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Lil Wayne Chills At Dave & Buster’s, Attends Rick Ross’ Album Release Party & Goes Skating

Lil Wayne Chills At Dave & Busters, Attends Rick Ross Album Release Party & Goes Skating

On November 26th, it seems like Lil Wayne had a busy day in California as he was spotted at 3 different places with Christina Milian, Mack Maine, Marley G, and Theotis Beasley.

Weezy F Baby chilled at Dave & Buster’s restaurant in the day, attended Rick Ross’ Hood Billionaire album release party at Mansion nightclub in the evening, and had a skating session until the early morning.

In other Wayne news, two interviews with Christina and Mack have surfaced online. Click here to watch Tina explain why she loves working with Weezy, who she calls a “living legend”, and click here to see Maine talk about Tune‘s focus, his health after those seizures, going to high school with him, and confirm Tha Carter V will drop on December 9th.

You can view more photos from Tunechi‘s long day on Wednesday after the jump below, courtesy of James Brunt!

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Lil Wayne Goes Skating At Brandon Biebel’s L.A. Skatepark With Stevie Williams & Others

Lil Wayne Goes Skating At Brandon Biebel Los Angeles Skatepark With Stevie Williams & Others

This week, Lil Wayne had a skateboarding session at Brandon Biebel’s private skatepark in Los Angeles, California, which took place all night until the early morning.

Tunechi was skating with Brandon Biebel, Chance Eldridge, Dan Abadi, Evan Hernandez, James Riff, Rob DeGruy, Stevie Williams, and Terry Kennedy.

You can view 3 more photos of Weezy F Baby at the skatepark below, as well as also watch a short clip of him doing the boardslide skating trick!

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Feature Friday #43: Bobby V – Tell Me (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Bobby V Tell Me Remix Feat Lil Wayne

I have chosen the official remix to Bobby V‘s “Tell Me” single featuring two chill verses from Lil Wayne for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

This Tim & Bob-produced track was recorded and released back in 2005. The last time Bobby and Weezy collaborated was on a song called “Mirror“, which dropped a couple of years ago.

“Ride with a gangsta, we high where the weather be; Precious, like ya face so heavenly; I’m thanking God, like I better be; You know I’m very street; And if we get caught, you can be my accessory”

You can watch the Erik White-directed music video for the “Tell Me” remix below!

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Q-Tip Announces Lil Wayne Has Joined The Zulu Nation

Q-Tip Announces Lil Wayne Has Joined The Zulu Nation

Yesterday, Q-Tip announced on Twitter that Lil Wayne is now a member of the Zulu Nation! The Zulu Nation is a global hip-hop awareness group that was formed by Afrika Bambaataa in the 1970s.

“Help me in welcoming @LilTunechi to fold of the Zulus”

You can read more information about the Zulu Nation on their website here!


Lil Chuckee Speaks On Lil Wayne, Leaving Young Money, Tyga Wanting To Leave & More

Lil Chuckee Speaks On Lil Wayne, Leaving Young Money, Tyga Wanting To Leave & More

In this post, you can watch Lil Chuckee‘s recent interview with Sway Calloway on his Shade 45 “Sway In The Morning” radio show. During the conversation, Chuckee chatted a little bit about Lil Wayne, why he is still the “big bro”, and how much he thinks Wayne has influenced the “new generation” of rappers.

Lil Chuckee even went into detail and spoke about why he left Young Money, his relationship with artists on the label, not taking Birdman to court, his Overdue mixtape, and plenty more. The former YMCMB artist also shared his thoughts on Tyga wanting to leave the label and mentioned that YM may act like a family on camera, but behind the camera it’s all a business.

You can watch Chuckee‘s full interview and freestyle with Sway in the video below!

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