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Lil Wayne Appears On “Car Test”, Reveals He Is Still Working On His “Velvet” Album [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears On Car Test, Reveals He Is Still Working On His Velvet Album

I previously posted plenty of pictures just under 3 weeks ago, and now the latest episode of Elliott Wilson and TIDAL‘s “Car Test” series with Lil Wayne is available on YouTube.

Throughout the episode, which you can check out after the jump below, Wayne can be seen chatting to Elliott while driving around Miami in a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 and listening to his brand new album, Funeral.

In their conversation, Weezy talked about wanting to keep his Rebirth album series going with the “Funeral” title, including songs that he recorded years ago on Funeral, why he still does intros, outros and skits on his projects, and confirmed he is still working on his forthcoming Velvet album.

Tunechi also spoke on learning how to create hooks after Mannie Fresh and Juvenile used to do them for him back in the day, trying to pay attention to new generation rappers, how his collaboration with The-Dream came about on “Sights And Silencers“, and much more!

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Young Thug Speaks On His Appreciation For His “Idol” Lil Wayne

Young Thug Speaks On His Appreciation For His Idol Lil Wayne

Young Thug and his record label boss Lyor Cohen recently stopped by Ebro‘s Beats 1 Radio show on Apple Music in New York City for an interview that you can listen to after the jump below.

At the 7:55 mark, Thugger speaks on his appreciation for his “idol” Lil Wayne, knowing all of his music (even his songs now), and always paying attention to what he has ever said!

“Honestly I always paid attention to Lil Wayne despite everything that’s going on with him and everything. I always paid attention to him, close attention. He’s always my idol, he still my idol. I still know all his music, everything that he’s putting out now, I still know everything, I pay attention to him. I think when he came in as a Hot Boy, he was like a street nigga, like everybody in the streets can adjust to it. But you know as he grew, he started like… tight clothes and rock star… so I guess it went the same path, cause I really always paid attention to him, so I guess it went the same way but I never wanted to live or be like him, I always just paid attention like he’s serious… he’s iconic. I always paid attention to him like that, I never paid attention to him as I’d die if I don’t be like him.”

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Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Crew Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

A police report filed in Miami last week accuses Lil Wayne‘s entourage pushing a photographer to the ground in the rain, spitting in his face and smashing his bicycle up with skateboards! This was because the photographer spotted Weezy and his crew skating outside a church that had a “no skateboarding” sign and decided to take some photos of them.

Wayne didn’t like the attention he was getting from the photographer, who had called him a “nobody”, so he sent his 8-men-entourage to take the photographer’s camera and make him delete several of the pictures he took. This is then when the men started pushing the photographer to the ground, beating the crap out of his bicycle and spitting in his face.

You can read what TMZ reported, some pics of Tunechi and his entourage skating, and a video that catches Tune not being liked called a “nobody” all after the jump below.

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