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Lil Wayne Says “Tha Carter V” Will Most Likely Drop In 2013

Lil Wayne Says Tha Carter V Will Most Likely Drop In 2013

While attending the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles on Sunday, Lil Wayne participated in a live online chat with his fans and answered just over 40 questions.

Some of the questions that were submitted to Weezy were useful and interesting, but there were a few people who wasted a good opportunity to ask Tune a good question and instead asked dumb questions such as “how old are you?“.

The two highlights from this interview are that Tunechi said he will record more collaborations with Eminem in the future and Tha Carter V will most likely drop next year. You can read the full chat with Wayne and his fans below:

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Hot Boys Reunion Delayed By Legal Issues + QD3 Speaks On “The Carter” Documentary


QD3 speaks on Lil Wayne‘s “The Carter” Documentary, and then answers questions from the audience in the video above. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy from TheCarterDoc.com, and it drops November 17th.

Check out some previews of the documentary here, and the official trailer here.

Also, check out this article by Quick Jams where B.G. says that with him and Lil Wayne having problems with the law, it’s unlikely a record will drop anytime soon:

If it were just about the music, the long-awaited Hot Boys reunion probably would have already happened. All four members — Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and the currently incarcerated Turk — seem to be onboard. There are even some unreleased Turk vocals in the vaults. However, B.G. said that with him and Lil Wayne having problems with the law, it’s unlikely a record will drop anytime soon.

“I know I got my own personal dealings to deal with, as far as with the system and things of that nature,” said B.G., who was arrested for illegal gun possession recently in Louisiana. Meanwhile, Wayne is expected to be sentenced to a year in prison in a New York court in February.

“I know Wayne’s got to face the music with his situation with the system,” B.G. added. “But we got time. We got a whole bunch of time to put the album together. We record quick. We already got songs done. But I look at it like, if we record from now until whoever gets sentenced or however it go, we still wouldn’t be able to put the album out until [Wayne] comes home. When shorty comes home, I know he’ll wanna record a whole ‘nother album. So you might have a double Hot Boys CD. You never know. I don’t know how it will work out.”

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