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Lil Wayne: Behind The Music [Sneak Peak] + Birdman “Priceless” Cover

Ok, yesterday we posted ‘Lil Wayne: Behind The Music [Sneak Peak]‘ and ‘Lil Wayne Explains Why He Stopped Writing Down Music In ‘Behind The Music’‘, but for our non-US visitors, the video would not play, and a lot of you left a comment saying can you post another video.

So thanks to Yardie, you can now watch the video above from wherever you are and also see the preview for 50 Cent’s “Behind The Music” 😛 8)

Also, as a bonus hit the jump below to see the official front cover for Birdman‘s upcoming album, Priceless:

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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Stopped Writing Down Music In ‘Behind The Music’

This video works for people outside of the USA as well.

In the rapper’s upcoming “Behind the Music” special, set to air September 10 on VH1, he talks openly about scrapping his rhyme books during a furious recording session, where he transformed from Cash Money‘s young sidekick to the label’s heavyweight superstar.

“The only way I won’t be able to rap anything I’ve written again is to record everything I’ve ever written before once,” he explained of what led to his now notebook-free style.

The result was a 35-minute freestyle called “10,000 Bars,” on which Wayne‘s disjointed rhymes, parts of various working songs, become a cathartic release and set the tone for his memorable mixtape run and a series of Carter albums.

“That changed Wayne as an artist,” his longtime manager, Cortez Bryant, said.

I think this is crazy how Wayne doesn’t write nothing down anymore and it just shows how great of an artist he actually is. Also, I can’t wait for this “Behind the Music” to air on 10th September.

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Lil Wayne: Behind The Music [Sneak Peak]

Above is a sneak peek of what’s to come from Lil Wayne‘s Behind The Music segment. This show will air on 10th September at 10PM on VH1.

Enjoy 8)


Lil Wayne “VH1: Behind The Music” Premieres 10 September

Lil Wayne VH1 Behind The Music Premieres 10 September

Premieres September 10th at 9pm et/pt By the time he was 11 years old, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., aka Lil Wayne, had lost his virginity, dealt drugs, snorted cocaine and nearly shot himself to death after accidentally pulling the trigger on a gun he found in his mother’s bedroom. That was life in the dangerous, poverty stricken neighborhood on New Orleans 17th ward, where Lil Wayne grew up. A musical prodigy, hip hop was Wayne’s ticket to a better life.

As a nine year old, he began recording rhymes with his surrogate family and mentors, Baby and Slim Williams, who owned the fledging label, Cash Money Records. Together, they shared in Wayne’s success, first as a teenage sensation with the Hot Boys, then as a solo artist. But Wayne’s path to stardom was littered with personal challenges.

The violence of New Orleans struck again as his stepfather was gunned down when Wayne was just 14. To support his mother he dropped out of high school and put everything he had into jumpstarting his music career. A year later, at 15, Wayne became a father and now had a family to support. Then, just as his solo career was taking flight, his hometown was decimated by Hurricane Katrina, a tragedy that profoundly affected Wayne.

Rumors of an addiction to prescription cough syrup and an arrest in New York City for gun possession only fueled the controversy surrounding the outlaw rapper. Regarded as a renegade, Wayne then released a prolific and game changing record, Tha Carter III. Almost instantly, Lil Wayne rocketed to superstardom and became the pop icon of 2008. The self proclaimed “greatest rapper alive” received the ultimate validation when Wayne walked away with four Grammy Awards, completing a remarkable journey for the 27 year old.

We last posted that it was airing August 6th, but it has changed to September 10th now! Will anyone be tuning in to watch this ❓