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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks All About Sex With Playboy Magazine

Throwback - Lil Wayne Talks All About Sex With Playboy Magazine

As it is #ThrowbackThursday today, here is a rare Lil Wayne interview with Playboy magazine that appeared in the “Dirty Dozen” section of one of their 2009 issues.

In their conversation, Weezy discussed everything from losing his virginity at the age of 11-years-old, bedroom skills, most memorable sexual experience, celebrity crush he wants to have sexual intercourse with, safe sex, having naughty fun on an airplane, and fivesomes.

Tunechi also talked about the most orgasms he’s had in a 24-hour period, his favorite part of the female anatomy, if he has ever used drugs to enhance his experience in the bedroom, if he has recorded a song while having sex, and more. You can read Tune‘s full interview with Playboy below!

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Lil Wayne Reschedules His Show In Minnesota Again After Mechanical Problems With His Private Plane


2 months ago, Lil Wayne rescheduled his show at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota from February 25th to to March 31st for “scheduling conflicts”.

However, Weezy has had to reschedule the concert again as the private plane he rented out to fly to Minneapolis on had mechanical issues with the hydraulics.

Mr. Carter shared a letter from the operator of the aircraft on his Instagram page explaining the problem:

“Today, upon starting engines and doing operational checks before our departure to MSP we noticed that our flight hydraulics system started to quickly diminish. It quickly showed empty so we shut down the aircraft and did a visual walk around. Upon doing so we noticed hydraulic fluid leaking under the aft belly of the aircraft suggesting a hydraulic line had broken.”

Tunechi caption the social media post by saying: “Minnesota I’m sorry I kouldn’t make it tonight. Had plane issues that was out of my kontrol. Will make it up to y’all and reskhedule”!

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