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Lil Wayne Re-Releases His “Free Weezy Album” On Streaming Platforms

Lil Wayne Re-Releases His Free Weezy Album On Streaming Platforms

What a surprise! For the 5-year anniversary, Lil Wayne has re-released his Free Weezy Album with some beat changes on all music streaming services after it was only originally available on TIDAL.

The good news is that Tunechi has added the previously leaked “We Livin’ Like That” to the tracklist and more people will get to hear this amazing album as it seemed to be the only real Tune fans who had heard it. However, the bad news is that a few of the songs have been removed – “He’s Dead“, “I Feel Good“, “Thinking About You“, and “Without You” featuring Bibi Bourelly.

You can stream the full FWA project that includes features from Jake Troth, HoodyBaby, Cory Gunz, N.O. Capo, Junior Reid, Euro, Wiz Khalifa, and Jeezy below. We can be looking forward to the music video for “Glory (which also has a new beat) premiering soon. I wonder why Weezy is still claiming the white cop who saved him, Uncle Bob, is dead at the end of “London Roads” when he is actually alive?

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Lil Wayne Attends Gudda Gudda’s Birthday Party At Exchange Miami Nightclub [Pictures & Video]

Lil Wayne Attends Gudda Gudda Birthday Party At Exchange Miami Nightclub

Lil Wayne made an appearance during Gudda Gudda‘s birthday party at Exchange Miami nightclub in Florida on March 11th.

Their Young Money label-mates Mack Maine, Cory Gunz, Lil Twist, Jay Jones, and Poppy H were also in attendance.

You can check out some footage and photos of Wayne at Double G‘s birthday event after the jump below!

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Mike Banger Talks Working With Lil Wayne, First Starting As An Intern For Him, Witnessing The Pressure Of Being The “Best Rapper Alive” & More

Mike Banger Talks Working With Lil Wayne, First Starting As An Intern For Him, Witnessing The Pressure Of Being The Best Rapper Alive & More

Towards the end of last year, Lil Wayne‘s former RIAA-certified, multi-Platinum and Grammy award-winning recording engineer Mike Banger sat down with Art Morera to appear on episode 46 of the Media Noche Podcast.

If you didn’t already know, Mike has recorded and mixed numerous Tunechi projects including Tha Carter IV, Rebirth, I Am Not A Human Being 1 and 2, We Are Young Money, Sorry 4 The Wait, Dedication 4 and 5, and No Ceilings etc, as well as also produced a few songs for Tune.

In this 1 hour and 30 minute interview, Banger spoke about numerous things such as working with Lil Wayne, witnessing the pressure of Wayne having the “Best Rapper Alive” title, first starting as an intern for Mr. Carter around Tha Carter days (recalls buying him Popeyes in the middle of the night), and much more. The parts about Weezy start from the 19:40 mark and last throughout the whole conversation.

PS: “YM Banger” from I Am Not A Human Being was named after Mike Banger because he produced, recorded and mixed all of the song himself!

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Cory Gunz Says Him & Lil Wayne Have So Much Unreleased Fire Music Together [Video]

Cory Gunz Says Him & Lil Wayne Have So Much Unreleased Fire Music Together

Cory Gunz recently sat down with DJ Thoro and Hynaken for an interview with ThisIs50 to promote his upcoming project called Kriminal Minded.

At the start of their conversation, the Gunna confirmed he is still signed to Young Money and revealed that him and Lil Wayne have so much unreleased “fire” music, which Wayne is saving, but he does not know when the songs will drop.

Before the interview wrapped up, the YM artist also spat a freestyle for the camera. You can check it all out in the video after the jump below! Are you ready to hear some new Cory and Weezy?

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“Tha Carter III” Collaborators Discuss Lil Wayne’s Iconic Album

Tha Carter III Collaborators Discuss Lil Wayne Iconic Album

For the tenth anniversary of Tha Carter III on June 10th, Billboard asked a few of the people involved with the classic Lil Wayne album to speak all about it.

Producers Bangladesh, Play-N-Skillz, Dre from Cool & Dre, and David Banner, as well as singer Bobby V discussed how the C3 songs came together and what the album’s legacy is looking like.

You can check out everything what they all had to say below. My favorite story has to be Banner revealing how he originally created “La La” for the film Shrek, but Wayne was like: “Fuck Shrek! I want that!”

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Producer Bangladesh Talks All About Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” Single For It’s 10-Year Anniversary

Producer Bangladesh Talks All About Lil Wayne A Milli Single For 10 Year Anniversary

Lil Wayne‘s “A Milli” single off his Tha Carter III album, which was produced by Bangladesh, officially turned 10-years-old on February 13th.

For it’s 10-year anniversary, the producer chatted to Complex all about the song, such as creating the beat, how it ended up in Tunechi‘s hands, the sample, his reaction to first hearing what Tune did over the instrumental (he wasn’t feeling it at first), the legacy of it, his thoughts on everyone freestyling over the beat, Cory Gunz being on the original version of the track, and more.

Hit the jump to read everything what Bangladesh said about Weezy‘s “A Milli” record. It seems like only yesterday when the original version of “A Milli” leaked!

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