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Lil Wayne Gets “Baked” Tattoo On Forehead

Wed, Jan 2, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Gets Baked Tattoo On Forehead

Lil Wayne recently got a new tattoo on his forehead that reads “Baked“. The tattoo is a logo from Baker Skateboards, which is a skateboarding company. I guess this tatt shows exactly how serious Weezy F Baby is with skating!

I have also added some other recent tattoos that Tunechi has tattooed on his face after the jump below. You may have never seen these tatts before, but if you follow LilWayneHQ on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, then you already should know about them.

Lil Wayne 5 Boro Face Tattoo
“5 Boro” logo tattoo.

Lil Wayne 5 Strike & Cloud Face Tattoo
“5 Strike” and “Cloud” tattoo.

Lil Wayne Imperfect Face Tattoo
“Imperfect” tattoo.

Lil Wayne Trukfit Tommy Face Tattoo
TRUKFIT “Tommy” logo tattoo.

Click here to view more Lil Wayne tattoos!

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  • Weezy F Maybe


  • trick

    he done took this tattoo game and skateboarding shit too far now

  • Mike w

    First!#the netherlands #purmerend

  • Goonz

    Looks dumb.

    Good job Wayne wears hats all the time so he can cover it up.

  • wow that’s a lot of tattoo

  • respect

    he had to get this on his face cuz he has no more room left on his body lol

  • SMFH!!!

    1st Birdman got those red starts
    Then Gucci Mane got that ice cream face tatt
    Then Soulja got that Gucci tatt
    Now Weey gets this retarded thing on his face

  • shame

    tunechie done lost his mind

  • bitches love me

    he must of got paid to get this tattoo done

    its a dope tatt but a stupid place to put it

    he should be putting young money logo on his face

    not a damn skate company

  • morriskalb

    cmon wayne NO just NO !! :/

  • Kash

    What if he lost a skate boarding bet and had to get that tattoo



  • i ain’t got no worries

    if you aint got the money like wayne then dont even think about copying him by getting a forehead tattoo

  • chris__




  • jason

    the fact that you call yourself “tony hawk” makes me shake my head. dumbass ^^


    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! big deal wayne got another facial tatt. we’re soooo shocked lets all make a big deal over it as if he doesnt have a billion tattoo’s already or as if its going to affect our lives. -____-

  • jackie

    ummm its wayne……. why so surprised?

  • milly___millz

    lmao at people worried about what another person esp. a famous multi-millionaire does to his face. wayne is one of the few people who can do shit like this because he doesnt have to fill out job apps. unlike some of the dumbasses who copy him and still live in the real world. lol

  • oh no… please

  • the weed man

    wayne wear trukfit hats so much we’ll probably barely even see it hahaha

  • eric

    its dope but i think he got in in a odd place. but then again he has nomore room on his body so *shrug* lol

  • Surpp

    OMG! Luv it

  • patrick(lakers fan)

    @milly_millz soooo true! lol i be seeing fools at bus stops with tatts allover the face lol

  • janis_marie25

    -___- wayne been getting tattoo’s since he was 15 i believe. so im not understanding why yall so shocked he has this! i mean like someone already said, he doesnt have anywhere else to put it lol. anyway when ya got bread and fame shit like this isnt that big of a deal

  • #504


  • EshoHer0

    @EshoHer0. Follow. Nice tat by da way

  • devin-m

    @jackie & @shawn= right ! lol
    @milly_millz = your right about that bro. i’ve seen some wayne copy cats everywhere. only thing is them niggas work at popeyes l-o-l

  • tyga’s hariline

    @#504 i think you’re right. the pic does like mighty close

  • bobby

    @chris_ preaccccchhh

  • dontae p-town

    when yall gon’ learn wayne dont give a fuck ? i mean new year and yall still want dude to be who YALL want him to be, or do what yall want him to do . smh lmao

  • yo mama

    well he didnt have too many options to put that bitch somewhere-else . whateva…….. danny any news on when that video with 2 chainz drops?

  • bryce

    HE’S RICH AND ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE DAMN WORLD. in a few weeks people wont care nor will it make a difference in his apperence. people mostly know wayne because of his tattoo’s anyway

  • y u mad though?

    @donatep-town exactly. wayne shows he dont gaf about people opinions on anything he does, yet they still cry. me personally i’ll never tatt my face but wayne is in a different lane than the average joe so i guess it works for him

    @chris_ true

  • HC


  • 17TH WARD

    @#504 ,@jackie, @donate p-town, @janis_marie =i agree on all points

  • monique

    but wayne wear hats so much, so it’ll be covered 80% the timeswe see him 0__o

  • upt nigga 4 life

    welllllll atleast it aint a ice cream cone or a gucci logo. lmfaooooooooo

  • -__-

    i never thought 5 letters on someone else skin can mean so much to other people -__-

  • omarion’s dance teacher

    LMAO @-__- & @uptnigga4life

  • mikey_lbc

    lol @upt nigga 4 life

  • Think he got that cuz he b shroomin all the time now. Super BAKED on that No WoRRies video.

  • kush & drank

    he got that cause he smoking weed again lol nigga that we dont know. shiiid i be “baked” too lol

  • dat girl deb…

    TOO FUNNY AND TRUE @uptnigga4life @kush&drank i think you right i saw him in the club with drake and somebody was passing him the blunt lol

  • stacey_/ LA

    wait danny when does wayne probation end?

  • truth is……….

    wayne can get all that shit removed tomorrow if he wanted to. when he decided he tired of it he got the money to go get it all lasered off. the broke dumbasses who copy him on the other hand are fucked!!! lmfao

  • That looks fucking dumb. ANY face tattoo looks fucking dumb, not ‘gangster’


    what an ugly ass nigger.

  • Boola

    I feel like slapping this guy so hard that I end up scratching his face off. 😀

  • too much of em relax now mann that shit aint dope…don change tha weezy f baby look..

  • dank

    Wayne’s been getting baked since he was a kid. He didn’t get it to represent the skateboard company….. he got it to represent what the company reps. WHICH IS GETTING BAKED!!!

  • Savaq3

    Wats Wrong With His Ear ?

  • ttjunior

    I love Wayne, but his last tattoos are shitty.. That smile, cloud, Imperfec tattoos are wack.

  • this looks very shit

  • Andretti

    He should have stopped getting them a long time ago. Now he looks dumb, like Souljaboy.

  • Gman


  • zer0

    cmon wayne no more face tattoos and especially on the 4head :\


    this is what that hideous monster does with all the money he gets for his “musik” die slow dwayne ur a piece of trash who hasnt done a good thing for anybody ever…. im saying we put him back in jail and never free weezy.

  • Mitha

    Tunechi is so bad ass, love him!

  • akram

    damn that nigga ugly as shit

  • Eshall

    Damn Tune! You must LOVE tats!

  • Ed!

    Wayne !!! I like that meeeeeen!

  • Ed!

    Tadded uppppp

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  • Peats

    Its wanye he can do pretty much any shit he wants to do, nic tat

  • wooow i like this new tatto in his fave BAKED very pretty tunechi 🙂

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  • Pia

    I love weezys tattoos

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  • fuckin tattoe at a fucken fuckin wrong part man, that shit looks cool, but not in the face, come on Tunechi!!


    WTF is wrong with him…fix your fucking hair or shave it off! You look like a poor african from africa…you should get a fly tattooed on your eyeball.

  • yoo tha time his 40 he will b full of tats

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  • NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!! cmon weezy plis stop with tats….

  • dehydrated migraine wayne

    I hope that sucka mc get ink poisoning

  • Ed!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!!

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  • Gsja

    I thought wayne looked with the tears and even the c and the cross between hiseyebrows

    But everything since the frankenstein tattoo ( thecrack on his forehead)
    Is just too fucking much

    He doesnt even look human anymore
    Let him do him
    But at the end of the day this nigguh got kids what the hell are they supossed think about daddy looking ridiculius like this ?

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Are you serious… Like really? I knew Wayne is very passionate about skateboarding and all that but enough is enough. Like I’m a HUGE Wayne fan, always has been. But I can’t be the only one who sits in disgust as people continue to make fun of Wayne for stupid stuff he does… Like honestly, when he wore those, “Jeggings” at the VMA’s I just knew people were gonna come for Wayne. I mean not like he cares but it gets annoying to see people hate on Wayne but never bothered to really listen to his music, not just his radio songs. It feels like the jeggings incident was like what really set it off as far as people finding a new thing to hate on Wayne for… And this… Like this is ridiculous. I totally love how Wayne is tatted up and all that but this one is awful, like couldn’t he have picked any better placement then his forehead!?! *Sighhh*
    Anyways Peace. Truk Da World.
    – @BiggDaddyRIce


    ur are stupid if u think people really care about wizzle’s gay fashion obsession… people put up with faggots (yes homosexuals) and freak – o devil worshipers… what people are really upset over is little dwaynes terrible influence on the youth so when he does some fag shit people can roast it and it cuts him deeper than saying his music sucks because when u do that apparently he just goes and makes worse music. little rice you really are a little man, you need to wake up and realize that people like dwayne make the world a worse place for your children and perpetuate a hateful and ignorant culture.
    fuck little wayne


    ps. ur twitter has 3 followers so dont even responde to me u stupid fucking idiot loser low life. get off twitter you fat old man and get on a diet.

    and little wayne DIE!

  • Do you remember when we all just to say,
    that some artists will get this or that tattooed on their forehead if they will get paid well i can just say that even this mega star can get afforded…..


  • ha!!!

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    too true. not only did wizzle forget where he came from or what made him famous (putting out decent music on a regular and routine basis) he’s forgotten where he was fucking 3 years ago and what people have said to him in the form of advice. he isnt kidding when he says he’s a dead man walking or that he’s sold his soul to the devil… i hope every album is a flop and he needs to put out a public recall for best rapper alive because i can name 5 better rappers and i only listen to one.

  • Michael

    Keep it up bro,you the bestm Young mulla baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Club

    Tatts everywhere even his ears

  • Guaop

    priceless face

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  • @Danny where the Rich As Fuck Post? Gudda Gudda just posted the track on Facebook. Must say that first Verse is fucking crazy.

  • Weeezy flystealth


  • Wayne the sandman! NEW name for him lol he went innnnnnn on rich as fuck !!

    Weezy flystealth

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  • daReal214

    That “Rich As Fuck” song just leaked

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  • Damn wayne want in on rich as fuck damnnn my favorite rapper kill that shit n punchlineswas to crazy damn tunechi young tunechi all my niqqa look rich as fuck

  • Don

    R.A.F. He Killed It Man To Cold

  • Tunererr

    rich as fuck is leaked 1 hr before where ya post at Danny boy

  • Andretti

    Wayne fell off flow wise. RAF sounds ass.

  • supaidiot

    I just hope this loser is dead and gone before i bring kids into this world.
    If my son walks in the house with metal all in his face tats everywhere, cheetah pants, hollister t shirt and a truckfit hat ( wtf you cant skate on a beach, ppl look like a mall trash can walking around with their parentsmoney on em)
    Talking about runnin trains and smokin blunts.
    Ima smack his teeth down his throat and sqaure up with him, teach him what a real man looks like

  • Truk Tha Wurl

    Hey Danny Wheres The R.A.F (Rich As Fuck) Post, I Hear Its Out………………

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  • ESHA


  • MrNinoBrown

    I’m a really big fan of you Wayne maybe one of the biggest but now it becomes stupid with all these stupid tattoos for reaaaaal. We know you are rich and you don’t give a fuck but stop you don’t need this!!! Anyway I heard RAF and i think Bitches loves me was much better but it is also cool even if the lyrics are still about pussy money and pussy. “R.I.P Rest In Pussy”

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  • Detail

    look me in my face I aint got no worries… Little Wayne Mr. Tattoo The King Of Tattoos…Well Well Well

  • its a siege when u cant even trust ur friends…

    why would gudda leak a new single before it hits itunes and on a day of the week that singles dont drop… and why did he make a cameo in no worries when he isnt on the song…. i dont think wizzle has his label in check or perhaps he just does not want to produce records in a respectable way… ive said it before shady records tends to release music with the videos whereas dwizzle has zero coordination with his production. i hate everything about little wayne

  • wayne killed that raf

  • Michael

    ^^^^40 things you didn’t know about lil wayne. Just came out today, you’ll find out a lot about Lil wayne you didn’t know

  • Kremajr

    That rich as fuck track is garbage,ths niggaz stl sleepin in studio

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  • SmartDude

    you guys don,t getit, tunechi promotes these skatebrands by tatting the names on his face and they pay him for the shit just like he,s promoting mountain dew and his collaboration with supra you got comment on literally every single thing he does but you don,t grasp that he takes major profit of every single thing he does plus he gets all his skateboards for free XD

  • fucktunchi

    1 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    2 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    3 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    4 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    5 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    6 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    7 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    8 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    9 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    10 “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future)
    milli times billi “Good Kush & Alcohol(Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future).
    infinty^infinity “Good Kush & Alcohol(Bitches Love Me)” (featuring Drake & Future).

  • Danny your late bro. Rich as fuck is already ben out for a day on youtube and you still havent posted it up

  • Operator when are you gonna post Rich as fuck ? Because its out for a while..

  • Surpp

    Rich As FUck Nigga

  • Barclay

    Danny saw that tattoo and said phuck that, ain’t posting shit for this dude lookin like someone stamped block letters on his head lmao DANNY GET BACK, they released R A F and Justin beiber ft lil wayne “backpack” went live today, I got that exclusive!!!!!

  • you stupid FUKS negga u guys dont understand DANNY dont post LEAK SHIT UP IN THIS WEB STIE so dats why RICH AS FUK isnt on here

  • katy

    ughh I’ve never really liked many of Wayne’s tatts. Personally I would never put a brand name/logo or other advertisement on my body…just seems tacky. And to put that on your forehead…big distraction from your actual facial features

  • Barclay

    ^^^^ sorry, I don’t speak butchered english, what’s with all the misspellings and grammar mistakes? This motherfucker right here have a hard time spelling G.E.D hahaha go breast feed, u dumb hillbilly lol

    shiittt Rich As Fuck is GREAT !!!!!

  • yallSTUPID

    Who ever said that baker skateboards is paying wayne for the tattoo on his for head…
    You sooooo dumb.
    Baker wouldnt give that idiot a cent for that. They wouldnt associate themselves in a business manor with someone that talks about killing and adultery and flat out doing coke and saling coke
    Mountain dew will, because mountain dew is a shameless monster organization, whos founders that actually worked hard to do something are dead and gone… so they rock with wayne because the owners now are probably as souless and greedy as wayne.
    Baker though… its creators are still alive, and still have it well in their mind that hard work and good attitudes take you places, and to always promote healthy values to the young urban kids of all color
    Thats what skateboarding is about
    Thats what any sport is about in its early stages…
    Wayne wanna see every kid in america jobless drug addicts riddled with stds and child support and stamped all over with tats so even mcdonalds managrr wont hire em


    some of you people give me hope, seeing comments about the negative things wizzle is doing reminds me that other people in this world are willing to speak out for what is right… however the majority of the comments and posts i read make me want to walk outside and slit black people’s throats.

  • iaintracist

    Im not racist. White kids are a part of the problem too. Im glad when i turnes 17 i put down my drought 3 and dedication two and grew a pair and got a job and contributed to society. Us americans, think we have it so good
    You know what the world sees?
    A bunch of mindless useless greedy drones
    Hell itll all pay off though
    When im 40 to 50 years old. Physically fit, financially stable, retired and living a good life i worked for like human beings are supposed to do
    And yall are laying up in a hospital bed with aids, lunge cancer, or a gunshot wound

    All because you didnt put down the childish things like god tells you to when you become of age.
    You wanna be wayne
    Watch what your childrens gonna wanna be….


    look at eminem then look at dwizzle da birdjew drizzy snake nigger minaj and rozay… see why im racist or are u just blind…. race has more to do with it than u (non mindless drone) may think(.)


    but i will say there are far too many white fuckboys running around


  • so intellegent (just keep ur mouth shut)

    …and thats all u have to say for yourself
    “nigga rich as fuck nigga oggity boggity”

  • ana
  • TTkilla

    Look a siege and look at us man all my nigga look rich as fuck #TeamWeezy

  • look at you n’ look at him..mann this nigga look rich as fuck…

  • mannn..even thoo wayne u rich as fuck stop with all this hater-haters music…making this music jus shows how haters are shakin ur soul…jus do ur thing correct n’ its like u forgot where u came from with the change of swagg n’ style…even thoo u own trukfit u don have to keep wearing that all time…u can always pay other celebrities to advertise…jus be legendary dawg… from where u ar comin from u deserve legendary status…stop with tha dick/pussy/shitty music…u gaat b schooling and teaching a’ll this new rap fucks how it go…jus b lil wayne not tunechi…

  • jus be like jay z…be chilled with no worries…coz u gaat hating worry..


    congrats ur an insulting blogger. now grow up.

  • Dunn

    1st of all, all you dumb fucks who are comin here talkin shit need to realize that you on a mutha fuckin lil wayne site. if u hate this nigga then y are you here on this site talkin all that shit? i’ll tell you why, because yall spend ur whole lives hatin on ppl who do much better in life than you. yall bitches sayin that RAF was shit? you obviously need a hardcore lesson in wordplay cuz yall sum dumb fucks for real. he killed that shit better than anybody out there could. another thing, why the fuck do you care about wat the fuck he gets tatted on his body? its his fuckin body! by the way baked also means high, im sure a fuckin skateboard brand isnt the only reason y he got this tat, yall bitches just love hatin over the dumbest shit for real

  • 3peat

    R.A.F has dropped, slacking.

  • Zeca

    Information: the only singles off IMNHB2 are no worries and R.A.F, my homies still is just promotional, and bitches love me is maybe a bunos on the album!

  • xxx

    fuk u haters quit preaching you faggots no one gives a shit bout your opinions if you aint satisfied wit wayne now then lsiten to somebody you enjoy and go get a life foreal


    take ur own advice bitch.
    ianahb=major disappointment
    fuck little wayne and anybody thats him

  • MiMi

    When r u all u people who who claim 2 get lil Wayne but will still say his tatts r wack gonna actually get it!!!! He is on a DIFFERENT LEVEL 2 anyone!! Don’t get it twisted he don’t think he’s better den nobody but he does his thing…why?!?!!…because HE CAN!! Lil Wayne is a bad man!! I love wat he represents and his mentality! He ain’t dumb! Do u think he cares what anyone says or thinks! He will hear u but don’t mean he’s listening!! Keep following da hype!! Look forward 2 seein tunechi in Dam in march! Love ur new tattoo and love u!!! One day Mr carter I would love 2 have time wit u…one day!! Lol xxx

  • idiots

    Somebody said wayne killed it on r.a.f like no one else could…
    i can name a douzin people that will mirk wayne in every aspect of rap music… lol and half of em freshmen hahahahahaha
    Let me see- we will give this list two names
    1.whos better than wayne right now list
    2. Your map to getting off the sinking wayne ship list
    So here it goes
    Jay z
    Asap rocky
    Kendrick lamar
    Lloyd banks
    Juelz santana
    J cole
    Joe budden
    Royce 59
    Must i continue

  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    Raf is out Danny

  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    My Nigga wayne said “6 feet deep dick shovel in the dirt R.I.P. rest in pussy”! R.A.F. ! Leaked boii !

  • tunechi

    /watch?v=1mcGQHWPw-Q Lil Wayne — Rich As Fuck (feat. 2 Chainz) (good quality)


  • Genna

    Amazing this, love him <3

  • Titunechi

    tattoos on life

  • thasouth4lyfe

    @ jackie & shawn both of u are rite

    @ milly_ millz : u deff right imma nurse i see alot of pple with stupid tattoos on there face’s then thay ask me can u hook me up witta job nahh buddy i also do philbotamy to pple need to think twice about wea thay put tatts on there body and stop worring about wea weezy puts his i got 34 tattoos and i gotta cover everyday and night b4 i go to work .

  • not looking so good. wayne at least cover his body through these tattoos

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  • sOME FOO

    He is a Multi – Millionaire, he doesn’t have to give a fuck..

  • Shit smells Greatt!

    Who really gives a f*@!, baked, bowels, ballls, pusssy,dick-hole AIDS, shit he can even get 666 on his forehead,,, shit, as long as it aint me getting dumb shit on my forehead, then it don’t bother me a bit. Hey little Wayne, just don’t get 666,,, that shit is a straight ticket to perdition… Getting 666 on ur forehead is never worth it. Fo real.

  • bratalian

    he should have never got those tatoos its a sin

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  • DatPimp

    Holy smoke!
    My IQ fell 20 points after attempting to dysipher comments that seem to be written in public education English.