Lil Wayne Says “Tha Carter V” Will Most Likely Drop In 2013

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Lil Wayne Says Tha Carter V Will Most Likely Drop In 2013

While attending the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles on Sunday, Lil Wayne participated in a live online chat with his fans and answered just over 40 questions.

Some of the questions that were submitted to Weezy were useful and interesting, but there were a few people who wasted a good opportunity to ask Tune a good question and instead asked dumb questions such as “how old are you?“.

The two highlights from this interview are that Tunechi said he will record more collaborations with Eminem in the future and Tha Carter V will most likely drop next year. You can read the full chat with Wayne and his fans below:

ESPN: And here we are!!! Yo Weezy, what’s happening?
Weezy: Chillin!

Casey (norfolk va): When did you get your interest in sk8tin?
Weezy: About a year ago. Saw some footage of Alex Midler, he was about 9. He was motivational and made me want to do it myself.

Kenny Gomez (Bayonne New Jersey): What’s up Weezy! Big fan! I was just wondering what do you like most about skateboarding besides the style?

ESPN: Hey sorry everybody. Sal Masekla just brought his Mom over to meet Lil Wayne.

Serenityy (Slidell Lousiana): Lil Wayne, your a greattttt rapper and I love your music and your a great skater and you should do some more music with Eminem soon. Yay, thanks
Weezy: Thank you- I will.

Anthony Rodriguez (xgames): What is the trick you always tried to land??
Weezy: Since the day I pick up a skateboard I alway try kickflips. I got the flick I just need to land on the board.

Canice (Houston): Who is the best skater you have seen?
Weezy: Personally with my on eye would have to be Nyjah and Paul.

Robriguez G (South Carolina): Would you ever challenge Tony Hawk in skating?
Weezy: I would never challenge Tony Hawk in skating!

Branden Schwarztrauber (Osceola WI): Hey how well do u think Nyjah Huston will do with the bad knee. Also do you think that Sheckler will make podeum.
Weezy: I think Nyjah will still do well even with the knee. I still think he’ll take it. But I think Sheckler and Paul will podium.

Matt (SLC): Do you think you should start your own skate contest like what Rob Dydrek did???
Weezy: That’s the plan.

Stevo Burrito (TEXAS): Weezy can I get a shout out to Texas
Weezy: Shout out to Texas!

Hayden Crutchfield (North Carolina): How old are you?
Weezy: I’m 29.

Chris Haack (Allenton, Wisconsin): I am from Wisconsin so of course I’m a Packers fan! I heard you were too and I was wondering who your favorite Packer’s player is. I also love to skateboard, what’s your favorite trick?
Weezy: My favorite Packers player of all time is Sterling Sharpe, right now Aaron Rogers and my all time fav is of course Brett Favre. And my favorite trick is the fakie pop shov-it.

Mike Hernandez (JACKSONVILLE fl): Tunechi how about your own skating video game?
Weezy: I don’t know about video games– ha ha.

Devaun (San jose): What was the last trick that you learned?
Weezy: The last trick I learned was frontside 180s.

Daniel Schletzer (Delano, MN): Lil Wayne, you are my hero. your a great rapper and a great skater. thanks
Weezy: That’s awesome! I appreciate that!

Jake Knudsen (shelton,Washington): Hey weezy what is your favorite thing about xgames and when is carter 5 coming out
Weezy: X Games is a higher level of competition- I’ve been to a few other contest and this one is the best. Carter 5 will come most likely next year.

William (Usa): Have you ever tried mountain boarding? And your pretty good at skateboarding!
Weezy: Thanks! Never tried mountain biking but when I was younger I had a mountain bike.

Luke (Lancaster, PA): You’re a beast Weezy. Favorite sports to watch?
Weezy: Football. Favorite to watch live is basketball.

William (norcross): How many awards do you think your going to win tonight
Weezy: I don’t know- I don’t know how many I’m nominated for- I’m not even going. I came out here for the X Games.

Tyler (Milwaukee): What do you prefer: street or vert skating?
Weezy: I prefer vert more because I learned vert. But now I’m learning more street- but if I had to show off it would be vert.

Sam (Burlington NC): You think you could handle the mega ramp?
Weezy: I saw it with my own eyes and I think I can. It doesn’t look that big.

Matt (SLC): You should headline your own concert at X-Games…like Linkin Park did this year! Cause you represent skating better than anyone in the music game!
Weezy: I should- you’re right I should.

Myz (valley): What was the worst injury you got from skating?
Weezy: Broke my clavicle two months ago. The injuring is know how long it’s going to be till you skate again.

Jada Sell (Buffalo): Do you have pets?
Weezy: I do. I have 3 sharks- and that’s about it.

Brittany (KC MO): How’s the X games? They look sick, have you skated with any of the pros?
Weezy: I skated with most of these guys. This is my first X Games and it’s sick.

Brandon BIZ (HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA): Yo weezy…….any new collaborations coming up with artists you’ve never worked with before?!?! i am a producer and would love to send you a beat or 2!!!!!
Weezy: I’m sure that beat would be awesome. In the future I’m working with a whole bunch of artists.

Dee (WA State): Have you tried to get any other rappers to skate?
Weezy: No. Skating is such an individual thing, it’s not something you can talk people into.

Blalock (ky): WHO’s your favorite metal band?
Weezy: Right now I’m big into Anthrax.

Kahari Vidro (Grand Rapids, MI): Have you skated the X games course?
Weezy: No I haven’t but would love to though.

Joey Benedetto (Liverpool, NY): If you were to invent a new trick, what would u call it?
Weezy: Probably “The Weezy”.
Weezy: Weezy flip.

Robriguez G (South Carolina): Would we ever see Lil Wayne the golfer?
Weezy: Maybe- I’m into golf but I’ve never tried it.

Troy Lacerte (Dover, NH): When does your shoe come out?
Weezy: I just signed with Supra- I’m putting out Stevie Williams shoe first and mine will be next year.

Chris R (Illinois): Do you ever see yourself being a pro skater in the future if time allows?
Weezy: If time allows- you answer the question for me- it’s something I really want to do.

TShep (NC): Do you look for new up coming rappers?
Weezy: I don’t look for them- no.

Victoria Tartaglino (West Hartland, CT): When you were younger did you ever think you would become this famous?
Weezy: Nope- not at all.

Cody Farris (Alabama): Hey Lil Wayne, what did you think about the Alabama/LSU championship game this year?
Weezy: It was a good game- I wanted LSU to do it.

Logan L. (Erie,MI): When you were a kid what did you wanna be when you got older???
Weezy: A rapper.

Mike (Jacksonville): Collaboration with any Spanish artist? Who would it be? besides Romeo Santos?
Weezy: Gloria Estivan.

William (norcross): What’s the name of the new Young Money artist?
Weezy: There’s a few of them: we the future, there’s a kid name Torion, PJ Morton and others.

Dan Duprel (Colorado): Fav famous person to be around?
Weezy: I’d have to say that would be Mike Tyson.

Logan L. (Erie,MI): Did your parents ever not approve of you being a rapper?
Weezy: Yep- sure did. I had to prove to them that it was actually worth it.

Kahari Vidro (Grand Rapids, MI): Is Trukfit gonna sponsor athletes?
Weezy: Yes we are- skaters first and a lot of football and basketball players that want to support the line.

ESPN: OK X world, that’s it for Lil Wayne.

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    certified BULLSHIT

  • charlie M

    first nuka


    that shit aint droppin for at least a year and a half from now. (2014) i mean they havent even dropped the first single and with c4 they dropped john a whole year ealy.

  • devin


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  • pill popper

    we still havent got i am not a human being 2, rebirth 2, devol and i cant feel my face yet 😛

  • James YM

    He ruined Tha Carter series with the last one C4 🙁

  • devin

    idk it might be

  • im meee

    why call it that? aint it time for a new album title weezy??

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  • Brandon T.

    Mannn I know one thing, he better wait till he get off probation before he goes and potentially fucks up the entire Carter series again.

  • Ibrotunechi




  • out of town

    lol we all kno this will get pushed back til like 2018

  • C5

    Has weezy actually started work on it though?

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  • Stupid questions… Why didnt they ask if he will drop a mixtpae soon? Or if he will drop devol next year too? Or if he looks back at his older albums for inspiration? Will there be another Dedication 4 mixtape? Most of the questions those stupid people asked are about skating…assholes

  • son

    we supposed to get a ymcmb compilation too


    LOL at sum of them gay ass questions?? SMH

  • tony_montana

    He should’ve done this at a hip hop event,wher da people were gona ask propper hip hop questions,not a sk8board event wher these idiots ask stupid asS questions!phuq dis! And we alL knw dat C5 aint gona b cumin 0ut til 2014…nd dats if we’ lucky…

  • Juventinius

    Them stupid ass skating white boys. asked Wayne about Skatin,and no IANAHB 2,rebirth 2,Like Father Like son 2,d4 mixtape,I can’t feel my face,man I hate bandwagon fans who only have lollipop and A Milli…play Tha Block is hot and thy all suprised like who is this…bitc* niggas


    I hope he stops rapping about skateboarding, anyone agree with me?


    in the meantime imma listen to ‘hit em up’ cuz that’s the weezy i love

  • hip

    long wait


    my advice to you is to stop liking a pathetic rapper.
    ur problem a stupid white girl who hasnt LEARNed any better though so its not ur fault (but really it is ur fault)


  • Mrs. Tune

    lmfao at the fucking retard who asked him wen hes was younger wut he wanted to be wen he grew up

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  • Shawn

    Smh @ everyone saying “Devol hasn’t come out yet la la la” IT’S NOT COMING OUT. Do you not keep up with news?

  • mr ass

    u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off u fell off

  • Tfresh

    Yo, imma skater but if I was there I’d get so many good answers outta one question haha

  • annoyed

    ude just needs to drop.that ianhb2. Im gettin sick of waiting to see if this mofo still got it. He been doin OKAY on these feats lately but he can do.better and im just bein real when I say that “myhomies still” was a garbage track. Mediocre lyrics, annoying beat, shottt refrain. I mean come on man you know you can do better. Stop letting your artists get some fame and just rap. Stop skating.. All I gotta say

  • ymcmb


  • YungGod

    I agree with Ymcmb Those idiots asking about skating questions. F#k that s#it like Ymcmb said Why didnt anyone ask him when new mixtapes or albums coming out? That should of been the most important question. When is he droppin singles for the alblums? Does he listen to his old songs and compare them to the new ones? Does he want to smoke again? Will he smoke again after probabtion? A truly waste of questions. I wish Lil Wayne would do an live online chat with his true fans here on LilWayneHQ. Or Dont even have to be live. Maybe we all sumbit questions. Danny chooses the bests one emails them or something then Lil wayne just responds/emails back. I mean I dont see why he wouldnt if he cares about his fans. Theres a whole site dedicated to him…Im just sayin

  • TUNEchili

    I think weezy will release a mixtape before the album ..

  • Yelar

    dont even care if Carter 5 drops or not. 2013 actually means 2015 though. Wayne is so shitty now. its all that coke hes doing

  • Swaggy

    Stupid fucking kids tf yall asking?? What dude up there said is what shoulda happened Weezy needa take the fcking game over its too many niggas saying Wayne this Wayne that even if i don’t become a Wayne anymore this nigga needa do it its what made him HIM rapping should be what he should be full force on cuz that is where he is Know and he needs to fucking SMASH the Game!!!!!

  • Swaggy

    FUCK DRAKES little pussy beefs fuck Nicki minaj’s fuck ass verse fuck Tyga’s punk ass nigga Wayne needa run this bitch and show why the fuck he Wayne man

  • r

    This is a story from the X-Games, ofcourse most questions they will let through are the ones that have something to do with X-games

  • tun3

    90% of these questions were RETARDED !! r u ! how old.r u? look it upp on the internet ! i.wouldv asked about im not a human bein 2 release date

  • tune4lyf

    272ea60c… pin..weezy no 1….

  • weezy e

    sum silly ass questions…wht the fck…he a fckn rapper…ask him about music first..real Wayne fans are interested in his music!!!!

  • SIEGE PRESENTS: the lowdown

    of course lil answered “fan” questions at a skateboarding event.

    if ur a stupid ass rapper with dreads who cant do anything good youre gonna wait till everyone is too busy to remember who u really are to answer “questions”

    think about it. why would he answer questions at the x games?
    this was to make you think he is still thinking about his music and fans. trust me this lil nigga has no idea what he’s doing and is scared to loose his fame. some people know he has nothing left to give hiphop and some people are stupid enough to wait around and wait to see what he’s gonna do. This was done to keep the second type happy. of course the answers where bologna… but had he made a real effort to reach out to fans he would have been so bombarded with legitimate questions that he probably would have literally forgot how to speak english.

    take non of the responses seriously if you do you are a fool just as much as the girls are who listens to his songs and thing the nigger is actually capable of love. he is a blaten liar, this was a publicity stunt.

    i have come to 3 conclusions.
    1)we stop listening to lil wayne and he becomes the next bob m. someone you dont really enjoy listening to nor do you seek out his music but when it happens to be playing u just accept the fact that someone actually tried to make music like that.
    2)we shoot the wizzle and realize that some black rappers really are ghetto gangsters and need to be exterminated. this would solve some problems wizzle has created but not all.
    3)we continue to listen to little dewayne and music will keep devolving until we are all listening to african aborigines beat monkey skin drums and howl like baboons.

    #lilwayne FELLOFF

  • SIEGE PRESENTS: the lowdown

    tunechi kunechi thats what she call it
    lipstick scarlet
    i killed wizzle
    do not mourn it.

    young mullaaa BaAaBbBYyY

  • Tha Carter V


    more like Tha pussy ass carter

  • Don



    lets give him a break hes only on tour and workin on album(s)

  • ceej….

    fuck a carter 5 in the ass while wearing a bath robe im telling u this shit is so old its already late.

  • ceej….

    fuck a carter 5 in the ass while wearing a bath robe im telling u this shit is so old its already late

  • yesyes

    yay…man its gonna be a wait…

  • ceej….

    carter 5
    we’ll see ya in 20 years

  • Swap

    That boy Wayne slippin smh

  • i think will drop it 2014 carter V he will drop IANAHB 2, yung mula album, Devol and proboly mixtapes so next year no

  • ….

    the carter 5 will be trash, he’s gonna be talking about skateboarding.

    the last good Carter album was the 2nd one.

  • ceej

    how is the 2nd the last good one even though the 4th was the last album yet? youre stupid if u think any of the carter albums are good

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  • tunechi

    gonna be dope…can’t wait….ball your balls out my niggah!!!!!!!!!

  • men wanted 2 get the chance 2 ask weezy some question bt i could nt men ,maybe better tyme . cnt wait 4 carter v

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  • Khalifa

    Lol. Y tha fucc is err1 saying all they waiting 4 it IANAH2 lol its not like that shit g0n b a classic, he g0n b rapping bout skating most of tha muhfccn album lol

  • YCsep27

    Thank U so much Wayne.I thought U quit.But U like 2 surprise us.It’s good! I love U so much.U r my heart<3.

  • YCsep27


  • why do u want drop the CARTER IV?

  • Uhm I had that lil wayne is leavin th game @ the age 35 or somthin lik that & I wannna personally ask weezy y leave music like I’ve been listen 2 lil’ wayne’s since I was 9 years old u know my big bro is a big fan of birdman he the 1 hu introduced me 2 th YMCMB group & since then I fall inlov wit weezy’s music I’ve been following in ur foot steps u know trying 2 be hav more swagg like you so my word 2 u never leave music 4 u said u r music. Look in the game who got talent like wayne, no 1 ay man don’t leave us in music

  • Don

    ya i cant picture the game without wayne in it i dont understand why he is retiring at 35 but before he leaves i want a no ceilings 2 carter 5 collabo album with drake im not a human being 2 album and thats pretty much it. I hope nun of it is rushed cuz i just want the old wayne back so people can stp talkin bad on him like real talk he is the best rapper alive i mean nobody says the stuff Wayne says either way im still a fan. Just want him to prove he is still the best and just spittin bars like he used to. Oh! the best album is the carter 3 and 4 was ok it wasnt all i expected. I hope wat he says about im not a human being 2 is true.

  • vic divine

    dnt knw wt these dude ar talking abt..c4 and rebirth is the dopest album wanye has eva dropd..c2 sucks lyk ass

  • Tyler perry

    My name is Tyler Perry I’m a koala rapper of Covington will you give me a shot?I know I can do it! Message me on fb or somethin have someone message me look at my videos I think I will be the best rapper worldwide in my age group

  • Patton

    My question would be, WHEN ARE YOU COMMING TO AMSTERDAM? That’s like, the most important question to ask right now.

  • Weezyfbaby

    Lets hope he raps like in “dark shades” (Birdman), ” banana clip” (gunplay), “why stop now remix” (busta rhymes) . Not like in my homies still, sasaraf, and all the other wack shit he’s been doing lately

  • Michael Everette

    Wtf.Wayne never thought you would sell out because of a Fuck Ass DJ you let 50,000 people down with your antics and bullshit trying to show your power you hurt no one but those fans the DJ still got his job so what did you lose(Money) !!!!never can have enough of that nigga

  • Binyam

    Plz guys lets pull dat fucken 2013 up,i can’t wait,lv u ma lord(lil tune


  • Hello lil Wayne..first of all I like to say that I love your music..I have an son that love to rap and he’s dam good at it.could please give me some good idels on how to get he music out there? You an it to hear him
    …..Cheryl/Shawn..hope to here from u soon..thks

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