Eric Benet – Redbone Girl (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Eric Benet Redbone Girl Feat Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne told us he recorded a verse for an Eric Benet song earlier this year, now here is that collaboration! The track is called “Redbone Girl” and can be found on Eric‘s The One album, available in stores on June 5th. You can listen to this smooth record below:

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  • John Thompson

    Wayne With Benet ? OMG

  • tune

    FIST 😀

  • tune

    i mean … second =)))

  • Diego_Boiii

    His Verse Wasnt dat bad but i cant be bumpin shit like this haha wtf

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  • This verse go hard he got his flow back and his swagg weezy is coming back trust me YMCMB

  • Love live life

    Nice verse but not sure about his voice

  • My City

    Lyrics Were Corny 🙁



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  • uhhh

    who the kid in the pic danny ??

  • love me or hate me

    chilled out track for a strange collabo

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  • Clankipad


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  • WeezyFannnn

    Ya’ll are so whack. If wayne does a good verse everyone says he’s back, and if he doesn’t ya’ll say he fell off… so dumbbb.

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  • wiggum52

    Don’t really like it but besides that anyone kno what song Wayne says gun up in your face and that’s all you can come up with its killing me I’ve been looking it up I found it was originally a Jay-z lyric but besides that I can’t find it I’m guessing one of his mixtapes like the carter 2 part 2 but Idk anyone know

  • BB

    I like the lyrics and all, but in the beginning he doesn’t really seem to be in sync with the beat

  • YunG based god

    wayne is such a piece of garbage. god i hate this fool please retire already

  • ronnie

    Limp Bizkit feat. Lil Wayne – Ready To Go

  • Song sucks,Wayne please rap hard and put out good songs.. Fuckkkk so disappointed in u rigg now wit ur lack of effort lately

  • YunG based god

    this guy is so fake. he raps about weed, drugs, or being high in EVERY verse. god just keep it real everyone knows you’re on probation. I can’t believe i used to be such a big fan of someone so fake

  • dope

    :@wiggum52 the song is called 1 king on the dedicatin 1

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    nother shit song. “i go so hard they call me go so hard” (slack voice)

  • Jay-tee

    I cn get on everibodys trck ht dat bitch wit wayne train

  • Bones

    What is up with is voice? Cant listen to this, it hurts my ears. so high pitched. DAMN! Give me c2 – c3 era flow

  • Reezy

    Everytime there’s a new song on this website, first of all i look at the comments, all i read is he fell off n shit… I really get disappointed , i hope his ianahb2 album is dope! Coz in his recent collabos he ddnt go hard honestly. WAYNE im waitin for that weezy who used to stay in the studio for 17hours and say MUSIC is his life!

  • fuckwizzle

    nigger sounds like a fucking baby bitch.
    love live life, shit is so weak, hang it up till ur balls drop. hiphop dont need another white man loving nigger we can see thru u mr. mob… HA
    its 2012 and this is all he can do, he aint changin nothing he’s diegressing

  • Great song
    The instrumental is dope

  • Weezy yu still my favorite rapper but yu need to go back to the drought 3 flow or carter 3 flow no more auto tune

  • Rachel

    That was fun


  • Noddy

    Will there be a music visual?

  • hey where was your tatoos did they dissappear or something

  • jc

    not gonna lie i am a huge wayne fan and was gettin tired of his weak songs like on sorry 4 the wait and a lot of carter 4 but lately he has been comin out with some decent stuff, at least his verses anyway. Eminem took awhile to get back after he was sober and it seems wayne is makin his way back. he’s becoming a little more creative that he was on carter 4. he’s not back to weezy yet but its an improvement

  • jc

    @ fuckwizzle what are you talkin about dude? wayne is a little more mature than he used to be. if you really think that then you should read up on Jay-Z, moron. he doesnt talk about the same stuff anymore because he doesnt live that life anymore. there comes a time when everyone grows up it seems you have a long way to go

  • Wayne lost hip hop

    Wayne come on ninja, you losing fans by the thousands, you need to drop sitting new that’s good our i’m gone too, been a fan seince you were 13, I own every offical mixtape and CD, but now you’re a fuckin joke,

  • Wayne lost hip hop

    Lil Wayne= fake ass rapper
    Tunechi= a fake ass rapper that cant even put on a tight flow
    weezy f. Baby= missing seince 2007
    Dwayne Michael Carter= a wannabee rap legend that played everyone of his tru fans, fuck Lil Wayne……. Anyone agree?

  • Tunechis verse went hard idc what anybody says! YMCMB we winning!

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  • Jay

    @ Wayne lost hip hop nugga STFU ! You don’t know what TF ! You talking about & no . . . No one agrees with you stupid ASS !

  • Patrina Michelle

    What a fun collaboration! Be sure to check out the official video for the first single Real Love – – on The One – coming June 5th – preorder on Amazon today –

  • basu.regar.5.facebook

    i love ü lil wayne…..! I like ur music….! hey my name is basu i am 16years old boy from india.heart for lil wayne <3

  • dmxisback


  • Wtf wayne

    Sounded like straight shit