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Artwork & Release Date For Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 5” Mixtape

Sun, Aug 25, 2013 by

Artwork & Release Date For Lil Wayne Dedication 5 Mixtape

Lil Wayne has released the artwork for his upcoming mixtape, Dedication 5, which will be released on August 30th. The bro Olly designed this cover and also put “LWHQ” on it – see if you can find it.

You can listen to the first leak from the project of Weezy F Baby and Boo spitting over “Bugattihere!

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  • f!rst ! kant w8

  • Jooken95


  • Tahir


  • Don

    D5 will be historical

  • Zay Zay


  • jay

    it works

  • TunechiLioncheis


  • Carter0512

    First 😀

  • Myron Lomonaco

    I kant wait this shit gone so hard follow me on twitter WMGs_DreadHead and IG myron_lomonaco

  • 2nd bitch ass nasty black skinned negros

    2nd I hate niggers and black ppl y’all smell like corn chip cigarets and diabetes

  • Tahir

    foung “LWHQ” ..its on his right belly before the “cash money”

  • Kent


  • tunexx

    @Danny is it on waynes right ribs? Lol

  • peeion

    i spotted lwhq

    its on wayne’s right side under the 2 stars

  • Vocker

    LilWayneHQ winning. Shout out Olly from the forums, I see you bro

  • dipset

    This is dope !!!!! D4 artwork sucked!

  • wisheezy

    thats twice in a row someone from lwhq did the dedication covers

    lwhq we eatin fam

  • she will

    Krazy but dope





  • emmanuel

    wow danny he knows about you page !! he ha lwhq on his right rib !!!

  • dope

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Dope as fuck

  • Ain’t Labor day sept 2 well its coming out september 2 like he did last year with D4

  • emmanuel

    @ 2nd bitch ass nasty black skinned negros. you stupid racist motherfucker!! dirty cracker !!!

  • dyno

    Lil Wayne Tweeted…

    “Noticed I wasn’t nominated nor involved n da MTV VMA’s nor da BET awards…I apologize to my fans and I promise 2 work harder if it kills me”

    Wow. He Is Finally Realizing It. This Is Good News. We Should Be Expecting Good Music With This Mixtape.

  • tytune

    Why is the outline of his thumb missing?

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Iiiiiiiiish is toooo Dope

  • MrYoungmoney29

    I am expecting the unexpected on D5…….

  • august 30 bitch

  • mahya-iran

    nice pic

  • Well I’m glad I was wrong lol D5 hopely will be a classic…

  • so dedicated

    Am so pumped for this. Aug 30th bitches!!!!!!


    Im not gonna even lie wayne will probably disapoint us. Remember we were so excited for D4 and he let us down. Face it wayne is done with music. He dosent even care about it any more. He has other intrests.

  • lil teo

    d5 will be dope….i cant wait to download it……d5 will be tha best mixtape

  • Don

    Please no push backs this time wayne and can we get a track list lol somebody said their releasing another song tomorrow? Don’t know if that’s true

  • jolina3322

    Hell yea it drops the day he performs in oakland hell yea I will be at that show! !!

  • so dedicated

    @CALI_MAN ur a fucking idiot. Lil wayne himself said he’s going to take it more seriously and work harder.

  • jolina3322


  • Tunechi

    Can’t wait for D5, man. Congrats to Danny M. LilWayneHQ is getting really big in the Lil Wayne world.

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  • dipset

    @CALI_MAN bitch shut tha phuq up!!! D4 wasn’t bad for a mixtape and wayne’s still eatin rappers

  • Bawse

    Now we just need the tracklist.

  • alexis


  • KinG

    Thank u…now the tracklist!!
    If u recall,D4 also dropped on the same date

  • Chris

    I have a feeling D4 will be that classic weezy. He’s been on tour every night and he’s seen all his fans shouting his name, I think he’s feeling rejuvenated. He’s been in the whole music vibe of things for a few months now with his tour and I think that’s going to show on this mixtape

  • Chris

    I ment D5

  • dedication 5 HOEz

  • dipset

    I really hope D5 has good quality like no ceilings unlike D4

  • savgelife247

    Love the first leak already Tunechi fan TrukdaWurl

  • realtunefan

    Bro chill the fuck out and stop rushing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They gave you a cover and a release date and yall bitches still beggin. Yall need to apreciate that wayne is even still doing this shit for yall pussy ass niggas. The track list will come when the tape comes. Just be patient and stop bitchin and beggin!!!!!!!!!!! Cortez is only one person and yall been putting him under alot of stress latelly wit that rushin shit. Be fucking patient bitcches.

  • Gabriel

    D5 new song tmrw I heard

  • Jason

    Looks like it’s the last of the Dedication series

  • IFuck Shit Up

    @realtunefan STFU FUCK nIGGA!! U want it as bad as we all do! Yo bitch suck my dick through my trukfit boxers! Then she licks the cum drops of my trukfit socks!! While yo baby mama keep callin me blocked!!!!

  • patriots

    it’s the picture from that magazine that has t. i. and 2 chainz for promotion for the amw tour

  • Love Live Life

    Congrats LWHQ and Olly

  • Mike

    Danny forgot to Menton that it’s coming out on August 30 “2014” hahaha!

  • young tunechi

    Can’t wait dhat shiit finna be mixtape of da year so happy for this man. #DwayneCarterOverEverything

  • dope!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!

  • Seelz

    It drops 5PM EST on Friday 🙂

  • Nino

    @DannyM The snippet for the Do It video of 2Cahinz featuring Drake & Wayne is out…. You should update it

  • Nino

    And the song looks dope #NoLie

  • @nino where did you hear it from ?

  • emmanuel

    @Nino. boy that song comes from D4 you lier !!!!!!

  • E stacks

    Lets gooooo D mother fukin 5!!!! This is the perfect time for Weezy in his career to demonstrate a level of rap so high that no rapper has ever even reached before. Take Over!

  • Damn this is fire..I was in the middle of taking a shit and went on lil wayne hq and seen this and went fuckin crazy lmao. Wayne’s gonna kill every track. YMCMB we winning!!

  • cherryred

    I Still dont see the lilwaynehq tat

  • Young Money Soldier

    that’s a dope cover!
    i love it
    congrats Olly!
    another forum member who got his cover featured on Wayne’s official mixtape
    did he send it in to him?
    cause i don’t see it on the forums

  • Don

    @Gabriel I heard that to

  • shane smith

    sorry 4 the wait – letdown
    Carter IV – letdown
    I am not a human being 2 – letdown
    dedication 4 – letdown

    all of Wayne’s recent projects have been complete let Downs. alot of fans given up on Wayne but I’m still hanging in there I hope he brings that fire cuz Kendrick Lamar,Drake and j Cole are killing the game….this is Wayne’s make it or break it moment….

  • Kidd

    @emmanuel he wasnt saying the song is no lie he said the song is called do it listen the no lie part was just a hashtag topic #NoLie

  • gregt

    things I hope Wayne doesn’t rap about

    eating pussy
    his dick

    we heard too much of that, please Wayne no more of that Wayne we want straight lyrics

  • Tunechi

    Follow @tharealtunechi on instagram

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  • dalow

    Dope cover cn yall like this page on facebook. EXCLUSIVE STREET BOSSIP

  • Thank god for d5

    looks hard as fucc cant wait to hear him rip versace

  • Can’t wait to hear him on u.o.e.n.o. and type of waye he needs the turn on the light flow for type of way can’t wait to hear it! D5

  • Nordiep

    Give him 5 mo days

  • sajad mohamadi

    plz . first

  • @ZGood12

    This shit is about to be legendary. Wayne never left y’all just gave up on him. He’s still the best rapper alive

  • choc

    I found LWHQ . Super excited I know Dedication 5 wont be like 1&2 which (were my favorites) but its always good too know that its always something dedicated to us dedicated Weezy fans!!!

  • TED

    i smell a push back


    D5 is dedicated to the fans in a good killer way #aug30

  • YoungTunechie


  • Zay Zay

    Just know there are gonna be sum pushbacks
    sounds too good to be true

  • YoungTunechie

    Don’t think this will come on the 30th, Maybe there will be a pushback.

  • ZayTee

    I Didnt Know It Says ”A Gun” In His Palm. That’s How That D5 Must Gone Sound…LIKE A CHOPPA STRAIGHT SPITTIN FIRE

  • Best

    Nice cover, can’t wait for it to come out

  • Zay Zay

    D5 is gon come out Sept 3

  • @zay tee its a real tattoo, and great news can’t wait to listen to D5

  • christian

    plz keep this cover dont change it plz



  • Trey

    @danny have you ever met lil wayne?

  • d

    fuck lil wayne you all fucking suck and have shit for music taste.
    listen to The Chronic

  • Fame

    This is the best artwork in the dedication series great work olly

  • khosta

    Whoever said the carter 4 was a let down should be killed. The Carter 4 is underrated I mean it got president carter? That song is one of lil wayne’s best songs lyrically

  • Aye wayne really twitted that he is sorry to all his fans and will promise to work harder even if it kills him that’s cr8zy them other rap niggas better watch out

  • Tru

    Wayne said hewill work harder but D5 is already finished, so don’t expect D5 to b like no ceilings lool.. cause tht ain’t never gon happen

  • Al

    Im thinking what if it was a .gif file, with the grill and cross sparkling.

  • mahya-iran

    i hope…too @ gregt

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  • whatup doe

    I mean, this D5 is tunechis last chance to impress me

  • Chelly


  • Strapped Like T.I

    Anyone else smell a Pushback?

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  • MrNinoBrown

    Where is the tracklist??????? We are waiting for this now.

  • dollaz

    follow me on twitter @dollaz_74 follow me on instagram @187dollaz


  • Manasseh

    Cant Wait

  • vic

    1) I am god
    2) ocho cinco ft. 2 chainz
    3) comedian
    4) type of way
    5) Ain’t worried about nothin
    6) versace
    7) shabba
    8) bugatti ft. Boo
    9) initiation ft. Tyga
    10) knock knock
    11) my bible
    12) B.I.T.C.H. ft Future
    13) tamale ft. Nicki minaj
    14) U.O.E.N.O ft Dolla $ign
    15) im still laughin
    16) fuckwitmeyouknowigotit ft T.I.
    17) dre day
    18) started from the bottom
    19) El final (encore)

  • Kidd

    @vic that tracklist was already confirmed fake even though it looks dope

  • Iceberg slim

    1.Bugatti ft.Boo
    2. Some type of way
    3. Skit
    4. UOENO ft.Tyga
    5. Started from the bottom ft.Birdman
    6. Poor decisions
    7. Skit
    8. Levels
    9. Bad ft. Nicki Minaj
    10. Versace
    11. Feds watching ft TI
    12. Still in this bitch
    13. Let me find out ft 2chainz & Gudda
    14. Skit
    15. Control ft Drake
    16. Hello
    18. 5am in Miami
    19. Get like me
    20. Forbidden fruit
    21. A dedication ( don’t think they know instrumental)


  • Tunechi Lee No Rubber

    Next confirmed song dropping tomorrow. Source from DJ Drama

    Started from New Orleans ft. Birdman

  • Yall go show Wayne some love at datpiff . Com in dedication 5 countdown page lots of people hating there

  • Eshall

    So excited D5 baby!!!!! YaY!

  • TunechiLioncheis

    @tunechileerubber where did drama say that? @danny

  • John

    been waiting for this shit for too long….now we have a release date?…………wwwwwoooooooowwww!!!!!

  • *TunechiBitch*

    Biyaatch!!! Friday is near!

    Feel it under your fucking tummy!…
    This motherfuckin’ tape gonna be GoodAF!… Never been so excited of any Dedication.
    #TunechiOverEverythingNigga* and f*ck da rest…


  • Tunechi Chubs

    Wayne looks awesome on da cover! He loves his fans, so y’all stop pressuring him ok. He gonna do his best for you all!

  • Don

    @Tunechi Lee No Rubber where you hear that at

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  • Kidd

    Theres an updated cover they fixed the outline of the thumb i know its petty but i would be mad if the cover had that obvious of a flaw

  • emmanuel

    @kidd yeah you right i ssae that to and instead of one hand he’s pointing to hand out

  • Tunechi96


  • YoungCeaserBitch

    hmu if u a graphic designer

  • Wezzy d bomb av been watin 4 diz shit “let it out man …. neworlens west raper ur d new day

  • LuvTunechi

    Right tu da left of his Cash Money Stomach Tat. ;+} *LWHQ*. The art is sick; this photo was on the frunt of I think a recent SOURCE magazine I wanna say. <3

  • lilwayne the second

    this shit will be soo dope that they will require a repeat ing this reincarnation

  • fuckmyburger

    2030 or what???!! Lmfao!