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Happy Birthday Lil Wayne!

Tue, Sep 27, 2011 by

Happy Birthday Lil Wayne

Today is Lil Tunechi‘s 29th birthday! Everyone at LilWayneHQ would just like to wish Weezy a very happy birthday and hope he has a great day. If you want to leave any b-day messages or wishes for Wayne, then feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will try and get them sent to Tune.

I wonder what Birdman will surprise Lil Wayne with this year ❓

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  • Yooooooooooooooooooooo Happybday lil wayne the fuckin best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!! The michael jackson of rap!! Dr.Carter, President Carter, Mr. Carter, Mr. Make it rain on dem hoez, Lil Wayne, Weezy, Wayne, Weezy F. Baby, Tune, Tuncie, Tunchie lee, Lil Weezy, Lil Weezyanimal, Lil Weezyana, Mr. Take ur female artist, Mr. Take yo girl, Wizzle… Youu deserve a better birthday then any other rappppper!!!!!!!!! Swag that shit out yooo!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A LEGEND, AN ICON and THE FUCKING BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep working hard yooo

  • Juliane

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAYNE!!! You are an AMAZING person and don’t ever change. Love your biggest fan <3

  • Dylan Stimeling

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Weezy!!!!! or should i say best rapper alive! haha i hope you have a GREAT 29th birthday i wish i was celebratin it with ya that would be crazy awesome because your my fuckin idol and i think about it all the time of how awesome it would be to meet you and shake your hand and watch you go in and do your thing in the studio my dream is to one day meet and talk with you, maybe get an autograph and a photo lol. Because i admire you! Your the best rapper alive, you hold MANY records, you put in so much work more than anybody in the rap game and thats what has gotten you where you are now. Without your music i wouldnt even listen to music or atleast not love and have a passion for it like i do now because you are a lyrical beast you kill EVERY SINGLE SONG! Your songs can change my mood get me pumped for a game or anything you are the best rapper alive Wayne HAPPY MOTHA FUCKIN BIRTHDAY!

  • Lil Shani

    Happy BIRTHDAAY WAYNE! comin from ur biggest FAN! 😀 Hve a Good one 🙂 .

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUNECHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you lonng timee baybeee mwwahhh
    hope you have a greaaaat day!!
    god bless you…….

    your daaa best… 🙂

  • Happy bday my nigga…. keep yo L’s up d boot stand up for u keeping killing shit just for d Hell of it!!!! They say numbers don’t lie is that a 6 or 9

  • Desiree

    Happy birthday ,, 🙂 <3 have a good one.. even tho this is the day after noww 😛 12:19

  • Asai Adame

    Happy birthday Weezy!!! your the bestttttt there ever wassssssss plain and simple and may you have many many many more after thisss

  • Ryne

    Happy Birthday Tunechi!

  • “jae” kimz

    happy b- day Lil tunechi.
    keep it ymcmb

  • 117tune

    Happy bday weezy f baby ( lil wayne voice XD) hope u hav a good day nikka

  • Ashley

    hey lil wayne i hope u had enjoy your day but i were thought your birthday its today sorry 4 the mistake i’m the best fan of i you love you

  • g

    hbday tune, thanks for another year of solid beats and dope verses. your work ethic keeps me inspired. probably is like never. yours truly, g

  • bruno

    Happy Birthday Li tunechi i lov you man keep doing this shit for alot of years young moula baby

  • Obaid

    happy B’dae Lil weezy/Tunechi A.K.A da fkin besr rapper alIvE..

  • devintune

    i paid us$30 to get tha carter 4 n add to tunes first week sales…. it was worth every cent!!! happy b’day weezy all da way from srilanka….. 😀

  • Usman ismail

    Hapi birthday wayne

  • faris

    happy birthday weezy u are the best rapper alive no 1 can stand in the way of u.
    i will always listen to ur music. i will always be there are as a fan for u.
    screw the hater u are the best and will be for life ymcmb

  • HaleyAnna

    HAPPY Birthday, Weezy ( THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!) Hope you enjoy this day….haha I realized I’m a little late but….wish you the best!
    Btw, I’m still bumping CarterIV in my car! Fucking Best Album of the Year, seriously! :)<3

  • Lynn Bitar

    happy LATE birthday tunechiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! u are the motherfucking best i love u so much .. i wish you’d come to lebanon soon… i am ur biggest fan
    -Lynn Bitar

  • Brooklyn Blessed

    Pardon me being a day late…
    “Swagger right, Game tight and they gon R-E-S-P-E-C-T TUNE!!!”
    Happy Birthday to u Wayne…Long Live Tha King
    Blessed Over&out

  • lil tunechi

    Whats poppin weezy/tunechi Happy Bday tunechi hope u enjoy it i love all ya music u is my twin 2 da fullest drink and smoke it up like its ya last bruh

    -lil tunechi is out

  • Happy Late Birthdayy Lil Wayne!
    I Lovee Yuu<3

  • Happy Birthday Wayne!!! You are a huge inspiration to me. I myself have been rapping for 6 years and I’ve came a long way. One day I hope we can collaborate, because we’d murder any beat lol anyways, have a good/safe birthday.


  • Kunal Pahwa

    Happy Birthday WEEZY F BABY!! It’s my Birthday too… same day man! All hail 27! Wishing you the best man! Best rapper alive!

  • Melanie

    Happy Birthday Boo!!! Stay blessed and I can’t wait to meet cha soon!!!!!

  • THaT nIgGa wayne

    HAppy BIRTH DAY BLOOD keep on hustlen damu keep ya head up fuck haters and keep up with ur skateing shit soooooo woooooo and happy birth day again!!!

  • Nintous

    Call it Lil Tunechi or Lil Wayne,it remains Weezy f baby.All I say to u is go on with the years and keep it hood.Fill up my music sets with your albums and HBD cuz u got more years to live.The is our weapon.

  • Tom Tapo

    Happy birthday to the best rapper alive weezy f baby ! I’m your nember one fan like you say in dear Anne lol I love you man no homo ! I hope you to enjoy your birthday ! Fuck haters

  • Rosa

    Happy birthday Weezy !

  • happy weezy keep doin ya thing comment comin striaght out of GUYANA/South America

  • Chenga Athuman

    Wat de fuk,..we born de same date fuk,…m gona lov u 4eva,.. M so fukn hap.. Lov u weezy…liv longer broda.

  • Stian

    Happy birthday, man! Tha Carter IV was raw, keep up the good work! Btw, you gotta come to Norway soon…

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAYNE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! AND I HOPE AS YOU GET OLDER YOU GET EVEN WISER AND STRONGER (MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY) . you are truly loved. the world loves you. you are amazing. don’t ever change <33333333333 #teamtunechi

  • i love you soo much i hope you had an amazingg birthday PLEASE SAY JAMIE IN A SONG :)))) and come to philly on november 13th or around there for my birthday. yeah. thanks. i love you babyy

  • your amazing

  • jakub

    happy birthday wezzy your number one white fan hope you come to UK Manchester

  • SHaRky

    Happy B-Day to best rapper alive …. ! For Weezy♥

  • Omo’t crown

    Happy birthday weezy. YMCMB 4 life.

  • adekunle

    @tunechi, wish you a HBD,love you weezy F BABY,

  • Happy Birthday To The Capo Weezy Yeaaaaah

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    wayne HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO SO KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sorry weezy was in school!!!nyway happy belated birthday<



  • zainab

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEZY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 – LONDON

  • QuebecWeezyFan

    Yo, I wish a fking great birthday, and man, just party till you drooop! 😛 Come to Montreal more often, we already miss you man. Happy BirthDay,

    from you’re biggest fan of Quebec!! 🙂 🙂

  • Da Carter

    l wish you happy b-day tunechi

  • a little late but none the less just as important! I know this message will prob just get skipped over, but what the hell, maybe not ! tune happy day of birth! the world changed when mr Carter was brought into this dark and ruff place we call a world! just wanted to tell u how much u inspire me as an artist, human, alien, father, and skater ! love and live by ur music every day! it’s what I wake up to, it’s what finishes my day a work ! no matter my mood or feeling a tunchi bump gets me moving and rhyming in my whip! so thanks thanks for being u, thanks for being ture to who you are, and thanks for giving me music that moves me !


    wat gift d u give d most gifted rappa alive…. Hapi bday MR TUNECHI

  • Bobby

    Hapi birthday dwanye micheal carter.. I feel u every great day of my life and i also feel to live life like you…..weeeeeeezzzzzy…youngmoney

  • Esseii-swaggalicious_MB

    happy b-day baybeii boo_(tunechi)

  • Holly Dew

    WEEZY! HapPy BiRtHdAY!! (late but not forgotten) 🙂 Ur music means the world to me, its gotten me through good times and bad. U r the one and only greatest rapper alive! Love ya! xoxo

  • Anthony

    Ey tune happy birthday man I know I’m late brotha was locked up but I baked a badass jail cake for your birthday in that bitch ya already know!! Holla atcha boy!!

  • Stephanie Carter

    happy birthday Lil wayne my birthday is on the 25th of september nd i was wishin’ that it would made even more magical by you tweetin’ nd me on twitter nd if u don’t want ot follow mw that’s fine i just need to know that u know that someone like me exists in this world.i’m so happy that we were both born on september.i’m sorry it’s a little late but i’ve been in school nd was no internet there but i’m just comin’ back from school nd this was the first thin’ i decided to do.yes.i have’nt changed, i haven’t eaten but i decided to tell u this.i really hope u get this.

  • happy bufday D king of musik n hiphop hppy bthday d best rapper alive hppy bthday YMCMB FAMILY HAPPY BTHDAY WEEZY F B

  • joebosco

    Nice cake

    – Joe Bosco

  • happy late birthday and i sorry i had forgot your birthday and i want to have your baby oneday and i love lil wayne and i am your biggest fan ever and i love you so much and i want us to have a baby together lil wayne and our baby name is going to be lil wayne the third and i will always love you lil wayne and i want to be your babymama oneday lil wayne and i love you so much

  • marieluise dupont

    wayne i want that you know that i love you and i wish you happy
    birthday that god bless you

  • Dylanater

    Happy belated Birthday Lilwayne

  • tunechi!!!!!happy b’day wish ya tha best, cause ya tha best

  • GrouGrou’

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive !!!

  • boboye bigmeat arbey

    Too many comment but my’s different CONGRATULATION tunechi nino d 111 i love u man you re the reason for YME you re the best

  • Sultan

    Happy Birthday Tunechi!!! my name is sultan and i’m from PAKISTAN (karachi). have you ever heard about that country. i m a really very big Fan of yours. wayne i always waishes to meet you.

  • Sultan

    i live in karachi city and i always wanted to be in your gang ymcmb.. so plz rpl on my id

  • hi.i`m mons iranian artist
    happy birthday weezy



  • Sousou

    How do you say? . I’ve already said so many times, Happy Birthday, on several sites, and I hope you see the one, even if it was September 27, Listen I am your biggest fan I think everyone you said it, but it’s true, as I listen to music that you and the music of Young Money. I would do anything for a day come and see you in Miami … For you are the best, the best rapper in the world , nobody can do better. I speak only French but I’m starting to master English as you see some mistakes but …
    In short, I love you, Happy Birthday again. Takes care of you

  • Kathy

    Happy late birthday day Weezy:)

  • C-fluid

    Happy B-day Lil Brah!!

  • Today is Lil Wayne’s 30th Birthday! Can’t believe the website got it wrong. “It was 9/27/82, baby dude. Charity Hospital, a.k.a the City Zoo”
    Happy Birthday Tunechi. I LOVE you! Hope you have a blessed day & keep making that music. You are the BEST RPPPER ALIVE