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Lil Wayne’s Skateboarding Crew Accused Of Assault

Mon, Apr 9, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

A police report filed in Miami last week accuses Lil Wayne‘s entourage pushing a photographer to the ground in the rain, spitting in his face and smashing his bicycle up with skateboards! This was because the photographer spotted Weezy and his crew skating outside a church that had a “no skateboarding” sign and decided to take some photos of them.

Wayne didn’t like the attention he was getting from the photographer, who had called him a “nobody”, so he sent his 8-men-entourage to take the photographer’s camera and make him delete several of the pictures he took. This is then when the men started pushing the photographer to the ground, beating the crap out of his bicycle and spitting in his face.

You can read what TMZ reported, some pics of Tunechi and his entourage skating, and a video that catches Tune not being liked called a “nobody” all after the jump below.

“Why you taking pictures of ‘nobody’ then? watch what ‘nobody’ does to your fuckin’ face!”

Lil Wayne’s entourage spat in a photog’s face, pushed him to the ground in the rain, then beat the crap out of his bicycle — this according to a police report filed last week in Miami.

According to the report, obtained by TMZ, the photog spotted Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside some church — right beside a “no skateboarding” sign — so he decided to take a few pics.

The photog claims Wayne and his boys packed it in after it started to rain — so he followed the group to their car, snapping pics along the way.

According to the report, Weezy didn’t much like the attention (as you can see in the video) — so he ordered his goons to take the man’s camera … at which point roughly eight men surrounded him, and intimidated him into deleting several of his photos.

The photog claims it didn’t end there — insisting one of Wayne’s dudes spat on him, while another pushed him to the ground. The photog says the group also beat his bicycle with a skateboard.

The photog eventually broke free — and made a beeline straight for the Miami Beach Police Station, where he filed the report.

Calls to Wayne’s people were not returned.

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

Lil Wayne Entourage Accused Of Assault

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  • YCsep27

    what you are doing Wayne?

  • tunebug

    FUCK church , the police , and the fagot who was taking wayne pics. S/O to 5Boro DGK AND TRUKFIT . Skaters Stick Together Fuckin Idiot He got what he deserved. #TRUKdaWURL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • YCsep27

    oh now i understand why you quit rapping

  • jones

    He got goons he dont even gotta shoot!!

  • YCsep27

    hmm you have interruptions runnin both rapping and …:)

  • YCsep27


  • YCsep27

    i just luv u

  • hunter

    Dang Wayne u gotta me smarter if this is true, I thought you would be use to people taking your pic by now


    OK… so i bet you wayne was talking like he did.. the camera feed stopped there.. i’m sure they made him delete some shit, mighta roughed him or shoved him once or twice… big deal.. who cares.. dude got what he deserved. he called wayne a nothing so i wouldnt be surprised if that warranted someone in waynes crew, who wayne is not in charge of, they are their own ppl and make their own decisions, decided to spit on the dude.. good for him, stuck up for his man wayne.. guess that’s the least he can do if he’s prolly leaching a bit of waynes wealth and fame.. waynes tryna chill in public like a normal person in the rain and this one a hole has to be standing there like a lil weenie with a camera… you could tell he was asked to go away and leave and he just decided to stand there forever bcz he felt he was in his right to do so.. imagine how much that would irritate you if you were chilling with your friends and some random guy you dont know if just videotaping u endlessly after u tell him to stop and go away.. it would piss you off, start talking shiiit, and maybe whoop the guys ass.. which is sort of what happened here. i think he should feel lucky he didn’t have to go to any hospitals and was able to walk to the cops and didn’t have his bike stolen or completely broken… sounds like they didn’t even steal or destroy his camera… this guy with the cameras a big whiny attention whorey photographer betch and he just wanted attention, thats why he was video stalking wayne… and he got his attention eventually by filing a police report… what a loser… anyways, we all know that if any of us, real fans, saw wayne at that church out of some random coincidence and he was skating.. he would know we arn’t some mark asss photographer betches and would prolly talk for at least a few seconds.. maybe longer… and honestly, if you asked him nicely, he’d prolly even take a pic with u… he appreciates his fans its when these stupid camera creeps go paparazzi lurking man.. imagine if that was ur crew how much would that piss u off? and ur not even famous (worrying about ur public image and shit)… if someone did that to me and my doods id be HAM

  • “U fuck with me wrong i knock your head off your neck”
    “Bitches try to kick me while im down, i’ll break your leg”


  • YCsep27

    now you understand Wayne is not ‘nobody’

  • YCsep27

    you mugging me you know um mugging back 😉

  • Puzzled

    Niggas should no SKATE.

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • This is not what your suppose to do any where, where it is posted NO SKATE sign.. Now the photographer and Lil Wayne is WRONG WRONG WRONG, It was wrong for Lil Wayne to be skating there, and the photographer knew who Lil Wayne was and had an attitude, when they could of just had a peaceful resolution…. GROW UP People, and Next time LIL WAYNE, dont skate where there is a NO SKATE SIGN, then that way Smart Mouth Paparrazzi’s wont be lurking to making an example out of it, and YOU!! I hate things like this happening …..SMH I love to see you come to Grand Prarie Texas the Got an AWESOME “HOT” YUMS Skate Park Just for you and all your homies!! Come Check it out next time your in DFW!!! Its at The Lone Star RACE PARK @ Gate 1 … God Bless and I hope this isnt blown up to be bigger then what it really is….’HOT MESS”!!

  • Wolf Gang

    Wayne got his white goons to defend him LOL, no more black gangstasss

  • nile

    i don’t understand?? is wayne looking at more jail time or not??

    all i know is wayne is on probabation so he can’t get in any trouble 🙁



  • Disgusting

    I don’t care who you are, no one should be spitting on another person!
    That is a horrible thing to do!

  • projects

    This is after the he’ll ya fuckin right video with drizzy last week….. That’s the church they shot waynes part in

  • U Mad?

    “Why you taking pictures of ‘nobody’ then? watch what ‘nobody’ does to your fuckin’ face!”

  • U Mad?

    Wayne trying to talk and act a G

  • YCsep27

    money aggression:
    fame aggression:
    i mma big thing aggression:
    and they are your old fellows but you are addicted with them thats why aggression is still there_________

  • YCsep27

    @Klassy thanks for typing my words i am tired i dont wanna type more..

  • Last kings

    Everybody is white around weezy now 🙁

  • skater rater

    shows how real our boy tunechi is

  • lolwut

    @TRUKFIT, you said he should go back to staying inside making music when you’re name is based on a brand he made that is almost specifically designed only for skaters and posers. smmfh

  • lolwut

    ^your (sic)

  • NYC

    Lil Wayne going back to Rikers Island

  • youngdessy

    u called mr carter nobody now u have seen wat nobody did to u.dont b rude next time

  • lp

    So much for staying out of trouble while on probation…

  • lol

    calling wayne a ‘nobody’ is pretty ignorant to say the least…im pretty sure everyone in america knows who lil wayne is.

  • siege

    tru dat trukfit is poser wear.
    if ur a real skater u find ur own style and support real skate companies that have been in business for 30 years not the fucking newby nigger line who just realized what skateboarding is after years of wearing basketball shorts and “ice” haha gimme a break with this bullshits

  • Slim






    Im a grown ass man,stop playin wit me,play asshole nd get an ass whippin….dat paparazi got wat he deserved.#TEAM TUNECHI

  • Slim


  • i

    god i fucking swear stupid ass photographers these days so fuckin mental. if wayne wants to skate in front of a church he can!! he has money and fame nd can do pretty much anything he wants right now. obviously the hes gonna get pissed at the camera guy i wood to. and he called him a nobody!!! omfg the guy needed his ass beat so hard. also the guy wanted to look for trouble and act all tough cuz he knew weezy was gonna say something of course, and wen his friends stood up for wayne, the camera guy runs to the fucking police like a pussy cuz his bike was “vandalized” and one of the skaters spit in his face. HE SURELY FUCKING DESERVED IT! and now this is a fucking crime case? people these days needa know who they r fucking with especially if its tunechi.

  • Tha Don

    He’s back. The old tune that everyone loved. nh tho

  • mattehw

    Hmmmm, hhmmmm, hmmmmm…how ssad…¨Act, dont react¨, be slow to talk, quick to listen and slow to anger…he should have acted wiser man. Dont try to defend him just bc he makes good songs and has a reputation, or has money or whatever, thats like lowering urself to him…I admire wayne but for me, doesnt matter how much you have done in ur past but if this is his heart and attitude, no respect at all from me. And if he is man enough, go fight his own fight, stand up for himself, not send other ¨goons¨, a real man fights his own battles. Yeah I know the camera man did wrong, but if wayne so insecure that he let himself be mind gamed by him, thats like hearing a little kid telling u dumb, and u ignore him bc he doesnt know better.
    wayne, wayne…i expected better, i bet he thinks he is the best and above us, no one is above anyone, he should have respected the rules and not ¨truk¨over them.

  • mattehw

    At the same time, its just my opinion. who am i to say anything, just a wayne fan.

  • 5eba88

    this is now becoming a joke, and is quite sad for ppl who have supported wayne this whole time..i feel cheated

  • lilwayne>allrappers


  • greg

    makes me think wayne is a fresh piece of shit… Slime. Get over your midlife crisis and stop skateboarding and go back in the studio where you belong. Leave the white trash skaters in the park. thanks

  • YCsep27

    dry head!!???


    he needed some kind of sport activity.. hes got no reefer right now

  • Kay B

    Tha muhfcker gt wat he deserved who tha fck calls Wayne a nobody, fck thts tha greatest man in hip hop history nigga r u dumb tht guy is tha best rapper alive if nt of all tym.

  • Don ibrowayne @ Nigeria

    False story…
    All the pictures were photo-shopped…
    Cos i just call 1 of weezy’s close aide and she said its false…

  • YCsep27

    so wats tha true story?

  • Tunechiluver#1

    Well Wayne, u didn’t do..well..the practical thing. U stuck it out, but as long as u don’t get in trouble 4 this, then i guess whats done is done. 🙂

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTune

    This pisses me off so very badly. Why can’t Wayne or nebody else who’s famous

    have a freaken life without stupid ppl like this comin up and startin shit ? I dnt

    understand how someone thinks it’s ok to STALK him or neone else just b/c they

    make music, act, or whatever. LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE ! Maybe u wouldn’t

    have gotten cursed out and shit if yu weren’t tryna be hard and tlk to him like that

    simply b/c yu knew yu were filming and yu thought it made yu look tough. Yu

    wanted to be the “Guy who cursed out Lil Wayne” but now ur mad b/c ur the “Guy

    who got embarrassed by Wayne’s entourage.”

  • If I were tune,I would silence him 6 feet underground

  • Steve-0

    “wheres my skateboard!! ” what a whiney bitch …wayne i used to be a huge fan..but ever since you started this whole “i dont give a shit” attitude towards EVERYTHING, i cant even listen to you anymore…you dress like a retard, how many Fuckin times are you gonna rap about pussy, money, and weed (which you dont smoke anymore you idiot) ..when are you gonna stop sounding like your on fucking Ketamine when you rap and actually have some flow and energy rather than how you’ve sounded on “Faded”,”Two Shots”, “Bang Bang Pow Pow” “Up Up and Away” and so many othe fucking sad excuses for rap music…or how bout someone addresses that youve literally written the book on How to Fall Off and you hopping on a skateboard only made this happen faster…your a grown ass man with 2 fucking kids…and all you can talk about is fucking skating (a HOBBY which you arent even close to good at) youve let your fans down by abandoning your music work ethic…its always your newest thing that you think makes you think your the sweetest shit to ever hit the fuckin pot…first the tats, then the teeth, then the hair, then playing the fuckin guitar, now this fucking bullshit with skateboarding …no one wants to hear you rap about how you ollied off a curb with a bunch of fuckin burnout white kids …

  • Tina

    Lmaoo Wayne is the fcking best rapper ALIVE . Most of ya are talking shit on his website smh no life

  • Jus

    Greatest rapper alive !!

  • Jus

    I agree wit ms.boss

  • Gibson

    Uhm, what do you expect when you talk shit to someone. I dare that guy go up to a group of people not famous and pull that shit, it would probably end worse fucking moron.

  • That photographer got what he deserved stop snappin photos and Getty life! I’m glad Tune and his posse fucked his bike up haha! YMCMB we don’t play!

  • @Kay B I agree bruh he got what he deserved callin WAYNE nobody wtf he is THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME! The fuckin photographers a nobody I’m glad they spit in the niggas face! And I hope they don’t try to send Tune to jail for a lil since he’s on probation and he was accused of assailulting that pussy ass photographer!!

  • …baby G…

    Neh, poor photographer wz juc doin his job, ok, myb went a lil bit outa line by caLlin wayne a nobody, buh wayne shouldn’t have gotten so angry, cuz he know he famous and if he duz anything ta da guy, he prolly gon sue him o sum shit like that

  • Miz-D’zireYMCMB

    He’s lucky he lived ta tell the story, non skating area yeah but who is he to tell tha whol world bout it? Paparazzi only focus on negativ ish. That’ll teach em. These ppl must learn not to stick they nose wher it shudn be

  • Tumbs up .tunechi baby .pls dnt fuck wit weezzy .or he put d pistol on ur grampa

  • Stanley Yelnats

    He’s a dam keta-rat now, hasnt been a worthy rapper in 10 years get off his nuts listen to some hip-hop or rap from before this god awful time in history where rap should be forgotten.