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Video: Ne-Yo Says “Lil Wayne Is Living The Essence Of Hip Hop”

Above, Ne-Yo speaks to Amaru about the essence of hip hop and why he thinks Lil Wayne is living the essence of hip hop right now. Do you agree with Ne-Yo? And you can watch Ne-Yo speak on his respect for Tunechi here.

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Ne-Yo Speaks On Lil Wayne x Seventh Letter From Rikers Island

Above, you can watch an interview Amaru had with Ne-Yo in London, England. Ne-Yo speaks on Lil Wayne and why he has respect for him. Would you like to see a Weezy and Ne-Yo collabo some time in the future ❓

Below, you can read Tunechi‘s seventh letter from Rikers Island were he says he’s been passing time by playing UNO, listening to the radio and working out. He also shouts out his kids and added his “thank you’s” at the end of the letter.

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