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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Stopped Writing Down Music In ‘Behind The Music’

Wed, Sep 2, 2009 by

This video works for people outside of the USA as well.

In the rapper’s upcoming “Behind the Music” special, set to air September 10 on VH1, he talks openly about scrapping his rhyme books during a furious recording session, where he transformed from Cash Money‘s young sidekick to the label’s heavyweight superstar.

“The only way I won’t be able to rap anything I’ve written again is to record everything I’ve ever written before once,” he explained of what led to his now notebook-free style.

The result was a 35-minute freestyle called “10,000 Bars,” on which Wayne‘s disjointed rhymes, parts of various working songs, become a cathartic release and set the tone for his memorable mixtape run and a series of Carter albums.

“That changed Wayne as an artist,” his longtime manager, Cortez Bryant, said.

I think this is crazy how Wayne doesn’t write nothing down anymore and it just shows how great of an artist he actually is. Also, I can’t wait for this “Behind the Music” to air on 10th September.

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  • Tez looks funny with his glasses lol

  • Ooohhh

    Tez always wears them 😆

  • Fresh King

    Anyone know where I can download this 10,000 bars song? Thx



  • izzi32

    whats behind the music a serie or a move?

  • abc123LOL

    I wanna hear 10.000 bars yo. hahahahaha that shit must be fire

  • lred

    I’m pretty sure they talking about the SQ7 tape

  • abc123LOL

    Actually, I think the “10 000 bars” is a mixtape called Before The Carter 🙂

  • 10, 000 Bars is the SQ7 Tape. DL it here

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    whas that SQ7 for carter 1 ?
    it looks like it could be the 10000 barz tape cuz its all freestyle and i think it is like 35 minutes long

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    but it says 10000 barz was just 1 freestyle and this ones are all little freestyles

  • luiseezy

    come on i know u can get a longer video of dis

  • wHsick

    I need to get my hands on that track. 😀

  • @ L.I.L 10,000 bars wasn’t freestyles they were verses he wrote down and spit off paper on different beats until he ran out of verses thats why they’re split up

  • L.I.L.’.W.A.Y.N.E

    okay so the SQ7 tape is 10000 barz?

  • Greatest Rapper in HISTORY…not alive

  • man wayne is a genous thats my motherfuckin nigga i been fuck with wayne since hot boys

  • obamababy1982

    I used to have the 10,000 bars tape back in 2002, but it was recorded way back in 2000 . He did this before 500 degreez and before carter 1. He was only 18 years old, I remember hearing him say his age. And the original 10,000 bars freestyle wasn’t broken in different tracks, it was all one long freestlye and as the beats kept changing he kept rapping… I must say, I never heard anybody else do that before, and the fact that he was only 18 is crazzzy

  • I used to respect wayne. He put out all those mixtapes & came with hard ass lyrics. But not enough people know he had a ghost writer since he was 16. We’ll never know what he actually “wrote”. He was caught “freestyling” his album a while back. Everyone was rapping along as he “freestyled”.

    sad to say, but wayne’s just an image

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  • ii cant wait to c dis…

  • gazz

    A week tomorrow ya digg

  • i cant wait for the show

  • Icant wait c show on sept.11

  • YoUnCaRteR

    hes a beast dogg!..jus amazing THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  • jminor01

    wow wayne is on another level how can u freestyle and remember all of these songs its just crazy

  • humairrr

    I also read in an interview, about 4 months ago, of lil wayne that he said:
    i don’t believe in the bible, because nothing that’s written down is to be believed.
    that means he be talkin the truth when he’s spitting, but somethings don’t make sense,
    he said that he never killed somebody but in songs he talks about that he kills people etc.
    that’s what i find so strange..

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  • they spit them all up. . . but he didnt stop the whole time(they just kept playin instrumentalz one after a nother, cause he says”idk this was up next nd then gets off”)

  • split*

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  • Weezy F Kobe

    jus to let u niggaz knw gay-z never writes his lyrics down either and hes been doing it alot longer than wayne fyi

  • Graphiics

    How can ya’ll say your Wayne fans and not have heard 10,000 thats when i knew it was over even after hotboys i had my doubts. Wayne needs ta do it again after a min of slacking songs hopefully forever can bring him back cuz he went in. if u aint hear 10,000 i suggest you download it ur gunna need alot of time he spits some real shit

  • ASID


  • (The) bëst räppër älïvë

    man listin.!

    10,000 bars is some hard shitt.! but writinq music down is what held him back.!

    Lil Wayne has crazy lyrics in many sonqs.! and name one that dosent make sence and I’ll prove it does.!

    Lil wayne is a rapper, no Lil wayne is THE rapper…he hasnt even ben in the qame that lonq…but yet…he’ll murder your favorite artist.!

    eminem, kanye, 50, anybody.!

    Lil wayne’ll kill em.!

    he’s the realest, illest, baddest, and best rapper alive

    point blank period.!

  • BreezythekdBooqie

    10,000 bars!! Omqq possibly the most I have ever heard,,I went 02 and typed in lil wayne 10,000 bars and I downloaded it,,the sonqs were so lonq that they had 02 be separated into four parts,sadly they only posted 3 parts and I still haven’t heard that last part but that shit is fuckin fire!!

  • Trackfiend

    Wayne goes hard on 10000 bars. But where can you download the whole uninterupted track? I know he doesn’t sale mixtapes so iTunes can’t have them =\

  • iCronic

    I don’t think anyone is actually grasping the concept of this.

    10,000 Bars was a 35 minute, uninterrupted rap where he spits EVERYTHING he ever had written down. As he is spitting in the song he is tearing out pages and throwing them on the floor. There is a few spots where he does freestyle in the song but it is not all one giant freestyle.

    You can find the song on NUMEROUS sites. is where i found my copy of it. Just search for “Lil Wayne 10,000 Bars” and you will find it.

    Wayne stopped writing down music because he didn’t want to be rapping about what happened, he wants to rap about what is happening now. As we all can tell, he is a lyrical genius either way he decides to go and will go down in history on changing the game and opening up the remix revolution.

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