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Mannie Fresh Speaks On His & Lil Wayne’s Upcoming “Fresh Files” Joint Project

Mannie Fresh Speaks On His & Lil Wayne Upcoming Fresh Files Joint Project

For the anniversaries of “Bling Bling” and Tha Block Is Hot, which both turn 20-years-old this year, Mannie Fresh chopped it up with XXL for an interview.

While discussing the classic single and classic album, Mannie revealed what advice he gave to Lil Wayne, explained the Fresh Files project will be full of songs which didn’t make Tha Carter V, and disclosed what we can expect from that project, and more.

“Shit, I got about two albums worth of songs on Wayne.”

You can check out everything that Fresh said after the jump below! Are you looking forward to hearing his and Wayne‘s upcoming album?

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Lil Wayne Jams Out To His Older Music At Oak Room In Charlotte [Video]

Lil Wayne Jams Out To His Older Music At Oak Room In Charlotte

I previously posted up footage of Lil Wayne performing live at Oak Room nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina a couple of months ago, and now we can see some more footage of him at the club.

During the 2018 CIAA Weekend event on March 2nd that was hosted by Tunechi and Gucci Mane with DJ Stevie J on the decks, Tune was spotted in VIP chilling and jamming out to his older songs like “Earthquake“, “Bling Bling“, “Go DJ“, and more.

Hit the jump to view the clips of Weezy at Oak Room in NC!

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Mannie Fresh Calls Lil Wayne A Genius + Talks Missy Elliott Being A Fan Of Wayne At A Young Age, “Bling Bling” & More

Mannie Fresh Calls Lil Wayne A Genius + Talks Missy Elliott Being A Fan Of Wayne At A Young Age, Bling Bling & More

Chedo from The Come Up Show caught up with Mannie Fresh earlier this month and chopped it up with him for over an hour on the latest episode of their weekly podcast.

Throughout the interview, Mannie spoke on Lil Wayne a numerous amount of times including why he always thought Wayne was a genius from a very young age, how Weezy felt at 17-years-old when Missy Elliott told him she enjoyed his music, trying to please Tunechi‘s mother with their music, Tune‘s childhood, Cash Money Records, “Bling Bling“, and plenty more.

You can listen to the full conversation after the jump below. Enjoy!

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LeBron James Reunites Hot Boys At “Beats x NOLA” Event In New Orleans, Lil Wayne Wasn’t Feeling The Crowd At First [Videos]

LeBron James Reunites Hot Boys At BeatsxNOLA Event In New Orleans, Lil Wayne Wasnt Feeling The Crowd At First

On February 18th, Lil Wayne attended the “Beats x NOLA” event during NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana that was hosted by Beats By Dre and LeBron James.

While at the party, Weezy performed live with 2 Chainz, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. He also reunited with Juvenile, Turk and Mannie Fresh on stage to perform songs like “Bling Bling” and “We On Fire“. LeBron even got on the mic to say a few words:

“I don’t know if these people fully appreciate what’s going on tonight. We got motherfuckin’ Hot Boys in this motherfucker right now. I gotta make sure, because this is my party, I gotta make sure that people fully understand what’s going on tonight. We got Tunechi, Juvie, Mannie, Turk in here tonight in their backyard in New Orleans. I grew up on these boys right here, I grew up on these boys right here. I had to let y’all know that everything that goes on tonight, you better appreciate the shit, because it may not happen again.”

However, it wasn’t all good at the start of the show as Tunechi said he wasn’t feeling how dead the crowd was and for his manager to not book him for anything else like this in the future:

“I don’t know what kind of event they done invited me to, but this look like some kind of ball or something cause y’all ain’t moving. Y’all act like y’all got on nice dresses or something, nice shoes. I am the wrong motherfucker to hire for this type of situation, I don’t know what they done. I need to talk to my motherfuckin’ manager cause I don’t know what’s going on, they done put me in a R&B situation and I am a real Blood. Anyway ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tunechi, you in my city, I made this motherfucker.”

You can check out some clips of Tune from the event after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Reunites With Sqad Up & Hot Boys At His “Lil Weezyana Fest” In New Orleans [Videos]

Lil Wayne Reunites With Sqad Up & Hot Boys At His Lil Weezyana Fest In New Orleans

As we already know, Lil Wayne held his 1st annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” at Champions Square’s Bold Sphere Music in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 28th. I can’t post the full video of Weezy‘s live performance that was broadcasted on TIDAL, but you can watch some footage recorded from the crowd below.

In the clips, Lil Wayne can be seen opening up his concert by performing “Mr. Carter” live, as well as reuniting and performing live with Sqad Up‘s Gudda Gudda, Kidd Kidd, Dizzy and Fee Banks, the Hot Boys‘ Juvenile and Turk, Master P, No Limit, Mannie Fresh, and Curren$y.

Click here to also check out Drake performing his Meek Mill diss song “Back To Back” and “Know Yourself” live with a little help from Tunechi, Drizzy giving Wayne a cool compliment on stage, and Tune announcing that Nicki Minaj could not be in attendance!

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What Went Down At Lil Wayne’s 1st Annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” In New Orleans?

What Went Down At Lil Wayne 1st Annual Lil Weezyana Fest In New Orleans

The 1st annual “Lil Weezyana Fest” took place tonight at Champions Square’s Bold Sphere Music in Lil Wayne‘s hometown New Orleans, Louisiana. If you could not be in attendance, Jay Z’s streaming service TIDAL let anyone with an account watch the full show live as it happened.

Personally this was one of the greatest Tunechi concerts I have ever watched and my highlight was seeing a Sqad Up reunion on stage with Tune rapping his verses from the Sqad Up tapes word for word. He also mentioned throughout the show that he hopes to do a “Lil Weezyana Fest” every single year like how Drake does his “OVO Fest”.

Weezy brought plenty of special guests out tonight including: Drake, Ms. Tee, Big Freedia, DJ Jubilee, Cory Gunz, 5th Ward Weebie, Jake Troth, Shanell, August Alsina, Dizzy, Kidd Kidd, Gudda Gudda, Fee Banks, Curren$y, Mannie Fresh, Mack Maine, Juvenile, Turk, Hood, Euro, Master P and No Limit, and Jae Millz.

It was good to see Wayne take it back and perform songs off his older projects too, such as “Georgia Bush“, “Dedication 2 (Bang Bang)“, “I Miss My Dawgs“, “Kush“, “We Ready“, “Guess Who’s Back?“, “Best Of Me“, “Bling Bling“, “Project Bitch“, and plenty more. The biggest disappointment was when TIDAL had to cut off viewers from watching Drizzy’s set as he is under contract with Apple.

I have listed every song that Mr. Carter performed live at his 2015 “Lil Weezyana Fest” after the jump below. What was your favorite part or parts of the concert? Let me know in the comments section!

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