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Lil Wayne Calls Tony Hawk An “Innovator” & Says He Is The Reason He Is Breaking Bones [Video]

Lil Wayne Calls Tony Hawk An Innovator & Says He Is The Reason He Is Breaking Bones

For the final week of July, The Berrics dedicated every day to professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and grabbed numerous people to talk about the impact he has had on the skateboarding culture.

One of these people was Lil Wayne, who thanked Tony and called him an “innovator”, as well as said he is the reason that he is out here breaking his clavicle when he didn’t even know what one of them was.

You can watch Wayne thank Hawk for #TonyHawkWeek and shout out his son Riley Hawk after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne Calls His Latest Skateboarding Injury “Fun” [Video]

In the video above, Lil Wayne explains his latest skateboarding injury to MTV backstage after his performance at Hot 107.9’s 2012 Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia on June 16th.

“I broke my clavicle, like, two months ago. What happened was, I didn’t go to the doctor when I broke it, so it healed on its own. Whenever you let a break heal on its own, it don’t heal right, so I got a lot of bone callouses around it.”

“So this tape keeps my bone from popping out of my skin,” Wayne said, pointing to his shoulder with a childlike grin. “It’s fun.”

Weezy previously showed us a bone sticking out of his shoulder on set of the “Pop That” video shoot on Memorial Day Weekend.