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Video: How Does Lil Wayne Re-act When Someone Throws An Object At Him In Cape Town?

Thu, Dec 8, 2011 by

While performing in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday (December 7th) at the Bellville Velodrome, someone in the crowd throws an object at Lil Wayne. This has happened a few times in Weezy‘s career and he would normally get mad and end the show, or threaten the person who threw something at him, but not this time! You can check out some footage of what happened above!

“Ay please, please don’t throw nothing, I know you just probably throwing it to show your gratitude, but I’m a lil’ nigga, so it might fuck around and hit me, and fuck me up.”

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  • Par0l

    He funny. Also, well acted.

  • MOE

    shame .. i miss the real weezy

  • d.c. Boy

    1ssst succkkkk it bwoi

  • Lilduke1



    aww sooo cute and funny

  • Hahaha, that’s why he’s the best rapper alive.

  • willogert

    hahahah mad funny number 5
    weezy a better guy now more mature follow me on twitter @willogert

  • Elizabeth ODonnell

    That’s Wack ! Good to see you are still gracious with your fans, Wayne ! YMCMB !

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Maybe its also cuz its not in the US.

  • Damn Wayne come back to dc

  • quan

    So im hearing waynes bisexual smh like niggas didnt alreadz know that lol wayne says about birdman aye im the only one he kiss smdh

  • jermain

    @Quan i saw that vid on youtube when they was on 106 and free asked baby do u kiss girls with them diamonds in ur teeth and wayne said im the only one he kiss and they kissed on the mouth lmaooo and wayne is bi

  • quan a.k.a bitch made boy, lil black cunt, ignorant/irrelevant black fool, gay porn artist e.t.c. Why u always bringing up d same issue on dis site.


    i would better ignore quan cock that bitch want attention

  • sean

    If u think wayne is bisexual u outta yor fugged up mind…u believe every thing any jack and jill says.u mind needs to be reseted.SMH

  • Superman

    Check that shit out. I’m on the 2nd and 4th verse. On a side note. This shit is kinda funny.

  • steph

    i almost feel sad for u people who said that Wayne is bisexual. Like really, you are that dumb?
    It was a son-father kiss, or didnt you know baby was Waynes “father?
    + he doesnt rap abouts dicks, he raps about pussy.

    Funny video, lil wayne is the best rapper alive! LOVE U TUNECHI! :-D<3

  • quan

    You guys love your boo weezy dont u lol if u kissin a man on the mouth and hes not even ur real father than ur gay yall niggas so sensative take waynes dick out ur mouth if my comment is so irrelevent then why u acknoledge it lol if u say im the only one he kiss which is what wayne said then u are gay

  • MAX B

    Are u guys really gettin mad at a comment like dam yall be on wayne dick hard foreal like just be a fan dam u act like u know the dude or something like u really gettin mad at a comment thats true like your favorite rapper kisses men on the mouth and wears womens pants like how can u be proud of that


    next week comes the that bitch kesha ft lil wayne t.i. andre 3k “sleazy” song

  • guest

    you fags are lucky that shit didn’t hit his head … not that I wished it hit him, but that would have fucked him up BAD.

  • live



    @MAX B one question why u still repeat this always? u cant change my mind people like should burn in hell satanic bastard

  • jermain

    Who gets a tattoo of another rappers verse on there leg and the name of the song on there neck like im really gettin tired of this dude its bad enough hes gettin wack as a rapper hes just goin down hill

  • MAX B

    @FUCKEMINEM what the fuck are you talkin about my dude lol


    i find a jay-z fansite i start to hating


    @MAX B you replay always the same shit!!! damn gtfo if u dont like him damn you have no hobbies or something

  • jermaine y do you or anybody on here bring up the same stuff the verse tattooed and the kiss yall must be gay if you still thinkin about a man kissing a man for family reasons like really live your life what has wayne done to u did he kill one of your family memebers or did he curse you out no so stop it ok JUST STOP IT ITS BECOME A OPINION AND THEN ITS BECOME A NORMAL THING NOW LET THIS MAN LOVE HIS LIFE LIKE YOUR LIVING YOURS OK DONT BE JUDGEMENTAL OR DONT BE MEAN AND RUDE LIKE THAT BECAUSE THATS HOW PEOPLE GET SENT TO HELL

  • João Monteiro

    @jermain stop repeating the same shit all day man, u a fucking hater, this is a weezy fansite, get out here…

  • Chris

    I love the way he handled that, it was professional. Dudes are obviously there because they love him. I still can’t get the feeling off of me from his toronto concert. it was amazing.

  • quan

    106 and park years ago Free- so birdman do u kiss girls with them diamonds in your teeth. Wayne interrupting- aye im the only one he kiss(THEY KISS FOR A GOOD 10 SEC) Free and AJ are surprised as well as the audience and mannie fresh Birdman- aye man thats just how we roll i rest my case now i know why everybody left except wayne lmao


    ok guy we should this retarded kid above me ignore..smh go play with teddies@quan

  • WeezyFAN

    @quan shut the fuck up u dumbass how many times u gonna bring it up nobody wanna fuckin hear wat u got to say u lil punk ass bitch


    @WeezyFAN we should ignore him he still continue this shit. just ignore him

  • mr boston

    man wayne shoulda punched him in his fucking face weezy blood and don’t play rite? it’s not like it was random he know who did it this is why these rappers calling him out him or his blood gang shoulda set that bitch off



  • quan

    @FUCKEMINEM if ur gonna ignore me then ignore if u keep replying to the comment u obviously not ignoring me u retard just dont reply to my commen and @weezyfan nigga cut it out u cant hear anything dumbass its just a comment dont read it if u dont like it u wayne dickrider

  • ismail wasiu

    its really the best way to reply tunechi cuz you are someone people want to be like and mehn, you are the best rapper alive and lets keep the haters busy by letting them add salt to our meal… Gud reaction wessy, i like you more

  • Lil Wayne

    Okay people let me clear this up i do share a certain sexual desire with my father aka baby but i do enjoy the sweet feeling of pussy but my father will always be the man that i want in my bea every now and then me and my daddy aint blood we just say we are to cover up the fact that we are lovers


    Mack maine ft lil wayne “ryde 4 me” out hiphopearly com

  • Jevon

    All you niggas keep saying Wayne gay but he get more pussy than u

  • Ashraf

    lol nice one out der by weezy
    The person who threw the bottle must hav be embarrassed 😛
    Follow on twitter peeps @ashyn8

  • wayno
  • holdup

    Not saying lil wayne is gay, but it is kind of odd he let Lil B on Sorry For The Wait even though Lil B was horrible and had an album out titled “I’m Gay”…

  • She will

    That stage looks so smaller than what he’s usually performing shows on. Lol Wayne is the best 🙂 !!!!! I cant express enough how much I want to back it up on him.

  • Yall folks on here are crazy some of said wayne need to get back on drugs the doin better without them he aint tryin to die at an young age n yes 29 is young let the man b sober he tired of being on drugs n too let yall know yes drugs can kill you people dont care about wayne they just care about him being on drugs n rap while he doing it sad ass people in this world

  • JDaKingman

    nigga sound like Katt Williams with a deeper voice…

  • Lii Lyvern

    Lil Wayne he is jus a bunch of stupid in completent jackass who does know how to rap…

  • tunechilex16

    You guys follow lil wayne’s lil cousin on twitter @tunechilex16, he’s been helping out with few things on tracks for wayne. Thank You.

  • ym

    @quan u a Bitch ass nigga strait up ya heard me that nigga cud do whateva the fuck he want n FUCK any bitch he want he not fucking baby for 1 n 2 if u think he gay then dont b fan a no moe bcause u a fake nigga or fake ass white kid trying 2 b black yee digg like damn keep wayne out yo mouth if u aint got at least somthing good 2 say

  • wow, wayne has became more mutcuer 🙂

  • mystiqsoul

    Wayne says that the show he did in Cape Town was the best show he did in years! Tonight he’s in my city!! Jozi! Let’s get it #excited

  • revaro

    welcome to south africa the world @ your feet

  • Northgate(The Dome) South Africa, Tune performing tonight and tomorrow #Legggo! #Sssgetit!

  • I lo0ve wEezy!!!! Shit san…..m if yu think wEezy is bisexual den yu kak stupid!!!!…… Jho da lo0ve of ma lyf…. Mwahz…. WeEzy 😀 :}

  • vicent ebuka ayaru

    i love lilweyn he is the best artist 2011.

  • akah roland

    lil wayne is a good dude so no body in Australia should even think of hurting him cos he can bounce back with hard body……….(rolliwayne)

  • rolliwayne

    remember what happen in Cape town SA, it was just all fun. thats just to tell u that he is a happy lil young money motherf****ker. Believe that!

  • MneevART

    Lil Wayne loves South africa!!!!!

  • ahahahahaha,i laugh lyk a baby coz i lyk ur way@weezy d finisher,i luv tupac and i lov lil waye micheal carter,bt plz fanz dont f*ck do dat again,it may hurt dat ur nigga***ahahaha wezzy in capetown?follow me in ma fazbok@tochi crescendo @twitt in #toboytwit# yee wezzz alive

  • BAD!!!!

    That right there, is South Africa for you. we’re carzy mafuckers if we choose!! No matter who the fuck you are you just might get hurt around here!!

  • Weezy is the beast, the motherf*ckin problem. Whereva he step some fear nd some colapse cuz of joy. F*ck these mad ass bitch niggas who say he is bio*wateva! Its jus cuz he didnt kiss you damn it, brush your teeth next time around mayb he wil try u if not in Heaven. I cant wait for the Durban show lol, Weezy thank you a lot, HELLO WEEZY WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA.

  • lil baby

    he aint no queer

  • Tinaphoo

    why u wanna gi in do that you the one who bout your girl tickets then get mad 🙁 !!lol

  • softouch

    weezy f. baby ma best man for life all u modafuckinq haterz say hello to the devul y u rote in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil nigga it might hurt me that was cute make sure they know God loves them. Have to keep the faith

  • kay

    follow me on twitter @k_eh