Future – Turn On The Lights (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Future Turn On The Lights Remix Feat Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne assists Future on the official remix to his “Turn On The Lights” single, which will appear on Future‘s upcoming Pluto 3D project. You can listen to the song after the jump below, courtesy of X.

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  • Ollie

    Such a tune!

  • WeezyKB24

    Killed it

  • d4 hoe

    god damn why does future sound retarded on every song

  • thaRealtoomchi

    First in dis bicth



  • 1st! Sick ass verse 2 bitches.

  • tune is back

    this song brings back memories when we used to always get remixes by wayne and they weren’t just rap verses… man of the year, i can be your man, this girl

  • Young Jackson

    Wayne you doing mega…you are the best.and its wow

  • SWJR


  • Wayne you doing great guys.its mega

  • Remix baby

    Wayne been killing everything lately

    Remix baby is back

  • Quelraw

    this is hard that nigga said tell her im straight I aint got no worries no frank ocean im straight

  • d4

    goodjob tunechi

  • Weezy F Baby

    “But we been fuckin way before I went to Rikers Island and now she got a man, I think he gayer than a stylist”

  • d4

    i missed this kind of songs from weezy..

  • d4

    i missed this kind of songs from weezy

  • flex

    need that explicit version….

  • Human

    Shots @ Frank Ocean??

  • sad

    will there be a video ??

  • this dat carter 3 wayne t wayne type shit i fucks wit it

  • Remix King IS BACK

    Wow this that 2008 flow by Weezy 😮 I wonder what remix he will do next?

  • young mula babyyy

    i missed this type of song, we been waiting for a song like this for a good few years now

  • 007

    wayne did it on this song and i think this type of autotune sounds great with wayne’s voice

  • lolololol

    no1 gonna be saying “no homo” anymore…..its “no frank ocean” from now on lmfao


    i enjoyed waynes verse 😀

  • Bassel Hazimeh

    wayne killed it

  • Alkiuris

    Daaam dis is hot …..even wit dat other guys annoying voice on it…C3 wayne is back

  • Duke-Meister

    Shots @ Frank Ocean.. Sick ass verse I gotta say..

  • Yay thank you for this remix!!!

  • 4peat


    I can’t lie I used to hate autotune when it first came out but I started to miss it over the years.

  • After 2011’s weak year by wayne his exploding again this year been killing shit since about may this year (exception to “My Homies Still” don’t get me wrong it was good but not great). When Wayne starts using Autotune like that, then ya’ll know his in that killing shit mood again!!!!

  • Tunechi killed

    Damn weezy snapped damn

  • lil wayne make the auto tune good n fresh n he is the best of auto tune next t-pain n he up their with big 2pac wayne is our new 2pac n keep spiting fire your the best n a super gr8 artist nobody work like you n best rapper alive!!! young mula trukfit sk8 bording whteva im blk person how his been listen to you every sense i was a lil kid n im 19 still listening to you your the best rapper alive eva im gone n want nobody eva do remix’s like you wayne best eva

  • Yuck!

    Dope track

  • C.

    Crazy … this does bring back the good ol’ days of Weezy F. remixes. Any one else feel it too?

  • d4

    for sure C.

  • ana
  • hell yeah! we got Wayne back! check out this url to see what Weezy inspired!!!!

  • smoke

    smokebeatz im no professional but love the beatz

  • Sizzurp

    wayne has een spittin some real shit recently. and i said ages ago a bet he releases D4 when hes smoking again and it seems hes sippin and amokin. even tho the sippin and smoking aint healthy, it sure is for us listeners cause Wayne raps better. haha. miased the auto tune wayne too like on D3

  • JthatTRILLdawgG

    wayne the truth man. all I really listen to. keep it coming homie.

  • d4

    wayne hottest mc ever, pause

  • Ericsaiz

    Wayne you are a fuckin beast i don’t care what anyone says you are the best rapper alive and you will always be the best. You have been going ham in everything D4 is fuckin sick and so is this remix killed it ma nigga you are a G and i respect you. Keep it up tunchi

  • d4

    yo Danny M, what you say does weezy smoke this days? even when he is on probation for 3 years?

  • Lilduke1

    A taste of dat old weezy..shit go hard!

  • MrD4

    Wayne killed it for reaaaaaal Damn let me tell em weezy’s back! ahahah Real shit

  • Chimobi

    Tunechi killed it

  • MrD4

    it sounds like he used that sizzurrrrrppp my Nigga Wayne! haha you made this song!!!

  • Mac Miller

    I Love Weezy F #NoFranckOcean

  • Julian

    no haters on this one keep rapping like this Wayne and hold your spot as best rapper alive

  • d4


  • tony_montana

    Uuhhmm…s0 this boy killed it!

  • Damn, Wayne killed it

  • slip

    I ain’t go no worries, no frank ocean I’m straight Hahahaha waynes too good

  • no1tunefan4life

    Tunechi killed this, ” shawty down to earth but i need my space” , turn on the lights, bandz a make he dance, stunttin like my daddy and work hard play hard have been killed ad buried but the best rapper alive !!!!!!

  • no1tunefan4life

    bon stunna * not stunntin like my daddy :/

  • fuke

  • me, LT

    Waynes so artistic lately i think he is really feelin what he is doind again, although he spends more time on a skateboard than in the studio. however he is killin every song he was on

  • me, LT

    2011 wasnt that bad imo. u got s4tw, u got im on one verse which is amazing to me and plenty other stuff but right it wasnt his best year and on c4 his flow is weird … to slow and just not weezy, the lyrics are good though
    2012: lock him up for murder

  • Philly C

    The verse was good, i just wish wayne had put a little bit more energy into his verse but thats just me !

  • YWeeZY47

    i need the dirty version plz

  • young dopey

    Same Damn Tune/Weezy. Keep It Up

  • YungGod

    Damn he did kill it. I do like these type of songs from wayne. Like “I can take your girl, Brand New, etc I hope the remixes keep coming…but We all know he isnt because of skateboarding >.< He should take a break from skateboarding and make more songs!

    Btw Does anyone know if theres a Dirty Version of "Champions" Did it ever come out?

  • D4Bitch

    Tune need to get locked up for murder cause he stay killing these beats

  • daReal214

    This shit go hard!! Dirty version plz..

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    Sounded like 2009 Wayne…I liked it

  • cruza_

    Im impressed, lil wayne finally not being a lazy fuck and actually making good music.

  • Michael Ross

    Lil Wayne/ Weezy/ Tunechi. I don’t give a fuck which persona he uses, he needs to ALWAYS use auto tune with them.

  • Travis
  • tunechii

    yo check this out, weezy extended verse for turn on the lights

  • Wayne came out with a full remix… I’m just to damn lazy and stupid to put it up for you guys tonight.

  • wzy

    Wayne sounds incredible with autotune !
    I just hope he’s going to maintain this flow , cause he was wack as fuck lately !

  • Iceray

    I enjoy every verse of the song,lil wayne you killing it over and over!

  • Dick riders.

    In 2005 people said “i hate this how hes flowing on this mixtape(Suffix). I wish Wayne would go back to SQ mixtape style”

    In 2008/2009 people said “I hate this raspy voice, autotune singing bullshit. I wish Wayne would go back to drought 3 style”

    In 2012 you people are now saying “I hate this voice and rapping style(which happens to be Wayne’s REAL voice, no drugs), I wish he would go back to the raspy voice and autotune”

    People are unreal.

  • vodafon

    this takes me back from 06-08 weezy flow

  • WEEZY BACK !!!!!!


    This is how we know WEEZY IS BACK

    1. AUTOTUNE 😉
    3. HE IS BACK JUST MAKING AND RELEASING SONGS WHEN EVER (I.E his version of Turn on the lights)


  • Poppin

    I agree with that ^ only thing is I could see hoe ppl get annoyed by weezys auto tune..if he uses a lil bit its good too much and he sound fuckin gay. The way he says “I LOVE HITTIN YO BITCH LIKE A LUCKY 7” or “Money aint shit to me”..i think Wayne sounds fuckin raw in that song how many times he changes his voice and flow..another classic weezy verse is “Bottles and Rockin J’s” he sound sick in that too..I knew he was gunna say “syrrruup” instead of swerve on Mercy. Overall weezy is killing the game but all my friends hate him or think hes just alright which is crazy,I cant argue wit weezy haterz the things he says how can you think its complete garbage??? I dont get that

  • benz

    “come and eat this bone stop eating that dog food”

  • Wardo
  • me, LT

    whats that full remix everybody is talkin bout? where can i listen to it?


    @me, LT

    Type in on youtube Lil wayne – Turn on the lights (freestyle)

  • There’s two sides to your story.I’mWaiting

  • shawty

    Is there a full dirty version of this one? I like this one better than the newer Turn on the lights remix by Wayne. The new one doesn’t even have Future’s verse or anything and mostly different Lil Wayne verses.


    Lil waynee always kill shit:)

  • J Swagg

    I like all 3 versions. Future’s original version, Future and Wayne’s remix, and Wayne’s version. But I like this one WAAAAAAAAY more than just Future or just Wayne.

  • this song go hard it always gives me chills TUNECHI-4-LIFE WE STAY ON PLUTO:):)