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Tour Bus Shooter Told Lil Wayne He Would “Spray His Bus” Up

Thu, Aug 13, 2015 by

Tour Bus Shooter Told Lil Wayne He Would

There has been a new indictment in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting that reveals Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe told Wayne himself that he would “spray his bus” up before being kicked out of Compound nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia on April 25th.

The indictment also says that Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was driving a white Chevrolet Camaro when he shot at Weezy‘s tour bus, which was reportedly found at the home of one of Winfrey‘s relatives after the shooting and also featured in a photo on his Instagram page.

You can read more of the updated indictment after the jump below, courtesy of Atlanta’s WSBTV news station!

“After Atlanta Police discontinued their escort, (Winfrey) and fellow Blood Gang members entered Interstate 285 from Atlanta Road in Cobb County in pursuit of the buses occupied by (Lil Wayne’s) group. (That’s when) the white sports car pulled beside the buses, shots were then fired into the buses from the sports car with a .40 caliber handgun and a 9mm handgun.”

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