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Lil Wayne To Perform Live At Jannus Live In St. Petersburg, Florida

Sun, Jul 30, 2017 by

Lil Wayne To Perform Live At Jannus Live In St Petersburg Florida

On Friday, September 1st, Lil Wayne will be putting on a live show at Jannus Live concert hall in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you wish to attend the concert and see Tunechi live, click here to order your tickets online, which cost $75.00!

Will any of you be attending the Weezy show in St. Petersburg?

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  • fewcha

    thats my mom in the pic

    • Esoteric Khosta

      You let Wayne hit yo mom nigga damn get off his dick

  • Gudda Gudda

    There’s a new show every week but never new music

    I mean I know we got ITWT but that was only 4 songs and only 1 solo Wayne song

    It’s not even like Wayne is gonna perform them songs at his show either 👎🏾

    • The GOAT

      mula gang he will

  • Lil Kermchi

    tbh if wayne changed his songs up every concert there would always be that one bitch nigga like “he shoulda did that other one” so at the end of the day who give af what he perform live it aint like u at the event. if u want to see him perform a certain track live go on youtube and relive it or go play the track if u just needa hear a certain track

    • ReGuarlyiiRReGular

      Yeah seriously. The average person doesnt come on a site and know exactly what Waynes doing everyday😂Waynes just playing his classics every show

      • Esoteric Khosta

        LMAO this

    • Giraffe Boy

      can you please stfu

      • Esoteric Khosta


  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    What’s harder? Life of mr. Carter? What’s higher? price of Mr. Carter?
    😣😣😣 I need that song or side bitch! C’mon Tune!!!

  • Esoteric Khosta

    2000Hollygrove its the year of the mula, I put that on Mula..

    • CarterBoy

      STFU FFS

    • JTOnHisCarter5Shit


    • 💰FreeTune🖤


      • Esoteric Khosta

        what up cuh

    • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

      It’s a mf like you that gonna spoil a new song we just got by doing this ignorant shit, like we didnt wait forever for new material. Suck a dick…

  • CarterBoy

    I would go if it wasn’t so expensive

  • Raz!

    why did songs like right above it, believe me, and she will never have music videos? i blame drake

    • ReGuarlyiiRReGular

      That’s a good point. Grindin didn’t have an official one either. But right above it Wayne was in jail I think. I could understand believe me not having oNE because of the c5 bullshit. But she will… there’s no excuses that was a banger

      • JTOnHisCarter5Shit

        Haha, all true.

    • Giraffe Boy

      cause of tez and mack

  • JTOnHisCarter5Shit
    • Giraffe Boy


    • ßlย૨

      C4, or rebirth

      • Esoteric Khosta

        Shit those 2 are the best Wayne looks

        • Man Man

          Naw no ceilings or road to rikers braided up hair

          • Esoteric Khosta

            Thats the rebirth hair foo

    • Dr Carter

      Dedication 4 hairstyle

    • Weezy504


    • dharma

      NC and Rebirth waaaaaaay doper.

    • C2

    • AutoTunechi

      C5 lowkey dope

      • JTOnHisCarter5Shit


  • Giraffe Boy
  • Esoteric Khosta

    Bruh on Mula Gang Wayne dope af when he switch up the flow on this part
    “Catch ’em like Dez, all in ya ass
    Handguns in the console”

  • ßlย૨

    Rich the Kid just previewed the new song on insta snap again with a tiny bit more of the verse:

    “pull up on yo ass 2 seater
    pull off fast like a loose cheetah
    1 diamond ring on 2 fingers
    cheatin on these hoes call me Tunecheater”

    • Esoteric Khosta

      Don’t know whats worse, the Tunecheater line or the Kualer-fied line

    • Bruh that last line is horrible

  • Super Insane

    Weezy baby aka bring the money home pull out a AK and pop ya in your funny bone

    • Esoteric Khosta

      Episode 101 cuh

      • Super Insane

        It was good i kinda like kale’s character now

        • Esoteric Khosta

          Me too she nice when her muscles aint pumped up

          • Super Insane

            Yea lol the pride troopers are a dissapointment though they just the gynu force from a different universe jiren and toppo the only worthy fighters

            • Esoteric Khosta



    • Esoteric Khosta

      hit me with a verse

  • super savage

    This shit crazy we need a fucking project smfh

  • Tune

    Dhea is hot

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