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Video: Behind The Scenes Of Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne’s “Ballin'”

Fri, Jun 17, 2011 by

We posted some photos from on the set of Young Jeezy‘s “Ballin’” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne yesterday, and now we have some behind the scenes footage that you can watch above! The visual is being directed by Colin Tilley, and Birdman, DJ Drama and Trey Songz will make cameos.

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  • Allen

    FIRST! haha

  • firs muthafucker

  • DOPE

    This is my name

  • yungsun ps3

    yungsun_ (twitter) fourth

  • jeah!!:)


    wayne killed it, hes being a beast on last songs

  • Sportz

    Can’t wait for another amazing Colin Tilley directed video. He is the future.

  • T Cmata

    Fuck U All Gay Bitch Whore Ass Mufucka Cunt Ass Niggas With Dat First Shit…Its Time 2 Put Ya 2 Sleep

  • ogeezy210

    Fixing my pants that’s what’s goin on right now lol

  • lol just ignore anyone who is hating on here, they just want some friends to talk to, coz they lonley all day and got no one to chill with

  • Nak Nak

    I LOVE COLLIN TILLEY!!!!!!! every visual he directs is poppin the HELL off mane!

  • smm

    wayne be wearin some weird clown shit lol

  • k i d

    Tune is a beast! Im wit a spanish bitch if she aint fuckin ADIOS!


    still lex luger version 1000% better young jeezy got no taste of beat lol look at weezy he got the hardest beats on rap

  • Manny1

    Ppl Are Scared Of Change, Thats Why They Hate On Wayne’s Swagg…

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    im feeling this dude collin tilley and looks like a dope video.


    collin tilleys taking off the movie with tupac, “Above The Rim”.. in the music video, young jeezy is playin the roll of Birdy, wich is the role of the evil gangster the Tupac Shakur played, im looking forward to this as above the rim is one of my fav movies,, RIP & Happy Birthday TUPAC,

    i wonder what role lil waynes playing

  • ninab

    hmmm…………… hot yea

  • jeezy got his pac swag on

  • a thats the same basketball court mike epps was at on all about the benjamins

  • daknite

    Yeah Danny M is back !!!!!!!

  • tinaphooo

    love his swag in this one looks eatable lol !!!!

  • wAKE dA fUCK uP

    jeezy just tried da hell outta wayne set with dat slob shit…

  • TONY
  • babygirl397

    t cmata u need to shut tha fuck up damn

  • babygirl397

    tony why u gone put youtube i mean we ain’t slow u probably is but we ain’t

  • babygirl397

    so he can slap if he want to them are his hands

  • wayneJR

    thats hawtt