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Video: Lil Wayne Performs “Blunt Blowin'” & “She Will” In Melbourne, Australia

Sat, Dec 3, 2011 by

On Thursday, I posted some footage of Lil Wayne performing “Mirror“, “How To Love” and “Drop The World” live in Melbourne, Australia at the Etihad Stadium. I also said I would make a new post if I find any more footage, well here is that post!

In the video above, you can watch Weezy performing “Blunt Blowin’” and “She Will” off Tha Carter IV, and after the jump, you can watch Wayne perform “Look At Me Now“, “I’m On One” and check out some highlights from the show.

Lil Wayne performs “Look At Me Now” and “I’m On One”

Highlights from Lil Wayne’s performance

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  • junie

    So wassup with drake is it confirmed that hes leaving cuz his tweets made it kinda clear

  • max

    Who gets a tattoo of another mans whole verse on there leg and the name of the song(lucky me) on his neck thats dick riding at his and he bit that off jay and put it on mr carter and megaman

  • joseph

    @ junnie drake is still in young money he confirmed it….it was all rumors,..go to wshh there’s a video of drake on stage talking about the situation..

  • SteveJ

    @ max dude who cares yall talked about this shjt already,let it rest…-__-

  • Antucci



    lol haters are the first which write.drake fires his management not YM dumbass.@max suck jay-zs dick

  • junie

    @FUCKEMINEM drake didnt fire his management u reatard stop talkin shit about stuff u dont know just sit yo virginary slow ass at home and wait for ur ssi check to come dumb ass nigga

  • quan

    FUCKEMINEM is the biggest wayne dickrider on this site saying mad suspect shit in his comments like i love wayne micheal carter he made my life smh WTF

  • SteveJ

    wayne should make a video for blunt blowin and megaman and let collin tilley direct it(the guy that made videos such as,look at me now and john etc)…that shit would be epic!

  • All rumors stop believing that stupid shit y’all getting mind fucked and LIL WAYNE went in on she will and blunt blowin the whole concert was good YMCMB 4 life!!!


    @junie shut the fuck up he fire his management got fact you dumbass nigga.u got some dicks from gay.@quan get your daily dick in your throat

  • Most-Shady

    When Will The Video For She Will Come Out..

  • wayne was clearly talking about his girlfriend or whatever.
    he wouldnt call drake sweetheart..ignorance..

  • junie

    @FUCKEMINEM u dickridin faggot the video of him is on worldstar confirming that its all false so shut yo slow ass up u mentally retarted muthafucka Thats why yo slow ass is mentally challenged


    @junie haha fuck you i got the prove here suck gay-zs dick pls and shut up.

    bitch ass nigga.YMCMB FOR EVER

  • YM2430

    @junie sorry to break it to you. but drake did fire his management, now him and snoop have the same management

  • @junie im so sorry man i just been high off the syrup but i am a huge wayne fan and i dnt want any confrontation cuz i am a bitch so please leave me alone b4 i call the cops love u 🙂

  • #1 FAN


  • Elise

    omg love that wayne is tryin to do the dougie at 5:43 in bedrock. Laughed my ass ooff ,sooo cuute, love it !! 😀 mahahaha

  • Stop hating on my nigga FUCKEMINEM , He’s just a fan like us !! Y’all haters need to stop come on this site #real talk !!

  • kopy


  • georgiaboy87

    why the fuck did two haters comment first
    junie ur a dumbass lil wayne would never call drake a sweetheart idk what you be calling ur boys
    max please tell me ur a female because u got ima pussy written all over ur post get a life

  • awesome 🙂 wayne is awesome 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • o.g
  • nigga reping that upside down cross. gonna lose major fans right there. tylers music is influencing this guy way to much. first with the socks then the skating, supreme and now the upside down cross shit. making it hard to still love weezy when he aint putting out good music and reppin devil shit. weezy get your swagger back. next thing you know it nigga gonna get his fear god tattoo removed

  • Starr

    I love u soo much Wayne these mf’s on here talkin stupid shit is nothin. Keep doin u and ima still love u lol!!! Tunchei