Mac Miller – The Question (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Mac Miller The Question Feat Lil Wayne

Mac Miller just released his Macadelic mixtape and on the tape was a Lil Wayne feature.

The track, which is called “The Question“, was produced by Wally West and ID Labs.

You can listen to the chilled-out song below!

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  • MOP15321




  • @TheRealTsar

    I want the lyrics

  • Nepali babu one


    i love waynes verse its way better then macs

  • RobertCarron

    Finally some music. not a fan of mac miller but this songs kinda the shiit.

  • YC27sep

    i ll listen later

  • YC27sep

    Wayne’s lookin fine:)

  • Sasapow

    Shhh dis chill as fck!!

  • jeremy

    damn man…..when is weezy gonna drop a solo track,:/

  • Weezy F

    Uh oh!!! I’m getting excited!!! I can’t wait to hear it!!!

  • LP

    mac miller is a fucking bum. he looks, sounds, and acts like a retarded burnout. decent verse from wayne.

  • Nak Nak

    ha weak as shit.. the old wayne wouldnt have even got on a track with someone as wack as mack…. and the old wayne also would of killed this little nigga. they both sound like they “dont know what they doin here!” hahaha

  • John

    what happened to Ready to Go?

  • CeeJ

    sorry wizzle but u get no love.. idc who u try recording with ur shits wack
    You ain’t gotta be no detective to figure out I’m a dick
    When I hold my privates to your first clue
    Sherlock, prick! Just call me Richard


    [Lil Wayne Verse]
    Sitting in my bentley,
    Thinking ’bout these hoes
    All I do is kill them,
    I kill them like ?
    Simspon flag crimson
    Smoke them like Winstons
    I just bought a new chopper
    I treat it like a infant
    Im lighting up a stogie
    Its longer than a hoagie
    Situations getting fishy,
    And I dont eat anchovies
    Fuck the world, Kill them all
    She answer when I call
    If the cops pull us over,
    She gone hide it in her drawers
    See I come from a place,
    Where stars never shine
    And drama is accepted,
    Credit cards are declined
    Everybody got a job
    But I aint everybody
    If that hoe play with me,
    I whip that trick like Terrence Howard
    Im a pimp, I aint lyin
    But that is not important
    Im just tryna buy time,
    But cant really afford it
    Saying aint that a bitch,
    But I hope that bitch is bad
    I feel like money in the trash like…
    (What am I doing here?)

  • Jaime

    I would make fun of Wayne for doing a song with Mac Miller but he already did a song with Souljaboy … which was worse.

    ALSO I’m tired of this whinny flow, he sounds like a faggot nowadays. MY FAVORITE RAPPER SUCKS.

  • jc

    lol ceej you are seriously the biggest hater in the world. and i am not sayin hater because of your critical comment. however you have been on this site for over a year and have never left one compliment. its always the same shit with you man just get over it. we know what you are gonna say before you post it. just save the shit and let us listen to wayne. thanks.

  • why is every body jst hatin. i dont think if ur not a fukin critic nor a fan of young money or wayne u shouldnt be hatin hard like foreal just calm down and if u jst staight down hate wayne and y.m. I mean yea lil wayne kinda needs to step up his game a lil but i aint sayin shit like (i hate wayne…wayne has lost total swag…he suks dick at rapping …) fuk no man jst take a chill pill yamean jellybean..haha but seriously ppl jst chill…

  • wtf

    u guys is all dumb sayin mac aint good, dude got more rap talent in his left thumb then late weezy so lay da hatin bullshit downn son and get off ymcm’s dick already

  • wtf

    like y does wayne rap bout weed when he on probation? who he kiddin, besides all u weezy fan fools

  • Dope ass track:) its crazy how Tunechi and Mac collabed together..nice and chill track. Keep doin yall thing WEEZY and Mac Miller….YMCMB we winning!

  • This is so sick haters how you gonna hate on two niggas getting Money..damn only jealous ones envy! But i really loved and enjoyed hearing Tunechis verse it was pretty dope and Mac you went hard also (No Homo)..YMCMB we winning!!!!

  • Weezy wayne tunechi…lil wayne…he is hip-hop
    He know what he is doing…nice track…weezy
    Verse is dope & hard…cnt no anthor rapper
    Cum up with verses like this…just him…
    Forget the haters

  • Ed!

    Sh….Men Love this Track Men awesome

  • j

    haha he said kill em like nicole simpson…at first i was like i know jessica simpson and ashlee simpson…forgot who nicole simpson was for a second lol

  • @stacyskipworth

    Enjoy the song guys. It’s not my favorite, but I’m definitely not hitting next on the track when it comes on. I love Mac & Wayne. Wayne changed the game. Mac’s steady changing it. This new wave of rappers… In my opinion Mac’s leading the way for ’em the same way Wayne did several years back and still continues to do. Wayne’s guiding these kids and Mac’s coming up to enviably do the same. No hate please, I’m just sayin’

  • CeeJ

    oh u wanna a compliment?
    how bout this one.
    if wayne was a chick i’d screw her… well at least i tried to be nice.

    how bout u just keep my name out of ur mouth and comment about ur boytoy wizzle instead and we’ll all get qlong fine 😉

    in the meantime


    gay-z fans are the gayes ppls ever 😀

  • CeeJ

    no one on the corner has swagger like muwa

  • CeeJ

    charlie sheen called just to say your LOSING.
    shout out to gay annes….. submit ur colored versions zebras to ur screwed dot com and nobody will ever want to see it 🙂
    have a nice day

  • dg

    damn this is kill, I just heard it. anyone else wanna smell his thumb?420

  • blah

    I can’t stand mac miller but what eva

  • ProudWayniac

    CeeJ can u please vanish away!! Ur dumbass comments are not needed & nobody cares bout ya thoughts!&’wizzle’ really? U been hating for over a year,go do something w/your life,leave this FANSITE alone&owh the only who fell off is …you my nigga,so bye .

  • YC27sep

    love Wayne always____________________

  • dan32

    Shit is booorrrinnggg!!! Damn tried of this shitty half assed shit.

    “Im lighting up a stogie Its longer than a hoagie” fucking kindergarden rhymes!
    How do you rap about nothing, cant stay on subject yet it the same thing everytime.
    #Tunech blows #Bring back Wezzy F Baby #Carter2 Wayne

  • dan32

    You dont evolve backwards. This isnt progress, he isnt changing the game.

  • this a blunt blowin song right here i fuck wit it

  • Marc

    I don’t want to be an bitch but Lil Wayne his verses are way lower then Mac Miller his verses are. You guys just like the way he is talking about getting money & shit. I wanna see the old Mac btw.

  • this aint supposed to be lyrical this shit supposed smooth and you listen to it when you high this that shit

  • Tez

    Man all us niggas just hatin when we see a white boy like Mac bein betta then all the niggas

  • D-Lop

    I hate Mac Miller, but i knew this was gonna be a track I could smoke to and chill. Mac is like Wiz, he can make a solid smokin track when given the right beat, but im pretty shocked Wayne did a verse for him.
    But this verse is just showin me Wayne is gettin back on his shit, and has been since about November last year lol

    But yeah, I’ve been waiting for Wayne to get one of these I.D. Labs beats for a minute! Some stoner shit forreal

  • wtf

    how do u keep track of when wayne been gettin back on his shit. like fareal your gonna tell me since November 2011 Waynes back to his old self? dog u must be smokin dat same ish wayne be smokin cuz u dun fucked up monitoring a mans raps like dat like how u say dat

  • UGuysRGroupies

    CeeJ you should leave your house one in awhile bro, its good to get some sun

  • Lol

    I never comment on here. I usually just read the comments. But I feel I have to say something about all this Lil Wayne bashing. I think you’re all being too hard on the guy. He’s been very consistent with music for a long time..he has to live his life too.

    And I see a lot of ppl saying he sucks now and all this..I wouldn’t say that. Wayne’s music now a days is more club/party orientated. His older music was more slow and deep.

    I personally don’t complain because I go out every night lol. Songs like the motto, faded etc that’s what’s being played in people’s cars and at parties and night clubs. I live in Vegas that’s what we listen to.

    So for all of you sayin you don’t like this kind of music maybe you just don’t live your life enough? Maybe you sit on the Internet too much? I know I used to do that.. Now I live life and I listen to whatever song has a nice beat. Fuck that real hip hop meaningfull bullshit..ppl who go out and live life don’t listen to rappers like slaughterhouse lol they listen to people like Wayne, drake, tyga.

    Loosen up, live life more and stop all the I said I was just like most of you. Spending too much time in front of the computer trying to criticize people.

    The music Wayne makes now a days is what ppl listen to. Ppl who go out and live life. People who have fun.

  • ImARealist

    Lil Wayne fell of HARDDD! And who the fuck are these mofos that keep saying weezy da best? Do you get paid or something ? I was a fan before wayne got famous like this. you cant tell me shit! Y’all know Wayne for 2 years and think you’re his biggest fan. y’all just supergay!

  • yoo whats good youngmoney fam its ratchet im finally outta jail. i just did a year over that college park shit but its all resolved now. im tryna get back into the studio. my new number for the iphone is 240 272 3129 hit me up anytime i got hella songs to produce and some tunechi prolly would wanna spit in the booth

  • man dis dat shit you can vibe to

  • fucknewwayne

    this is the gayest song i ever heard.. fuck all this new shit wayne comin out wit.. mack miller garbage as fuck too

  • theg33kBRU

    Wack you know youve lost your flow when i can say i can rap like wayne now and i dont even rap nor do i consider myself good…and everyone waited for a weezy song for a month and this is wat drops? not even his song nigga sucks/ dicks.

  • kanye

    i thought this nigga retired
    nice song to smoke to tho

  • YC27sep

    Danny please type BLOOD NIGGAZ lyrics!

  • YC27sep

    i totally agree @lol i also think the same think..

  • CeeJ

    to anyone trying to call me out for being a hater thats cool but i hope u kno everytime u bring my name up u r paying me attention… so keep payin me. niggas.

    and id also like to point out to little wayne that the majority of the comments on this page… ur page…. cuz we all kno u run this little “”fan” site”… are hate comments. maybe that should tell u to just drop the mic u little nigga cuz ur spittin weak rhymes that are incoherent and unnecessary, what im trying to say is ur not in the game anymore and ur not changing anything like u keep saying ur gonna do so we’re ready for u to leave. (i was ready for u to leave last novemeber but i guess ur bitch ass wanted more time)
    wen u take rock groups or american idol contestants and put them in ur songs thats not new or hip or game changing it seems desperate and cheap. while ur making pop singles with nobodys jz and kanye are making real tracks and eminem is with the og’s killin u and we got newbies in the game like fuckin b.o.b doin those pop singles and doin them better than u!
    so here’s the deal. stop rapping, glue ur lips together, write a track titles “worst rapper alive” dont even record that shit just scan it and make a post so danny can put it on here and we can all go about our lives without a dread rasta nigga bitchin and monnin about the bill collector.
    try not to cry on ur computer when u get to this.

  • YC27sep

    ..and actually people dont know that Wayne is so smart and sensible:)

  • red

    wayne retired i hope you guys know dat…..

  • radomtotheworld

    When Wayne said singing “ain’t that a bitch” he was saying talking about the song from the Carter ain’t that a bitch

  • JayJay

    @lol were on the same shit!

  • Meltunchi

    Wow! Wayne’s verse was on some kickass shit!! I totally felt it!..wonder y dis haters say shit all day bout a winner!!..Wayne Murk’ed it,if u ask me!!

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    people who listen to the radio listen to wayne tyga n drake… who says listening to slaughterhouse and non ym rappers means u dont have a life. get little waynes dick out of ur mouth and maybe you’ll see the light too.

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    las vegas my ass.
    u criticize others for using the internet so i guess that means u just farted and thats how ur comment got on this page.
    hypocritical anne

  • Kay B

    I lvd Weezys verse he murdered mac, bt I honestly thnk tha old Wayne wud hv went harder thn tht. I lv tha track though

  • Jonathan

    Fuck Mac Miller! No DL.

  • wtf


  • wtf

    mac>weezle fuckin babies

  • Kush

    It’s funny how ppl r sayin Kanye and jay z and eminem are makin real tracks….. Lol are u fuckin stupid I haven’t heard eminem drop a song in over a year… And he’s lame as fuck old ass rapper. Sit back and listen to ur old school shit no one listens to anymore or even plays on the radio. Wayne goes hard all day. Fuckin he’s got more talent in his left thumb then most of u lame ass have. And ur sitting in front of a computer wondering how ur gonna pay ur bills. Ur just niggers. Poor livin in poverty thinkin u all for a better flow than Wayne. Lyrics don’t matter he could switch up his faster then any of u. Why u hatin when u don’t got any money even near close what he has? Mac sucked on this song face it he’s done. Wiz is done. Wayne still doing it big. Face him in a rap battle
    He’d murk ur ass. I bet half u ppl on here got no balls to say what ur saying on here to him. So everyone just shut the fuck up. Do u like wasting ur time on a weezy fan get off of it niggas. Go listen to Justin bibber u homos

  • Wayne head

    People are forgettin Wayne is on probation he was a major pothead… Just wait till next year when he gets off!

  • the infamous siege

    haha i love how @lol and @kush think they are any better yet u are hypocriticly saying the exact same thing to other people just not wizzle.

    i been a damn weezy fan since 00 and his shit is just now popin off with pop annies so u think i kno what im talkin bout…


    #wizzlefelloff and tunchi is just a made up word for fag.

  • the infamous CEEJ

    i resent every nigga who has the moto on their ipod.

  • JJ

    I hate when niggas say someone is gay but you know that they get more pussy than u

  • my name is what?

    … u seriously think anyone is seriously jealous that lil wayne is paying hookers for “pussy” or that people dwell on the fact that some fluk ass rapper got rich in famous for saying theyre the best over autotuned out garbage. yea rite get serious.

  • siege

    @liltunchi drop dedication 4
    i need some more autotuned mixtrash / ammo

  • scooty_mofo

    ^ ^

    go cry to your mum, stop bitching and just stop listening coz you sound like my lil sister.

  • YC27sep

    I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, “Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.” Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, “Fuck!” Yeah, nigga, I’m gone. -lil Wayne

  • YC27sep

    ..really am so:(((

  • 1deep


    Eminem and Obie trice dropped a new song called, “Richard” …. I think its an alright song… Marshall did a good job on it…

  • desmond

    Mr Weezy’s next album should name my shit dont stink’d

  • man i hear lighters flickerin everywhere soon as the beat drop

  • guest

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  • i want more song

  • i remember when wayne drop song after song after song but i guess hes not hungry right now so when can he WILL smoke WEED he would be hungry again

  • wayneforlife

    What does it mean when Lil Wayne puts a gun sign up to his head like that? he’s done that in numerous pics. what does it mean???

  • sai seus burros

  • seus indiotas seus bosta , cagão

  • to soando o Lil Wayne tem musica top

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