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YFL Kelvin Calls Lil Wayne One Of His Biggest Influences, Says Wayne’s VH1 Documentary Made Him Want To Be A Rapper [Video]

YFL Kelvin Calls Lil Wayne One Of His Biggest Influences, Says His VH1 Documentary Made Him Want To Be A Rapper

YFL Kelvin recently sat down with 247HH for an interview that you can check out below.

During their conversation, Kelvin revealed that the rappers who inspired him the most are Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, 50 Cent and Dipset.

The Cleveland rapper then went into more detail about why Weezy is one of his biggest inspirations and that is because he came into the music industry hungry at a very young age.

Kelvin also recalled when Tunechi dropped his Da Drought mixtape around the same time that PSP (PlayStation Portable) came out and he used to play NBA 2K while listening to every Tune song. He even mentioned that watching Wayne‘s VH1 documentary about his life made him want to become a rapper!

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Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Covers? & More

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Anyone remember these pictures from the Lil Wayne: Behind The Music special ❓ Well, rumors are going around that these will be the front and back covers for Weezy‘s upcoming album, Rebirth.

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Lil Wayne Rebirth Cover

Also, in the video below R.A. The Rugged Man speaks hates on Lil Wayne:

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Videos: Lil Wayne On VH1 “Behind The Music”

Below, are all the videos for Lil Wayne‘s “Behind The Music” that aired that last night on VH1. If you didn’t get to watch the show or you just want to re-watch it, then now you can 🙂

Part 1:

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Videos: Lil Wayne’s “Behind The Music” Bonus Clips

Here are some clips from Lil Wayne‘s VH1 “Behind The Music” show that is airing tonight. If your going to be watching this show later, then there is no point in watching these videos 😛 Just wait for tonight haha.

Lil Wayne talks about how young minded he was when his father passed away and the need to escape his home during the difficult time:

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Reminder: Lil Wayne’s “Behind The Music” Is Tonight

Reminder: Lil Wayne

Wassup Young Moneyians, just giving you all the reminder that Lil Wayne‘s “Behind The Music” premieres tonight on VH1 at 10:00PM.

The show will document Weezy‘s life as a musician including how he lost his virginity at the age of 11, dealt drugs, snorted cocaine, New Orleans, Cash Money Records, family, Hurricane Katrina, syrup, his albums, Grammy Awards, and it will also show the tale of how a cop saved Wayne from an early death.

You can see a sneak peak of the show here.

Is anyone else looking forward to watching this then tonight ❓ 😀