Lil Wayne – We Back Soon [New Version]

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 by

Lil Wayne We Back Soon New Version

Remember back in March this year when we got a Lil Wayne track called “We Back Soon” ❓ Well a new version of this track with new verses has just been released on DJ Holiday’s Holiday Season Vol. 4 mixtape. The record was produced by STREETRUNNER, and you can stream/download it below:

Download: Lil Wayne – We Back Soon [New Version]

I will update this post as soon as the CDQ version drops!

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  • fresh1


  • crazy d

    fuck first….nice!!! wayne going in on his mixtape game

  • Daniel


  • wiggless

    dude i heard this like 3 hours ago catch up… smh

  • Rockstar Baby

    Weezy Back , And Here For Good !

  • norumz


  • TyeDye19

    Lovin this shit. Sounds like wayne’s mind is shifting into Da Drought mode again. Anyone agree?

  • Wayne is showing some signs of the drought mind set but needs a faster flow

  • he does sound a lil,like his old self ,,i sin wit a grin ill sit da mac10 on ya.chin

  • Tune

    Did C4 sell more than a million?

  • ztunechi-

    i like old version

  • WEEZY flyinstealth !!


    i hope dedication 4 is droppin this year this dope men

  • SO fucking dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • junie

    might as well call it the finished version cuz the other version was unfinished

  • weezyf

    how much did c4 sell then?

  • They Yell Skate Wayne!

    Where’s Dedication 4? So ready for it…

  • They Yell Skate Wayne!

    Nice song btw.

  • if its as good as da original thn im deff gna b listening 2 ths for a while. No wrd yet on hw mch C4 dd?

  • Chazz

    like the old version better
    too mad it will never come out this way

    carter 4 is NOW !!!!

  • damnnnnnn

    dude goin hard on everything since sftw…. crazy shit man forreal dude crazy as fuck he proly gnna go down as best ever after he finishes

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Where is ” you & i ” and ” put the lights on me ” full versions …. Its comming on different mixtapes you and i come on D4 and put the light on me i dont know … But i wanna hear to that 2 songs …. And we back soon is a good ass song !!!!!

  • weez–

    fkin good shit.. one question.. is there any other option to hardcandy shit i cant drink no moo cranberry shit an noo more dirty sprite the taste of the syzuurp is to strong haha.. what is good for mixing 2?!

    down in the studio.

  • junie
  • CeeJ

    drink that shit str8 like a man

  • weez–

    .. i tried one time to drink it at ones.. but it fucked me up..
    Here in germany we get just mixed shit like paracodein or similar shit so i allmost got to sipp the double ( About 200mg) and it taste like jay z

  • damnnnnnn

    cee j i noticed u havent been talking shit lately? is that because tha carter iv broke records in just four days? or because this song is amazing? or because lil wayne doesnt care what u have to say cuz of the millions hes racking from c4? hmmm.. cee j a bitch!!

  • YM Malitia

    This is one of the only type of Lil Wayne flow that I like, he should have rapped like this on C4, then all the verses would have went harder.

  • no name

    haha he changed “sitting in my ferrari thinking about money” to “bugatti” and “shoot your ass up 9 times incase you got cat lives” to “10”

  • CeeJ

    do i have to pick one of those options or something? since c4 came and was every bit as terrible as i said it would be i figure why waste time explaining why he sucks since itll be weeks before he does anything else thats big. these random songs with no content and recycled concepts of richness dont count. plus i dont really feel like explaining myself to ingant ass fans.
    i see that u missed me tho.

  • CeeJ

    @noname, u can tell when he has writers block because when he remixes songs he always uses similar sentence structure or a corus thats one or two words off. y this song tho? they never really released the all of the lights remix cuz the other one was “unfinished”

  • Ogeezy

    I been waiting for this song..wat about the other unfinished song umm..that’s wat the call me…

  • Ogeezy

    ^^He uses the same line cuz he prob like wat eh said the first time

  • Ogeezy

    No arena turf..

  • Ceej needs pussy

    My name says it all

  • CeeJ

    so what we need to erase the first one they released and listen to this one now cuz its finished and forget that he already said that shit before but said it differently

  • ogeezy

    Nah just keep both of em I liked em both

  • CeeJ

    wow ogeezy u got some problems dog, do u really take it personally wen i talk about lil wayne? u must b in love

  • CeeJ

    ogeezy and weezy
    screwin in a tree
    u r h-o-m-o
    thats what ur telling me

  • CeeJ
  • B2

    Dude ceej is a attention seeker

  • whats the next CIV single


    @NINO she will is the last single men

  • this shit is fire on life so many punchlines

  • ogeezy

    Haha na ceej ur the one that can’t get off his dick n his fansite

  • R3m1

    This song must have been on CIV along with Put the light on me, dont u agree?

  • Dungas

    Men is plural, you say man when there is only one, fuckeminem.


    @Dungas are we here who makes the most errors?

  • Converse

    YmCm album schedule is out:

    Damn this go hard?! D4??? O yeah when is Nino brown 3 dropping? Scoob always?sitting on shit

  • Okay

    Not bad. this songs definitely better than most of the bullshit on tha carter 4.

    i like his verses on this because it has that 07 sound. hes not using that stupid ass rapping style where he says shit like “lifes a bitch, __” or “man im going too hard, cialis”

    that style of rapping is so played out. wayne needs to stick to this kinda shit, just straight bars with that laid back old sounding wayne.

  • Okay

    wayne on this song rapped as WEEZY.

    tha carter 4 was all TUNECHI.

    weezy > tunechi.

  • KDOT

    @Okay, i agree with you.
    You know what Wayne’s problem is? He puts out too much shit.
    He needs to stop being a feature on EVERY song, needs to stop remixing every song. He simply needs to sit down and write better songs. Quality over quantity.

    His songs used to be so deep, he never makes a deep song anymore. Never makes a song with a story behind it.

  • Real is Back

    tha fireman bitch, stop, droll, time.

  • Real is Back

    *tha fireman bitch, stop, drop, roll time.

    that sound like the old weezy, this verse must be old.

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    i think that was recorded a few week month back and the unfinished version was from 2009 i think

  • devinkeller2

    i miss the part n the ld one “so much for being settled down, suicide flow, go kill yourself, seven punds, blunt thick as bobby christina, high as serenas skirt, only smoke that real grass, no arena turf” still fire thoughh

  • Mossy

    hey guys i think c4 has hit a millie again!!! it moved 760k at just 68% reported!!! wooooooooow

  • R3m1

    @ KDOT “he never makes a deep song anymore” … listen again to President carter, for me one of his best songs ever 🙂

  • ted bundy


    first was better.

  • eatbeatz

    My favorite lines “ima squeeze life, just enough to fill the cup. so stfu and steam the purp, tell them haters arrivederci, yea i lost my mind help me find it i will lead the search” and “suicide flow, go kill yoself, seven pounds” were taken off 🙁

  • this is dope 🙂


    okay weezy may not be what u expect of him in carter 4, better or worse is a matter of opinion BUT if he is worse, then ima still listen to him cuz to me he himself is still his is only competition, weezy on his worst day is better than the rest of em in the game

  • the fireman bitch its stop drop roll time………smh this nigga is the dopest