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Lil Wayne’s “Gummy” Watch With Wize & Ope Now Available To Buy

Mon, Feb 17, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Gummy Watch With Wize & Ope Now Available To Buy

Lil Wayne‘s first line of watches with the French accessories brand Wize & Ope have now been released globally! If you didn’t already know, Tune partnered up with Wize & Ope last year, which is his first business venture outside of the USA, and his goal is to make the watch company a successful worldwide brand.

Click here to purchase Weezy F Baby‘s own line of watches that are titled “Gummy” from Wize & Ope‘s website. The watches cost just over $100 and come in various designs such as red, white, yellow, black, grey, camo print, and leopard print.

Hit the jump to check out some photos of Wayne wearing a red leopard print “Gummy” watch. Will you be copping one?

Lil Wayne Wearing Wize & Ope Gummy Watch

Lil Wayne Wearing Wize & Ope Gummy Watch

Lil Wayne Wearing Wize & Ope Gummy Watch

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  • @kool


  • @kool

    Its Kool tho i fucks with it ..

  • Raymundo

    It’s just a rip off g shock……

  • JayHighAss

    Where TF ! Is the Young Money Single

    • JayHighAss is dumb

      How many times they got to say “next week” fucktard.

      • JayHighAss

        No Stupid it was suppose too had came out on the 17th

      • JayHighAss

        Get chu Facts ! Right young Boy

  • Bandz

    I’d cop one if they didn’t look so big on your wrist. The leopard designs are cool but the watch is too big

    • Byron

      only female watches are supposed to be small on a wrist. males watches are supposed be big

  • TunechiBabi




  • King Weezy F

    Weezy stay winning, fuck yall hating ass niggas, Carter V

    • Time


    • Terrence Young Rapper

      Say dat doe YMCMB bitch I like them watches doe…

  • Time

    Ehhh…. I’ll stick to my rolex

    • Byron

      nigga……. yeah right lmfao

    • aaron

      show us a pic of YOU holding up a sign with your account name on it while WEARING YOUR “ROLEX”.

      • Time

        Make me


      frontin ass niggas be like

    • lol

      you spelled timex wrong


    tha camo and white 1’s are >>>>

  • Nico101

    I want the red and white watch they look sick

  • dope shit ill cop tha camo one

  • ttt

    2 dollars to make each one…like your music…but no thanks

    • KH

      Ya if these had nothing to do with wayne, I doubt anyone would buy these. They look like flea-market g shocks

  • nah not feeling any of them

  • fewcha

    all im gonna say is you would never see future wearing one of these

    • tony_montana

      I’m actually starting to hate you bruh…

      • JayHighAss


  • Everdaygrinding365 1/2

    When that like father like son part 2 dropping you ain’t no true wayne head I you don’t have the first one. Every track was flawless.


    Just to remind you guys of what happens when Wayne gets into Tha Carter making mode, I’m going to post this video link:

  • Akila9D4

    Looks like something a 14 year old kid would wear..

    Guess that means all of you on here will beg your parents to buy it

  • YhBruh

    should have had some metal-lining to show quality

  • davidharri

    where is the senile ???

  • whatup5

    $100 for that shit?? They don’t even look nice. For a hundred dollars, they better play any Lil Wayne song I want. And have a calendar for all his future releases….

  • marc hare

    Yall people got an opinion to everything. .trust me he’s relying om that overseas money he kno his broke underground fans aint gonna buy it..just gona say its gay or some immature shit

  • The god

    This goes great with my old navy hoodie

  • Michael

    @dannym I’m trying to register for lwhq forums what do I fill in for referrer?

    • nfs444


  • YMCorey


  • Chiefkeef

    So gay.. Wtf is this wayne.. Fuckin leopard pattern pants now watches.. Fuk u turnin gay for.. U for real aint a G no more.. Dissapointed.

  • Chiefkeef

    Weezy aint a G no mo, stop deletin my messages, i aint a hater i was a fan but since he wearin dem tight jeans nd lep designs its jus sad..

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  • Mike Brown

    she got u slippin g ride up in da hood on da grill cuz aint no body fruntn just be real luvs you cuts make mo go all to da top mil usos on the rize never gona stop….