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Odd Future Brought Out Lil Wayne At Their Show In Miami [Video & Pics]

Tue, Nov 1, 2011 by

Last night, Odd Future brought out Lil Wayne at their Halloween show in Miami. Tunechi was dressed up as a wolf to show support to Wolf Gang and you can check out a few photos after the jump! In the video above, you can watch some front-row footage of Weezy watching Tyler, The Creator and his crew perform, and then when he has to leave he just walks on stage and shakes hands with them haha.

Shouts to Jonathan Rodriguez

Odd Future Brought Out Lil Wayne At Their Show In Miami

Odd Future Brought Out Lil Wayne At Their Show In Miami

Odd Future Brought Out Lil Wayne At Their Show In Miami

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  • ogeezy

    OFWGFTA oh shit first

  • tunechiGh

    wowow. tunechi keepin the swag…. 2nd lol

  • mbemba


  • ogeezy

    Weezy! Weezy!

  • Timez

    Crowd was chanting “Weezy, Weezy!” lmao


    so dope haha 😀

  • Derikah

    Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne are my favorite people ever. I love how Wayne and Odd Future have been colliding, and that Wayne is a big fan of Odd Future, it’s awesome. I’m waiting on Tyler and Wayne to do a song together!

  • real-talk


  • paddy

    2 Chainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,,, what goes around come around like a hoolahoop

  • ogeezy

    Triple OG kush eyes low as lucy Lu

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    thats whassup a song collab coming soon.

  • TTC

    Golf Wang This Shit Is So Fucking Awesome. I Wish He Would Have Rapped Doe.

  • lil tunechi flyinstelth!!

    Can really buy stealth~!!!

  • #Ray

    Swagggg !! Lovin’ this Weezy

  • Amurph

    Holy shot if I was that dude with the camera I woulda grabbed weezys hand no homo, this nigha tight as fuck do. Strait swagg

  • Fern

    Fuck odd future! No talents niggas!

  • shadow

    did tyler the creater jus have a video sayin fck lil wayne ???

  • I WAS THERE SWAAAAG!!!!! but you didnt post the video where he takes of his mask while dancing and the crowd goes wild!! lol

  • Hunter

    hospin rapes tyler the creator in my opinion. im a tyler the creator fan so dont any dick suckers comment on themselves sucking too much dick.

  • weezy 🙂 hah this is funny 🙂 lol. 😀

  • scooty_mofo

    boy getting his swag back

  • Scooda

    Golf Wang And YoungMoney = Win !!!!

  • hey duder real performence som1 tel me it ant 2ru ,i ed wizzy kikd d buket

  • ben




  • Maneo

    twiter dot com slash model bubbles

  • these people are so dead

  • That video is miles away. The one I took is closer.

  • he’s the best rapper alive. Hope to see and shake hands with him one day. Ymcmb

  • Wayne forever…………

  • Wayne forever!!!!!!!!