Maxine Ashley – Hot Thing (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Maxine Ashley Hot Thing Feat Lil Wayne

Check out this new song from Maxine Ashley called “Hot Thing” featuring Lil Wayne, which was produced by Pharrell. You can listen to the record below!

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  • vbbvv


  • Daniel


  • mofoka

    What’s that white thing in his nose ?


    weezy sounds different but I like that sound

  • mattyswizzle
  • jay

    what’s with all this new Wayne music?



  • Rapper turned Singer

    This girl sucks.. Weezy verse was okay, but it didn’t save the song

  • This goes hard as fuck! YMCMB we winning!

  • nak nak

    damn. his shit dont even make sense anymore.. no swag on the verse, he’s barely on time just screamin… useless metaphors. sounds like shit. WHERE ARE YOU WEEZY F BABY!?!?!

  • Jaime

    ^^^^ are you crazy dog ?

    This verse was ill, this is one the first Wayne verses ive liked in a while. Keep this flow Wayne.

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  • Mr. Me

    Average tbh.

  • A billion

    What’s wrong with his voice on this? But I’m glad Wayne stopped being lazy with recording new features.

  • Bang Bang

    I don’t care how his voice sound as long as he not being lazy with his verse. Like if you listen to We Taking Over remix or 6’7 he kill those tracks rapping in a high pitched voice.

    Like I said, I don’t care how his voice is as long as the verse is tight.

  • This sucks, that girl is horrible, I want to hear hot shit weezy, like not a human being 2, this song sucks!!

  • swerve

    thats a uggllyy nigga

  • Weezy flyinstealth!

    Fuck wid it man!

  • bang bang

    Why would weezy do a song with maxine ashley?

  • siege mofo

    fuck dis shit.
    i aint even listen to this pussy niggas song. i did print off the picture on the blog tho and busted a huge nut on it. youre welcome wizzle!

  • siege mofo

    im a blog boy boy im a blog boy got the keyboard and the iphone 4s boy im a blog boy.
    fucking quit wizzle u need to give up ur shits wack as fuck

  • Tony Montana

    Fal ling

    al ling

    dig ging

    dig ging

  • siege mofo

    proof that wizzle cant REALLY freestlye
    nigga is just a acorn waiting to fall off the branch. or a monkey or dog shit or something.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    Such passion you’d expect this sort of reaction from her. Yet, you strong arm.
    You’re fucken corny. You try to turn your charm on. Cuz you just think your bishop, the Don Juan.
    But if you think that your fucken with me, homie your on one.

  • Chris H

    Why are y’all hating on who he does a verse for lol Weezy makes like 100 to 150,000 a verse lol why the fuck would he turn doing a verse down. I wouldn’t give a fuck who I did it for I’d kill the track, and make my 150k. All of y’all talking shit would do the same damn thing so shut the hell up.

  • Thoughtful


    I walked up to her, walked off with her
    These other hoes trash, and Weezy don’t litter
    I told her I’m a rapper, I used to be a killa
    Beat the pussy up, Thrilla and Manilla
    I’m fresh to death, where the casket at
    When she walk watch her booty do the cabbage patch
    Picture me all in it, Yeh Flash and Snap
    I’m outta this world, globe, atlas map
    This is spaceship love, Neptunes on the beat
    I got a priceless flow, but I can show you receipts
    My bich so bad, I’m so stress free
    But she knows i’m a dog, And that’s her pet peeve
    And I, talk to the girl don’t beat around
    She ask me how’s it going and I say it’s going down
    Now Tunechi is the name, Young money on em
    Now this is for me hot thing bubbalicious

    One of the hottest verses we’ve heard from Wayne lately.

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    yea this is such a great verse and so well thought out with rhyming words and rythm and flow and swagger and jamacan accents maan, but let me remind u one thing
    i get pussy
    call that bitch
    triple thret.
    call me nerd boy cuz my glasses get steamy im over hear skeemin trying to kell me a weezy

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • Get readyyy

    Tyga would of been better on this beat….

  • Bruecke

    You can tell this is one of them tracks that is supposed to be catchy.. BUTS IT’S NOT LOLS

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    to answer the question why weezy did a verse with maxine…. HE JUST WANTED TO GET IN HER PANTS


  • B

    fuckin skaters, turnin weezy white, good lyrics tho


    more like fuck lil wayne for turning white, its probably all those white girls he FUCKED(up) thats the reason he’s tryin to be a white boy now or maybe he’s just a sicko like michael jackson
    little wayne chose to skate instead of rap so whose fault is it… bloodz??? whats up slimey sloobs blooka blooka bitch

  • Finally! Pretty decent

  • Real talk 101

    So I saw a story saying Birdman addressing fans saying Wayne fell off well birdman to tell you the truth Idc how many records ya sell he’s still not number 1 music wise in the game. Lil Wayne may I ask where’s your mixtape flows you fucking need them

  • <3 ²°°°°°°°

  • yoooooooooooooooo his fuckin flow is back

  • Slim


  • Cheez in the trap

    Ok not bad compared to recent shit but he is slowly sucking more dick like I still want a mixtape and I swear if I am not a human being II is like what he’s doing recenty I’m done listening to him like I swear this album is hyped too much to blow ass like these songs he’s been putting out recently

  • carolyn

    This song stupid as hell…..

  • Desmond

    Fuck y’ll ..Lil Wayne is the best Hip-hop rapper so far .. “Rapper Eater” Stop complaining about him , he’s the world best Hip-hop Rapper

  • Two_tone

    Kinda sound like the old Wayne alittle

  • 1-10 a 6 why cuz the beat sucks , the girl sound dumb but weezy did much better doe thats y its a 6

  • Eze

    Man wtf yaw tripping all that big Sean n Rick Ross n meek mill yaw listening to did yaw fucking forget that Wayne made it possible for these niggas too rap who changed the fucking game with these weak ass metaphors these niggas be using noW a days how can u compare these new niggas to a nigga who been killing to favorite rappers beats on his mix tape for decades this nigga is the best n will rest well next to tupac n biggie when his time comes but until than I respect everything this man does been my idol since the carter two the only man that can switch his style a million times n it work every time the only man that can rap about Jesus n make us wanna go to church after he had us skateboarding fuck what u haters is saying big Sean n Ricky Ross or kanye or 2chains couldn’t change couldn’t keep up nor be compared im not saying hop on the ban waggin but please show some respect


    change ur face wizzle

  • Wtff get back on you GRIND WEEZY YOU FUKIN PUSSY !!

  • Bang Bang

    This verse was fucking I’ll it remind of when Wayne came out with Carter 1, the voice sounds the same.

  • i dnt give a shit wether this track is wack or what bt im jst glad that weezy f baby is back like 2006-2009

  • he made this weak ass song sound dope with his flow when was the last time you could say that

  • john jackson

    anyone know of a DL for waynes verse?

  • lilme

    honestly this is how you will look like if you sell your soul , god bless yall

  • wake up people y ya aint read the lyrics when wayne said , ” im not alone you can ask her and him too ‘ com on man wats da can some one tell me whats da com nigga homo ass nigga !!!

  • wake up people y ya aint read the lyrics when wayne said , ” im not alone you can ask her and him too ‘ com on man wats da can some one tell me whats da com nigga homo ass nigga

  • ArmyOfThePharaohs
  • siege

    annes be faggin tho


    wayne goes in !

  • Eshall

    AAaaahhhh I’m lovin Wayne’s verse! Can’t stop playing it.

  • real talk 101

    Lil wayne Its time for a mixtape ive seen rick ross drop 2 mixtapes ,french montana droped like 3,Jadakiss just droped one today which by the way you should all check out,but to get back to the point you should drop a killer mixtape and then start promoting I am not a human being 2.Lets recap your last mixtape sorry for the wait was droped around Summer 2011 and as much as it was good We fans have seen better . Augest 29th carter 4 drops yes it drops finallly but now that 2011 is over we need some killer 2012 material i think a mixtape following an album would do it .So weezy please start your grind because so far in 2012 your name is getting buried slowly but its still not to late to come back strong. I just dont want you to be a lost legend or a has been .

  • real talk 101

    And danny please try to find some good material because the songs that have been dropping are not bangers we want bangerz

  • real talk 101

    And weezy verse was ok on this song not great plus the song was horrible and deff not leaving the internet

  • real talk 102

    And weezy verse was ok on this song not great plus the song was horrible and deff not leaving the internet

  • weezy #1 fan

    Please can somone just shoot weezy to save his legacy maybe hell be the next pac

  • weezy #1 fan

    nd real talk yur deffenetly right i cant stand weezys bull shit

  • lil wayne fell

    im done with this nigga weezy please check out the new jadikiss mixtaoe cosignment its hot and fuck weezy real talk i deffenetly feel you weezys career is derailing i think hes a lost legend to be honest. its sad tho but eventually people will catch on and stop supporting him Just like this fansite

  • siege

    i love listening to tigger :} im only white on the outside…. and inside tho. skittles taste of the rainbow ching chong ping pong tyga man spitts stupid words stupid hoes bawk!

  • siege



    =the aftermath…. poor hiphopotatomus

  • lil wayne fell

    Yo watup this is weezy f baby and i dont care im rich i dont need to rap if i dont want to my girl suckin my dick and i skate with my clothes ytou know nigga i made trukfit and dont forget 5boro tatted on my face makes me even cooler . Yea you know its young money cash money i forgot to tell you i forgot how to rap but i learned how to skate im not on attack but in jail i got raped my raps arent fake but im not official im a blood but thats just a diry period cuz nigga we gonna die 2012 dont take it serious

  • lil wayne fell

    Oh sorry its weezy again yea 5boro the name i skate nd get fame everybody lame weezy f is the game im tired im stressed out this rap game all these niggas got they breasts out test out call me a loser but i got more money plus your girl i abuse her


    hahahah its yung mulllaaaa baby hehehehe i dont know how to rap im just a fuckin dum nigga look at me at the top thats my picture im so fuckin dum nd stupid dont be my fan im jsut trying to make money selling shitty music thats how i am in public heheheheeh

  • siege

    blog blog blog
    what a pussy bitch.
    rap or die.

  • Tony Montana

    This nagger got his ears both screwed up

  • Soxman

    Fuck all yol who hating for no reason… Weezy M̶̲̥̅̊öƮн̲̣غْяƒU©kξŘ is the nigga going platinum.. And all yUu stupid rappers yUu’z is just going minimum…

  • soxman

    All yew stupid haters as I meant

  • Wayne was alright, cant wait for i am not a human being 2 and DEVOL

    Listen to us and like our page! were just friends trying to have some fun

  • jc

    damn smh at you all. dude finally releases 2 good songs and all you guys do is hate. y’all expectin too much chill the fuck out. wayne is gettin back. finally.

  • AKO1447

    Ya’ll hatea’s make my stomach hurt. Mad ’cause you aint him, actin like weezy fell off. One question, how many of ya’ll over opionated whine bags got over $100,000,000.00? Exactly none. Do ya thing. B’s up hoes down!!!!!!

  • AKO1447

    damn the more of these bitch ass komments I read the more I understand the meaning of the phrase fuck nigga. everyone of you haten broke ass lossers are some real devils. wayne world wide. he got there by being himself. why do any of you think that man is gonna do or be how any of ya’ll want him to be or do. hey haters make you bitch wash her mouth out befor you kiss her, or you will be suckn his dick

  • AKO1447

    One last thing then I’m out. say it to his face oh es’s right that’s right all ya’ll hatea’s are some cowards tryn to dis some one over the net all ya’ll gay suck a fat babies dick n swallow that shit AKO 1447 DA REZON

  • I mongolia good man.I you pan

  • Marc

    Dude whoever says this verse is no good or has no good metaphors is fucking retarded. If anything, this verse makes more sense than half of his verses released in the past 3 months. “I got a priceless flow, but I could show you receipts.” How the fuck is that NOT logical or even amazing for a line? Stop tripping and try appreciating his fucking verses, he probably made this verse in like a half hour ever think of that you douche bags? Weezy’s one of the most dedicated rappers in the game he’s literally fucking everywhere, prob one of the smartest rappers in the game ppl he just doesnt get credit for it. just wait til his next 4 albums come out 🙂

  • Sheena

    Hate the old test ment stay out my new testment work with me in my present towards our futuretreat me lovely

  • i love bubbalicious and lollipop campare to this girl she be a dweeb for lil wayne

  • and that rap was hot as he is

  • and i love hes busy thinking bout a girl he actually likes

  • lil wayne loves me like a stripper and calls me a virgin on the pole

  • really hot i thought fuck u if you dont like it

  • clankiPad

    Great song

  • hornyholic

    HoT ThanG

    weezyy babyy