Curren$y – Smoke Sumthin’ (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Curren$y Smoke Something Feat Lil Wayne

Who would of thought we would see the day Curren$y and Lil Wayne would be back working together ❓ Well, today is that day as Tunechi recently sent a verse to Curren$y for the official remix to his “Smoke Sumthin’” track, which appeared on his Verde Terrace mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. You can listen and download the joint below:

Download: Curren$y – Smoke Sumthin’ (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • Quentt

    Frst !

  • MJ

    first nigga

  • MJ


  • Glad they finally got on a track again

  • fLY

    Its better than most of the carter 4..

  • LIkeMe

    Great Song!!

    It’s Good On VMA AWARDS !!!!!!

  • pooleboyjr


  • waynedude

    Wayne strait snapped

  • junie

    even tho i heard c4 already im still gettin 3 copies imma support the homie

  • ricardo laguna

    great sonngg 4 reall from venezuela nro 1 weezy fann I cant wait for the c4 album c4 5000000 copies the first week XD..


    weezy should perform its good at the vmas instead of how to love and she will

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this rides!

  • WeezyisWayne

    @WeezyFan1 haha i agree 100%

  • junie


  • Bauwz


  • WOW… Great Song!!

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    OMG awesome. he literally was sorry for the wait lol
    C4 is fire! Sorry to all that havent heard it yet

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Yes we waiting dude @GoWeezyGoWeezyGo….make sure to cop the album!

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  • Speedy Gonzales

    Speedy Gonzales is happy.

  • Its not the remix it was suppose to be the original but currency dident realize wayne sent it to him

  • MJ

    what ever happened to waynes world? rolling stones described track having a hook, but the carter IV intro dont got no hook and it aint sound like waynes world

  • 7eleven

    i think you’re forgettin beyonce’s performin at the awards too an he’s only on lik a 1/4 o the song, so no hes not doin its good

  • real-talk

    @junie he dont even get drug tested so shut the fuck up. he on non supervisoed probation

  • yung_money

    smfh to all the niggaz sleeping on c4 yall niggaz wack as hell talking bout it ain’t live up to the expections dat’s only true to u dickheads who was hoping for a album fulla radio and club songs he went back to his roots on this album dat rowdy south shit u surburb livin, high school going lame as niggaz mad he ain’t making yall dance and shit while we loving this shit in the hood this shit fire and stop hollin bout i wish he sound like no ceilings again and all da otha cryin shit cause if he did then yall would hate and say c4 sound like no ceilings i got tired of the hollywood shit he went back street on dis album besides how to love and so special but hey bitches fuck wit him to bottom line c4 hitting yall expectations was just on some big producers and 106 and park type shit for the album us section 8 niggaz love it good job coming back home for this one weezy yall bubble gum loving fans will be aiight c4!!!!!!!!!! banging bitch

  • Ogeezy

    Wat about up up n away ?

  • junie

    i know weezy aint doin its good im just sayin it would be hard as fuck if he did and @real-talk calm that shit down i dont do that internet thug shit



  • bknyhustle

    The reason I’m excited for this song is that Curren$y and Lil Wayne always had great chemistry with each other. Just listen to all the old songs they did with each other. They were basically best pals when Curren$y was on the roster. Curren$y can bring the best out of Wayne. Sorry for rambling Im hella baked right now……

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    Of course I’ll buy the album dudio. Pay respect to the man livin in the studio. C4 is straight fire homie we in the clouds butt Wayne higher homie Weezy inspire me to do my own rap shit even though it sound like crap, shit! Wayne go harder than all this nigga know how to ball listen close I heard that bird call! My nigga

  • the finishline

    spitta average. wayne above average. classic song to cover but spitta ain’t do it justice. wayne was on point with his 3000 impersonation, but he been 3stacks flow fa years. overall it was cool tho

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    @ bknyhustle
    @ yung_money
    AGREED! y’all said it.

  • junie


  • junie


  • Nak Nak

    tune snapped 🙂

  • junie


  • Surelk

    Its almost insulting to Lil wayne to say this album is good. Its really not good. Its worse than IANAHB and that was put together last minute. It sounds a hell of a lot liek that album too, just with better beats. And weaker rhymes…seriously some of you do need your heads checked. he could probably record himself taking a shit and you guys would love it. all of you missed that jail verse? None of you have listened to any of the other carter albums? It should be a crime to say this is on par with those. You SHOULD enjoy it for what it is, but for me this is too far. I took S$TW for what it was and IANAHB and Rebirth but this…its just terrible. If you’re a real fan you KNOW he can do better. Seriously if he just actually tried none of us would be disappointed, and he would convert a lot of his haters into fans. There is nothing ok about how this album came out. Even if some people are ok with its mediocrity, its gonna make wayne look even worse to the haterz. watch, this will be the most shat on album of the entire year and this time it actually deserves it.

  • wow what a great song 🙂

  • akillees

    Who WOuld See The Day? Its Happened Before On Tha Carter II

  • junie

    the verses on tha carter 4 are weak as hell but the beats is hard but i am disappointed in the verses i thought since he recorded when he came home his verses would be stronger but theyre weak weezy f baby>lil tunechi we need that nikka back cuz post jail wayne is kinda wack i only like hustle hard verse and look at me now verse since he got out and to me rake is now a better rapper than him

  • Chris

    Great track. Him and Currency is an ultimate win.

    And suriek. Your the one who needs your head checked bro. I don’t know what the fuck you were listening too? but you need to hear it again. Maybe you got some bootleg bullshit version, but where i live, the albums out, and i coped it, and its without a doubt one of the hottest albums that dropped this summer.

    I can see myself playing it on repeat for quite some time now. and i think that’s your problem, because you probably skimmed one listen, and all wayne fans know, with his metaphoric talent, you cant grasp his full potential with one listen per track.

    Don’t come on here and try to pass off your opinion as fact, that shit pisses me the fuck off. If you don’t like it cuz you can’t open up your mind to it, then whatever, but don’t fucking come on here writing a paragraph putting fans down like your some fucking know it all prophet. Step the fuck out of here bro. Go listen to something else then. Leave waynes talent to the ones who will actually appreciate it. Your just leach.

  • yes man all that need to happen is put mack and boo on song with them that will make my year they killed this by the way murk season 1 of the best duos ever

  • Chris

    Wayne’s forever evolving. You can’t compare his talent. His flow and lyrics can change from track to track. He can do it all. But no one has the right to say that the verse he spit on a certain track is better then what he spit on another. Cuz it’s all opinion. The only thing we can definitely agree on, is that its different, engaging and ALWAYS interesting to listen to wayne. So chill the fuck out, relax, and appreciate weezy cuz he’s a talent that doesn’t come around often. The dude can do it all and
    he always impresses in one way or another.

    And im saying this, cuz all of you are here, on this site. You wouldn’t be on this site if you weren’t intrigued or interested to hear more music from him and what he says on that music. And that’s real talk.

  • Converse


    DOPE?! fuck baby oil Drake, we neead a Spitta and Wayne joint lp asap

    O yeah FUCK GAY-Z *Tupac voice*

  • Ben

    Weezy killt the beat! C4 Aug 28!!!!

  • treezy

    Danymcmb4ever you never posted nothing about wayne’s concert in va beach please post something i would like to see 6 foot 7 foot beacose thats. When he gave his glasses to me

  • president

    I really don’t see how people can say IANHB is better than carter 4 that’s ridiculous . Carter iv is his best album yet followed closely by carter 2. Every guest verse was crazy. President carter was one of his best songs of any album and megaman sounded like something straight of no ceilings.

    IDK why I’m even making this post. People are either delusional or haters. Maybe they just can’t let go of the past and nostalgia overwhelms them.

  • Ryan.J

    carter iv album was good but fa some reason after i heard it i didn’t even want to hear it again..

  • weEzZy F

    c4 was really good but i think that weezy could do better. there was like 3 or 4 tracks that were completely wack but overall the album is good

  • yo megaman is such a dope song haha!

  • @president straight up homie i feel u on that c4 is dope fuck haters and everyone who say it isnt

  • Surelk

    hah. ive listened to it like 8 times through bro. i wanted to like it, and there are like 4 dope songs on it, but there is just so much wrong with it that wasn’t wrong with the other ones that i cant help but be disappointed. I mean there was a rick ross remix on it..he sounds like he has no energy on a lot of the songs. i dont see how you can listen to sorry 4 the wait and listen to this and say its up to par. also, everyone is saying megaman is like straight off no ceilings. nobody sees the problem with that? the fact that it sounds like a mixtape from 2009 is a good thing? what does that say about the other songs? its like theres no difference between mixtapes and albums anymore. you pay for this, it should really be better. im gonna keep bumpin these 4 songs but im really fucking bummed out that i cant listen to the whole thing like with c1 c2 and c3. eminem pulled this same shit right about when they started working together. hopefully its hiphops greatest practical joke

  • that shit was dope carter4 is a classic lyrically he went harder then c3 but its just wasn’t all that abortion megaman president carter 6’7 she will mirrors so special all of it was dope but them were my favorites

  • oh yeah blunts blowin is so me more real shit he spit on this album but niggas never listen to lyrics no more just for swag and flow

  • Everyone go like this.!
    And people are crazy like wow.! anyways C4 is the greatest.!

  • weEzZy F

    i really think this is better than c3 but not c2

  • Can someone slurp me up rite now ?? Jw.

  • NO.

    @president: carter 4 definitely is NOT his best album.

    Carter 2 > carter 1 > carter 3 > carter 4.
    that order. if you disagree you know nothing about rap.

    anyways, this song brought me back to when wayne was good.

    i guess a good rapper like spitta brings out the good rapper in wayne.

    not all that mainstream garbage that drake brings out of him.


    sftw at least had some topic and direction even if it was only to appologize for something waynes crew intentionally did…. pushing back an album a year almost. but i agree maybe 4 songs on c4 are good enuf to pay for, i mean what was the point? just to say he made another carter? at least jay and ye make albums that u can listen to front to back and be like damn that was worth it cuz it had a topic and i feel like i learned some shit. c4… no u listen to that front to back and ull be like ok its over now? i just feel confused and ripped off and i need to wash my ears out…
    i mean seriously he’s so 2 faced for what he says. one song is called how to hate (autotune heavy) then two songs later ull hear him say something like i never hate… one song is called how to love then u hear him talking about fucking hoes and having no love in his life…. he’s crazy forreal and thats his legacy now, a crazy drugged out little nigga with a shitload of congestion. im not bringing up EM anymore cuz i think he’s in a whole nother level cuz his entire discography shows growth and redemption whereass weezy shows decline and deceit with a little sellout thrown on top. anyone that likes this cd has either a crush on lil wayne or no taste in music simple as that.
    people who attack jz are right in a way. yea he started as a rapper and should remain faithful for his fans and stick to his outlet but we all know he’s been a backstabber since he was chillin with pac and nas. anyhow wayne doing the same thing except he still gets in the studio and losses all decency cuz he’s still immature as hell and disrespectful at least jz has common curtosy and doesnt fuck around like a drunk bastard. i mean wayne sellinout like jz in that he makes clothes now, does endorsements with watch company’s and fiji, he sold out hip hop for pop by using autotune and singing little wack coruses even tho he cant sing and he sold of for rock too (well… he tried to) by cheating and using rock samples and selling an entire cd that he didnt musically create. i mean dude cant sing and cant play an instrument yet he tries to call himself heavy metal n shit. thats just ridiculous to the point were he needs to apologize and either stop or stop making music alltogether. what happened to tupac was a tragedy but if harm befell weezy it might just be justice…

  • Converse


    LMAO stfu dumbass! Its call entertainment. Goddamn this fool think everything rappers/musician say should be taking seriously?!

    Smh you know how Eminem say he fucked his own Dad? And killed his Mom? Exactly not true fool


    when did eminem say that?
    idk what music u listen to but i dont like to hear a bunch of lies and the word pussy.

  • Converse

    And did you really just say ?but we all know he’s been a backstabber since he was chillin with pac and nas.?


    LMAO Tupac never chilled with Wayne? He die two yrs before Wayne was even known you lost fool?! Haha go listen to country or something because hip-hop is not for retards like you


    i was talking about jz jackass. y u gotta pick fights on a damn website. if u disagree keep it to urself.

  • Converse


    Stfu bitch nobody picking fights?! You keep saying stupid shit and making up stupid ass rumors as you go long. Everything your retarded ass type is made up. Im just clearing shit up fool. I rather listen to Wayne rap about pussy a million time, then to listen to Eminem rap about raping his Mom and getting fuck by his Dad unlike your weirdo ass.

  • mannyymcmb

    Shit is koo … But I think Weezy should do a track with Blind Flurry that would be some sick shit !!!!

  • wayne and currensy back dont get no better for me

  • wayne pulled that 3stacks flow off perfectly

  • yee

    Now this shit right here nigga its the lil Wayne swagger that put him at the top ain’t no other bitch ass rap,er can top that shit specialy not jay z s old overrated wack ass


    i give the album 7/10 i buyin 2 copies u haters


    im happy that 2pac is dead he sucks.wayne is the king on the throne

  • NO.

    @fuckeminem wtf is wrong with you? you dont have to like tupac, but to say you’re happy that someone is dead is completely wrong.

    grow up kid.

  • reallyricist

    worst carter album 1, 2, 3 r way better save your money download that bitch on android sorry 4 the wait is way better also

  • sorry for the wait cant compare to the c4 classic album president carter is all i have to say

  • mypenisblack

    lil wayne is smoking something fo sho.. smoking a big paynis.

    ps lil wayne was pretty awesome back when herpes was cool…..

  • rolled a fat 1 to this shit super laid back