin to us the fans but in the end it was someone different.Is he talkin to his daughter?

  • weezyf


  • D

    Not the biggest lil wayne fan, but this is a lot better than his other shit.

  • speak da truth

    okay he sings a song for y’ll, his number 1 fans and yet u chat shit ahhhhhh! c’mon.

  • six1twan

    Watch this songs ends up on the Carter IV they always tryna throw us off with the false ass facts so we wont focus on the song too much

  • D

    beats kinda boring

  • morris

    i just cant get enuf of this song ….even tho this made me go back and listen to stan ..stan is better but this is not so far off….i luv it……it just lacked a bit of bass…….but perfect i wud say

  • daknite

    I’m hearing that C4 is coming August 9th is this true?

  • D

    listen to this then listen to Eminem’s Stan.

    this shit isnt half of that.

  • Chris

    A beautiful track, instant classic. Wow. But he released this now because c4 surpasses it.

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    thats what the fuck i was thinkin! at first i said how aint this fixin to be on c4
    butt then i thought damn this album bout to be some straight killa
    august 29th seems FOREVER away lol

  • Lolumad

    So this song isnt on C4 and John is? SMH IMO this Lil wayne song is his best one since 6’7. Still not looking foward to C4 as much as I was previously.

  • lmao

    how stupid can you kids be ? are you guys really asking who Anne is ? its a made up character , not his daughter, or all of his fans its supposed to be the girl in the Stan video, thats why in the 3rd verse Wayne says sorry about Stan.

  • Kaplun

    everyone stop hating and comparing it to stan, stan is a classic and so is this, this song was great enough to make the album and now it isnt for some reason, maybe we will find out soon

  • jc

    damn man i swear some people just can’t enjoy a song smh

    @lmao i agree some people cannot understand the simplest thoughts or lyrics lol

    As for stan stop comparing them eminem’s was a classic it was a very original and unique concept and em’s lyrics were on point. Both songs are nice just relax and enjoy both of em

  • dude10

    this z the shit

  • Chris

    I’ve never been one to compare tracks. I don’t get why people do that. There both amazing. Just relax and tap into the song, relax your fuckkng mind. Jezz.

  • brett

    This has been a very depressing year. Lil wayne used to be my only source of music and inspiration for everyday life. He is just not fucken good at all anymore. All of his verses are so simple that even the lil wayne of 3yrs ago would be embarssed of this garbage.

  • Real_G

    Its not a classic. If it was it woulda been on Tha album automatically…… its not Kno where near stan…. stan is just tooo unique n lyrically and conceptually amazing….. this is a great leftover tho….. to be on Tha album it has to be equal or better than stan and I believe we all agree its not….. different vibe from tune tho good effort..I Fuck wit it …….

  • Johnathon Taylor Thomas

    can someone please tell me how Stan was lyrical? Dont get me wrong, Stan is one of the best rap songs of all time but it wasnt because it was lyrical. The story telling of stan was too great. You could see the story in your head while listening to it but it was far from lyrical.

  • This song needs to go on the radio seriously…Wayne better sing sing this song on his tour..It will make more people want to buy the album.

    Fucking Amazing Song.

  • Listen to it smoking a blunt o_O..Goes Deep.

  • chris

    damnn thiss tufffff. way better den how to love , carte IV better beee gudd like he sayy !

  • mikedel16



    RELAX! and ppl stop comparing it to stan and enjoy the song for what it is and it’s AMAZING!
    That’s like telling EM to remake Hustla Musik or Amilli or any of Wayne classics…
    It won’t be as good ever!
    Just enjoy the song it has a deep meaning when you put it on repeat.

  • Hustler Musik

    This song will probly hit itunes as a single any minute now (not a C4 single). There’s a reason it leaked. A song this hyped-up can’t just be thrown out on the internet and that’s it. Why would Swizz even be ok with that? He’s been talking about this track for months. I’m feelin it being a promo single for C4. I kinda wish it was on C4 because I love this type of Wayne, but I completely understand why it is not (Stan was too classic).

  • # 95 WAT?

  • get these eminem nuthuggers up out of here this shit is classic wayne the dopest out there and this way different from stan so stop comparin them

  • Real_G

    “That’s like telling EM to remake Hustla Musik or Amilli or any of Wayne classics”?????


    thats nothing like Em remaking em….

    and why wouldnt ppl compare it to stand when its STAN PT. 2!!!!!

    wtf kinda sense do yaw make….. the song and whole concept connects to Stan

    so why wouldnt u compare tha 2??? give me a reasonable and understandable explanation………

  • Real_G

    like wats tha point of making a pt. 2 and not have it compared to pt. 1??????

  • pedro

    this is HOTTTTT

    woow mann…. its better than a lot of anothers tracks on c4

  • StarENiX


    @MR_YMCMB is saying that a re-make of a classic would never be as good as the original. Dear Anne is good but not as good as Eminems original song. Just like if Em was going to make a part 2 of any of Waynes classics, it would never be as good. Chill out.

  • kadafi_213

    im excited all over again Tha Carter IV is going to be sweet cant wait to hear NOTB mastered sh!t Anne is such a good track weezy be showing these N!ggas who be on the top. I got love for em also but weezy the best


    No the songs are comparable as far as story layout.. But they have totally different views and meaning.
    . It’s a sequel and I guess what I’m saying is the original classic always beats the sequel so why argue that.
    And you’re grown and this is a site where we post our comments (opinions) so don’t name call. Just say what you have to say and I’ll respect that.

  • Hustler Musik


    I’m not saying I am right but.. we don’t know for sure if the song is officially titled “Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2)”. It’s like when John first leaked as “If I Die Today” but then officially came out as “John”. Whoever leaked it probly just put (Stan Pt. 2). But Wayne’s song doesn’t even really relate to Stan at all until the last line where he says, “I’m sorry about Stan”. I wish that line wasn’t even there because it doesn’t really relate to the rest of the song, it’s just kinda thrown in at the end. For all we know, this song could officially come out as “Dear Anne” period.


    @StarENiX I was typing the exact thing before i seen your post..
    I see all the post on every link so I’m fimilar with @Real G’s post. He speaks realshit most of the time
    but this is a real world and we are real people dont disrespect ppl for no reason ya feel me just post your shit and leave it at that…

  • Jonas

    Put this on Carter IV Wayne!!!

  • there are 2 different concepts em was freaked out by stan and cus stan was obsessed with em wayne is writing to anne and tellin her about his life and what he is goin threw on the daily its completely different and beat is called stan 2 not the song go back and look at swizz beats interview

  • yung_money

    yo i fucks wit it i really didn’t care for stan that much so who cares about comparing them neither is a classic let’s get that straight hail mary, B.I.G’s story to tell jay-z can’t knock da hustle those are classic songs anne or stan ain’t in they league anyway it’s a hot song glad it ain’t on da album like he said in da sway interview reason he did nothing from his mixtapes on unplugged cause he didn’t want anybody elses shit on his set so why would he put somebody elses shit on his album??? real talk nightmares of the bottom way better anyway and i hope he take 6’7 off da album and john too which ross really did already on his album

  • You cant ban the UNBANNABLE Seth Gecko

    damn yall so desperate to give thissong an excuse and not realize the fact that this fucking sucks!

    some dude above me said stan wasnt lyrical. if by lyrical you mean corny wordplay (i.e. cheerleaders cheer and bosses boss) then yes it didnt have that.

    stan storytelling >>>>>>>>>>> this track. can somebody actually tell me what the fuck is the point of this song? is he writing some random chick a letter about how he cant stay out of other chicks’ pants? really?? wtf is that some kanye-like sending dick pics to your fans only more humble?

    this whole song is a fail, especially since he tried to touch a classic. it’s like soulja boy playing 2pac. apparently thisa dude thinks he is the top of the world with his simple ass lyrics. and you support that shit? wow. just wow.

  • will

    this decent but not close to Eminem’s Stan. Thought this song would be the sh!t after I heard the snippet a few weeks ago. Glad this isn’t on C4.

  • Johnathon Taylor Thomas

    Gecko is your life really that pathetic that you must make account after account to keep commenting on shit you hate lmao. Like 4 real, go find ur daddys gun and blow ur nutsack off cause odds are they will go to waste anyways. You are a waste of atoms.

  • YO

    Wayne, you have no, your retarded for not putting this on C4!
    How do i download it? 🙂

  • Tune is going 2 be massive! Weeezy flying stealth!!

  • Ok now that this is finally out we need someone to interview Eminem and ask him what he thinks about this.

  • yung_money

    listen why erbody talking like stan was so hot that shit was wack to me my idea of a great or classic like some of you dumazzs callin it storytelling track is pac or big not some obsessed dick riding fan who kills himself wuts classic about that like i said anne isn’t a classic either it’s tight though an he did the shit like 2 years ago and niggaz be hatin get off eminem dick he be spitting and shit but is talking shit bout yo mom, dissin boy bands and nick cannon that much better then the shit wayne say REALLY and he fallin off foreal so he just rap faster now stan classic my ass fuck wrong wit yall niggaz man

  • ICE


  • kcal3

    well done by tune. if em threw a verse in i believe this would be a monster since it was his original and we have seen how great the are together. anyway still great

  • kcal3

    well done by tune. if em threw a verse in i believe this would be a monster since it was his original and we have seen how great they are together. anyway still great

  • You cant ban the UNBANNABLE Seth Gecko


    if you dont recognize that stan is a classic you are either deluded or an idiot or a fucking dumbass or trying to act hard on the internet. Oh wait, you are a lil wayne fan….which means you are all of the above

  • S_____

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Weezy F Baby…


  • he really snapped the more you listen you appreciate it more damn 1 of his really

  • russia_fan

    AMAZING song! WEEZY the best! но припев спиздил у t/a/t/u/

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    maybe eminem told weezy “if i should have a verse on your c4 then you must take away anne from c4” who knows?^^

  • @Real G shut the fuck up!! your always talking shit man!

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)
  • nah em turned the beat down and swizz gave it to wayne instead

  • Real_G

    Ok Lets See:

    @Hustler Musik Yea I Feel Everything You Said..

    @MR_YMCMB i didnt disrespect nobody. in tha real world i woulda told u tha same thing and we can make that happen if u if u in tha 414 area i’ll meet u a tell you… i mean its not that big of a deal. why be so sensitive about it?

    @flystealth “Boy I Talk Shit Like I Swallowed A Bathroom” So dnt fuckin worry bout me. Instead of tryna worry about me you should be on here talkin shit to tha wayne haters that come on here everyday talkin shit…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    what the hell do u want when u listen to hiphop? if u dont like this song ur a moron, get the fuck off the site and listen to so incomprehendable tech9 bullshit or better yet blast some wiz khalif in u (weak) car system, then go to the closets outlet mall or movie theatre and get urself a faggygeckoshiteater boyfriend so u can have someone to talk to rather than the keyboard on this site u hear me?
    No matter what lil wayne song u pick on ur ipod or itunes or ur fucking iphone u know for sure it will be a dope track witth good lyrical content. and that is why i respect lil wayne for trying to save a dying industry with songs like this. the thing is a song like john or 6foot7 proves wayne is hiphop so when ur panties get in a wad from a song like this just go ahead and take my advice…
    get off the site if u dont have a reason to be dissin songs.

  • Taylor

    I think its stans girlfriend… Yes I know he drove her off a bridge, but what if she escaped? or they revived her? this person is obviously connescted to stan, and it would make no sence if the person was anyone but his girlfriend, because we dont know anyone else connescted to him. I think it would make an amazing music video, especially if anne is stans girlfriend

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    eminem is a legend.

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    this, along with a few other recent releases, will be featured on dedication 4. which is coming out within the month.


    my shit !!!



  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    seth gecko… please get a fuckin life. u consistantly talk shit on tunes fansite and actually reply after we roast ur bitch ass… i know ur gonna read this so what u got 2 say?

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    fuck seth gecko!
    ShitS REAL as hell, and there is no reason to compare it to eminems unless u r retarded and wanna compare there style. he has no idea what preCIII wayne was. he prolly only has the music from this site and rides wayne for the attention

  • gecko is a bitch period

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


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  • dear Wayne.
    as i continue my journey through frustration and defeat
    i advance while im learning growing impatient with these streets I hear all them hating saying they want it out with me
    My flow just stay ailing and they cannout outwit me
    don’t be in doubt with me
    i’ll get you gratified then ima get satisfied
    that stick to the left the kill is on the other side
    when I’m wounded with affliction
    I flip it with weed addiction
    when my mama out there slippin
    Im dazed and confused trippin
    I brace and refine with a unified soul and mind
    hoes out there grimey
    but I focus on gettin mines
    its me baby, never known to hate
    only necessitate as i navigate my life to end the right fate
    so why you checkin ya phone because you know that you late
    you need to get gone, I mean step up the pace
    no excuse for they shame, because I pity disgrace
    Its with my name life ima stain
    ya chick will should it in ya face
    so why you hesistatin two hours late and still debatin
    should he approach my grace
    he gone get put in his place
    cuz it is a dame shame fine ass niggahs they go to waste
    searchin for sloppy hoes that get shredded for days
    and then get tossed away like they infected with aids
    now “look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain”
    make eye contact roll ’em back and strain
    my pupils dialte and the tear duct drain
    its ashame
    overflow that i cant explain
    growth i cant gain, hope i cant claim
    Im stuck at the bottom block straight screamin ya name
    Flash Baby you done struck my vein
    i pulsate
    pulse wait
    im the one that
    he cant save
    Im at the bottom block and I holla your name.
    your nerve is all i got wish i not on Wayne
    is all you. got me wishin on you
    and star dust fly never dim ya light fuse
    every bar i try whether i get through.
    im here on this bottom block hopin i find you

  • G

    that bitch gecko is fucking stupid…the little bitch can’t even write his own comments…he copied the whole lyrics and even the hatinng ass comment on it from someone else on the 2dopeboyz website hahahha….stupid motherfucker get a life.

  • Dear Mr. Carter

    the is song is a super dope and is now my number one chill song

    I guess its a good thing that this song is not on the C4 just to respect M

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    and u did all that research to talk about it…
    seth gecko knows he is a bitch now, so yall can give it up, i called him out and he didnt have shit to say. just appreciate the fact that he’s wastin his time on hear to give the lyrics to the songs he hates hahah.
    #thisisnotasiteforsetgeckogiveitabreakshouldiaddspacesbetweenwordswhenidothis, idontknowwhattodowithmyhands. ifudontchewbigredthenFUCKYOU


    WOW?!? How old are you people? What is your education. Anyone with a decent head on their shoulders and good hearing can determine that this a disgrace to Eminem’s stan. It IS not even comparable. This is laughable, STAN was such a powerful song, something this song lacks. Swizz Beats is garbage too, Wayne could have done so much better people…

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  • YoWiLLLL

    i made a remake of this beat on my YouTube channel. type in YoWiLLLL and go to my channel.

  • realmuthafucker

    some of you people dont get it……wayne has opened up he wanna tell yall he appreciates yall……thats why he said i’m sorry about stan……so i wrote this to say i’m your #1 fan…..he means that he didnt really go this deep before…an he dont want fans like stan cuz he tellinn yall hes yall number 1 fan

  • sam

    love the song but wheres the video wayne? half the reason that stan was so successfull was it had a kickass video, this song needs one too complete the duo of anne and stan.

  • Mr.Lyrical

    Lil Wayne is my favorite rapper an all but honestly, he is going to hell. This song is not to us fans if you listen to the key words in this song you would know what he was actually talking about. He uses Anne and Stan to cover it all up. Like do any of you know what he meant by he’s not trying to expose he’s just trying to expand he was talking about a man.

  • Your No.1 Fan

    Awesome song! I love it, I love YOU Wayne! Do what u do the best. All the respect from me, and the other fans,

  • its aite i kno personally tunechi can do better…………………..

  • Mic D

    at least put it on “sorry 4 the wait” this song is dope to burn too

  • b-easy


  • this song is tha s**t forever wezzy

  • Man… Come on … Man that is a sick ass beat.. Boyyyy. Fuge u C this email Contact me! All Artist stay up on top of your shzz/

  • Susannah

    I fell in love with this song?
    He should put it on Tha Cater IV !


  • jordan

    he didnt put it on c4 because its a throw away from c3 so he feels its too old.

  • Sonny

    Ok now follow me for a second if you listen closely to the way wyane says Anne it sounds like EM (eminem) my theory is that this whole song is lil wyane writing to eminem but in a subliminal way… What made me relize that it Is subliminal is when wyane says “I’m sorry bout Stan but I wrote this to let you know I’m your number 1 fan” what do you guys think?

  • BBlakeshow24

    I dont no if yer reading this weezy but at least put this as a single album and if u think that stan is too much of a classic than put slim shady on it. Come on weezy

  • jellyyy.

    acually this song is to all his fans saying he wants to retire, because hes gettun ready to but its painful and he doesint know how to leave the illuminati.

  • PattyD387

    Mr.Lyrical – I totally agree Lions, Horses, and Rams are all forms of Masonry… He also says he’s burning in the pan. How he wishes he wasn’t who he is, and who he is portraying. I think He’s trying to say his goodbyes in this letter and expose the illuminati in my opinion… It really just seems like it has a secondary meaning that most people just don’t catch because they believe it’s a letter to the fans

  • Dwayne is talking to only one person and I see why the name anne. I am praying for her and the situation. How can you people call yourselves fans…. he is human too and h as feelings to , but y’all really don’t care to know h his troubles so stay in your lanes as fans keep buying and banging his shot without listening to what he has to say after all is that not what fans are for.