Lil Wayne Attends The 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood [Pictures]

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Lil Wayne Attends 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood

On February 28th, Lil Wayne attended the 15th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards at Avalon Hollywood in California with Marley G, Braydon Szafranski, and Brandon Biebel. The skate awards event, which was presented by New Era, is held every year to recognize and honor the top skaters of that year.

You can view more photos of Weezy F Baby after the jump below.

Lil Wayne Attends 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood

Lil Wayne Attends 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood

Lil Wayne Attends 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood

Lil Wayne Attends 2013 TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards In Hollywood
He is hard to spot in this photo, but Tune is 5 rows back with the orange sunglasses.

Pics via by Shigeo and Blair Alley

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  • Wayne is Great


  • hoe!

    has the european tour been cancelled ???

  • First 🙂 Fuck You ALl

  • YunG based god

    that g shock weezy rockin is dope

  • bad decisions

    i can find him in the last pic lol

  • bad decisions

    @tomy u failed ^^

  • Ray-N

    Yo look how gay Wayne looks hanging around with these “skaters”. Even Marley G dn’t look like a gangsta anymore, he look soft. The old Wayne would never be seen hanging around with old scruffy white dudes with face tattoos….

  • Cortez Bryant

    The good news is the tracklist is dropping tomorrow.

    The bad news is we are moving the overseas tour to the summer.

  • Fuck pitbull

    @Cortez Bryant

    Get da fuck outa here

    #FUCKpusha t

  • llw

    ray-n nigga u racist pf but well dats true he doesnt look gangsta since 2011 man

  • Elvis

    It’s Not about about who you are…. It’s about what you do… When I first heard you …. you the craziest ever. Bring that Back .. lose the pussy and skateboard shit … we need weezy, Please Like this if ur know what i mean

  • Elvis

    YMCMB WE still winning


    fuckpusha t
    fuck pitbull
    fuck jay-z.
    wayne wins

  • sean

    U having a fucking laugh moving the tour if this is true u can send £145 back to my bank account for flights

  • Lmaooo

    Tht wasn’t tez

  • young money cash money asap

    no swag 🙁

  • lol

    yo this skater swag bullshit is getting old

  • sean

    goos was going to say that cannot happen week before its about to start and people have got plane tickets and spent so much money



  • tahir

    Niggas be hating but really! tell me how many rappers out there got side passions ..Wayne is a rapper and a skater while other rappers only rap but still they can’t try him ..

  • Ed!

    F* pusha F* pitbul F*jay F* Em….. You Heard me! Free Weezy Baby!!!!

  • Ed!

    What up Marley!

  • Wait!ng…

    Fuck this i’m waiting 4 dah tracklist, Danny post it nw be4 i murder u wth my 187!!!

  • Weezyyyyyyyy

  • Weed rolled

  • Jack

    We want the im not a human being II tracklist, tez said he dropping it this weekend!!!!

  • Bobby

    @Danny is there an estimate time when we will get the album tracklist???

  • yes there is ^^^^^^ bobby
    right at the end of sunday midnight
    that is the weekend actually a politically correct one
    as monday is the start of a new week

  • Sean

    @DANNY M
    is that true danny ? So we will get it at midnight ?

  • #TweetForTracklist



  • young money cash money asap

    tez better not of pushed back the tracklist or cancelled this tour.

    or else I’m done with Wayne and this site.

    sorry Danny.

  • yo danny were the inahb 2 tracklist

  • Bobby

    @Danny M awesome will look out for it then!

  • Iyke

    Tune be killing it always#YmCmBm

  • Bandz

    Pretty sure that is not the real Danny M.

  • Lil Tunechi

    @ Danny M where tha fuck is the tracklist that cortez promised to drop this weekend

  • junias carter

    leave lil wayne alone

  • LuvTunechi


  • i love him bro ok here my 1-269-635-4541