Video: Lil Wayne’s VIBE Magazine Photo Shoot x Photo: Weezy’s 29th Birthday Cake

Fri, Sep 30, 2011 by

In the video above, you can watch some short behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s VIBE Magazine photo shoot. I don’t know exactly what date the magazine will be available on newsstands, but it will be around early October. You can view the front cover for the October/November issue here!

As a bonus, I have also included a photo of Weezy‘s birthday cake that Divine Delicacies created for his 29th birthday. Hit the jump to view the pic and read some info about the cake.

Lil Wayne 29th Birthday Cake

A 7:00pm phone call got the rolling pins turning at Divine Delicacies, when word hit that Lil Wayne needed a four-tier treasure from which to blow out his candles in just under three hours. Not only did the request come in at the tail end of the day, but Weezy specifically requested the cake be a Divine Delicacies creation. Perhaps that’s because he knew these purveyors of edible art would deliver big.

And big they did.

Custom Swarovski crystal signage was created by Miami Cake Monogram and the verbiage read like an homage to the birthday boy: WEEZY F. BABY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and YMCMB, were neatly stacked on each tier.

The vanilla rum cake rolled in red fondant also donned four crystal ropes and a special sugar skateboard with Lil Wayne airbrushed on it as a tribute to his recent sidewalk hobby—sounds delicious. – HL

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  • brazilian-ym

    hmm…first..but that doesnt mean SHIT

  • roda


  • Leggoo

    That skateboard on the cake is dope@

  • lilsasi


  • dave

    3rd and thats made me hungry

  • Filipe-Weezy

    Ya Nigga!

  • Randal

    skateboarding,wearing womans jeans,jacking tyler the creator swagg,wack and a wack ass carter iv album……dis guy has lost all of his black fans

  • Who cares if he lost his black fans you sewer them cheap niggas by it .. I’m not racist but.its true dude

  • aaron

    @randal im black and so are all my potnas and we fuck with wayne bitch fuck you. eat a fat dick

  • chris

    @randal go sit yo small minded ass down you a fucking lame for that comment bitch

  • johnny boy

    ahhh wayne getting his jimmi handrex on i see thats wussup

  • Kriss


  • im_ill

    that cake is dope. and the cover

  • tasha

    randal but yet you still searching for him huh? smh dumbass

  • ben

    Times change. People change. He’s just trying to expand his audience.

  • drew_77


  • drew_77


  • ovoxo

    that cake is nice

  • travis

    jimmi hendrix

  • stl_mo22

    @ben THANK YOU @randal im black you stupid fuck dont be so damn ignorant

  • brandon

    where’s the rest of the party pics? 0__o

  • jontae

    his cake looks simular to last years cake just taller but its dope though


  • ronie

    damn my cake was smaller:D

  • zeca f. baby

    cool cake : ) I wanted to eat it !!!!!!!!!!! read it here that said @FUCKEMINEM bro http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/editorials/id.1774/title.evolution-of-a-carter-lil-waynes-10-most-important-songsand-why this is interesting !! : )

  • hey yo Danny M. thre’s a gret story abt on on HipHopXD tht i thnk you nd every1 els wuld b interest’d in. thnk u shuld add dat story.

  • Best skater P-rod (Skateboard P )vs Weezy?

  • If getting money is wrong ,wayne aint right at all n if Young mula a car he just ride it off, “This is da carter” bitch YMCMB Happy birthday Tunechi

  • randal

    dis nigga all up on da magazines as if carter iv was the best album of the year…get the fuck out of here with that bullsit….dat album was pure garbage, TRASHH!!!

  • Meech

    Well of kourse he was gonna do it big…..shiiiiit it’s Weezy F. Baby! Damn that kake is nice. Bet they still nibble’n off that, hell it’ll take a month to eat that thang. Hopefully nobody swallowed the krystals!! Tzzzzzz……lmao

  • Ali Wayne

    i like the mini-sk8board


    ayee Danny do you know when dedication 4 coming out?

  • TunechiJr

    Smoothest cake i ever seen

  • lil wayne is best thing that ever happen to rap music!be it jean,skate boarding,dress,change of style in his rap.go make ur own music and see if you will sell a copy u damn haters.ymcmb

  • nice photo shoot video 🙂 and i love the cake pic 🙂 that cake looks so awsome to eat 😀 🙂

  • Chan

    The skateboard looks like a maxy pad LOL

  • the_ace

    Randal right and wrong he lost most his hood fans who was rocking with him back in the day i miss songs like call me killer and lights off

  • the_ace

    he’ll never be jimi status so he need to quit that r.i.p jimi

  • weezy f baby fan

    Happy birthday to the whole YMCMB family and especialy Lil Tunechi aka Lil Wayne

  • ovoxo

    @the_ace shut yo hoe ass up, niggas like you are the same ones that said he’ll never make it big in hip-hop years ago AND NOW LOOK AT HIM wayne is as big as jimi dude is in the gensis book of records for topping the fucking beatles .whoelse you know done/doing that today? and breaking jay n ye record on itunes . so what makes you think he cant get any bigger? smh youa clown for that

  • Bompton

    @the_ace nigga you a dick rider you and @randal talking that shit but yet yall on the man fansite checking for all his shit. even his bday cake lmfao
    come on man, yall niggas is super fans stop fronting. just cause he enjoy hisself in his free time and picked up a hobby yall talking down like hoes do.

  • tarell

    @randal nigga why yo lame ass making different accounts and shit. i see 2 different acconts w/ yo name on em’. smh andway damn right he on covers fool (he wayne wtf u thought)!!you mad? you mad cause yo fav. aint on shit? and saying c4 was trash is your OPINION meaning it dont make it true. so shove it up yo ass and kick rocks offf this site if thats how you feel

  • krystal

    its funny seeing peopel on here talk petty shit and say the sammmme lame bullshit about wayne or his music but yet yall keep checking his sites and listning to his music. lol prob. why he stay winning.

  • packers fan

    @the_ace nigga you dumbass wouldnt’ve even known he was channeling jimi if it wasnt for the top comments. lololol dumb ass nigga

  • smoke weed bitch

    @packers fan fool prob. dont even listen to jimi wayne said in a nardward interview he’s a fan of jimi and collects book from jimi’s music past w/ art work and poems he wrote. so @the_ace needs to stfu and speak what he knows

  • jc

    randall said wayne jacked tyler the creator swagg hahahah gtfoh you gotta be dumb

  • Jason

    Wayne did steal tyler the creators style if u look at how tyler dresses and wayne just started dressin like that i aint hatin im just sayin wayne wasnt dressin like that with them long socks vans and short shorts comin to his knees tyler was dresses like that

  • Ty gunna

    Drake is gonna save ymcmb with take care cuz lord knows tha carter 4 was weak as fuck

  • Mike blazin

    Only reason wayne achieved that is because of his fans not him he cant rap like he use to anymore and jayz has the most number albums in a row in history only one hes behind is the beatles he beat elvis he needs 1 more to tie with them

  • Kiya

    Drake is more talented then lil wayne in every way but wayne did kill him on ignorant shit other than that drake is better than wayne im a fan of both though.

  • Sean Don

    Hell no Wayne is 10X better than Fake dumb ass! Fuck gayz to! Ymcmb

  • Sean Don

    The music video, In the Ghetto by Jay Rock and Lil wayne, weezy were he wearing high socks and chucks! So no tyler the retard didnt start shit!

  • yo if anyone hatin on wayne who gives a fuck lmfao he dont care he rich as fuck and he dont giv a fuck wat ppl got to say bout him just remember tht haters lmao i laughin at u bitch ass haters cuz shit u fuckin idiots say dont phase wayne one bit! and lmfai @randal u bitch ass i bet he got more black fans then any other rapper so fuck you bitch u probly poor as fuck lmao. everybody wish they were as rich as lil weezy! YEAH BABY!!!

  • even drake admits lil wayne is the most creative person he has ever come across with,nicki said so too! Then wayne said ”drake is ma artist and i want him to be better than me,thats why i signed him” ymcmb

  • he didnt lost dem but he jst wanna do sumthin diffrent lifes 2 short but i miss de old days of weezy back den weezy was the bomb

  • Tune

    I’m a big weezy fan but I haven’t been a fan since the beginning what are some good weezy tracks or mixtapes between 2007 and 2009?

  • interesting cake !!!

  • scooty_mofo

    tha carter 4 is fucken dope.

  • beba

    MY baby

  • Hey anybody read the blackman yet? Thy claiming wayne nd nicki gna have a child 2getha. Lol tht wuld b strange. Oh nd 2 tht stupid fuck tht sed drake better thn wayne, man plz stop tht shit dnt mke me wna throw up drake cnt hold 1 straight bar bs he starts 2 sing in hs tracks, unlike wayne wu cn just rap on nd on !!!

  • steph

    I want that cake

    ilu W

  • omfg retarded haters go suck from all members in interscope dicks.

  • if wayne drop rebirth 2 he need a song like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eTk9CuNULs self destruction this goes hard

  • Eezy

    I want to see pix from the party

  • Hey do any of ya’ll knw Strange clouds is at #2, lets get it at #2

  • Cipha

    Well weezy smashed all wif Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω to love §☺ wat ∂ɑ̣̣̝̇̇ƭ pozo saying. Biggest Nigerian fan you’ll ever have

  • tp

    everybody are so fucked up that tune has changed the dressing style. I think the direction is just better.Wayne looks healthier and comfortable. and these clothes only to emphasize the fact of that. am i right?

  • Real-Talk

    Danny M. yous a bitch.

  • Nick

    This guy is such a tool smh retire because your songs are fucking terrible all ur terrible metaphors. Drop dead birth ass wayne

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Fuck u @nicki 😉

  • Zeca f. Baby


  • the_ace

    just cause he in a book dont mean shyt he sold out but hey he getting money so i guess its cool that nigga fell off im fan of his old shit that nigga a pop star now need more music like the C2 and back

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVp5sJX2z2Q best blend ever fly by night

  • simphiwe(tunechi jr.)

    Listen, I’m a big weezy fan, I have almost all of his albums, a lot of his mixtapes and all that… Belive that Wayne is the king till the death of his… I’ll be his fan right now and till the death of me…

  • Frega Bao

    What a cake!ts amazing 1

  • Swag?

    Okay what the fuck. These outfits look like someone found them in the seventies or somthin. That red thing looks like the beatles sgt peppers outfits. Why? Is he trying to be like them or….? He used to wear baggy ghetto clothes and now hes on this shit?? I used to be a huge fan but this guys not right these days

  • Stone

    It’s because he’s a tool. Dressing likeHendrix? You’re name should never be in the same sentence as Hendrix. And the fact u used John Lennons name in a song is a bullshit. Dream on Wayne keep talking about pussy and make shitty metaphors. Fuckin joke

  • @Stone no one has told you that you have come here fuck hater u whore

  • Josh

    Lil wayne aint performing at the hip hop awards just to inform yall cuz i was there last night it airs on the 11 tho

  • LIkeMe


  • Bongani

    @Simphiwe are you going to attend the weezy concert here at S.A?

  • swagg nation

    this nigga a homo

  • fuck you danny m

  • hahah all yal some fuck niggas hahahahahaha

  • real-talk

    @ I cant feel my face lmaooo im on that FUCK DANNY. M SHIT TOO. that lil hoe ass white boy…. Im prolly fixin to rob that cracka for this website. Its gonna be real-talkhq.com …… hahaha fucks with me #RealNigga….. #RealNiggaHours

  • what happend with danny m?

  • real-talk

    Nothin happened to Danny M… Im the only mofuka on this site to call him out for makin money off wayne/ymcmb……Danny M a lil cracka from England this nigga tryin to cover the hardest rapper out there??? Danny M dont kno the first mofukin thing bout bein a fukin G.

  • Am very sorry lil bro’ for not showing up on your birthday. But i called drake and explained to him. I love that cake, can i have some?

  • Bucho

    happy b-day nigga and that the real shit believe dat

  • can somebody plz post me a link to whre i cn download: Where’s Wayne? think its a young money track. oh danny you cnt tll us wayne ddnt do anythng for a whle weekend….

  • Fuck alla y’ll haterz..yo bitchez know Tunechi be the best in this biz n he’l be duin crazee shit til that crazee mu’fucker die.. I’m a HUGE fan of his so if y’ll asswipes hav nothn good tah say bout him,ratha shut the fuck up n keep yo lame comments tah yo’slves..#muChRespect#

  • IM GON SAY THIS: FUCK ALL OF U HATING FOR NO REASON. WAYNE BE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE, HE BEAT JAY&YE ON iTUNES,SOLD A MILL A WEEK, SO SHUT THA FUCK UP AND KILL THAT HATE INSIDE U, DONT HATE CONGRATULATE MOTHERFUCKERS YO BREATH STINKS. danny M do ya thing home boy, dont let them get u. fuck you real-talk u shud change ur name and website to whore-talk, SUCK WAYNE’S dick u punk ass!!

  • Alondra

    lil wayne yur my everything i have 1550 photos of yu on my laptop yur the only music i listen to YAHHHHH go green bay packers i love yu wiff all my heart iv been to all yur conserts all over the world just to see yu <3 love yu lots AND HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY YMCMB

  • jonathan romero

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