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Lil Wayne Talks Super Bowl 50 Commercial, Beyonce, Cam Newton Criticism, “ColleGrove”, Alex Ovechkin, Von Miller & More On “SportsCenter”

Lil Wayne Talks Super Bowl 50 Commercial, Beyonce, Cam Newton Criticism, ColleGrove, Alex Ovechkin, Von Miller & More On SportsCenter

Lil Wayne visited ESPN last night (February 16th) to make an appearance on SportsCenter and chop it up with Stan Verrett for a one on one interview, which you can check out below.

Weezy spoke on a number of topics like his Super Bowl 50 commercial with George Washington, Beyonce‘s live performance at halftime of the Super Bowl, why he thinks the criticism around Cam Newton is “wack”, ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, how he finds time to watch so much sports, who his good friends are that are athletes, and more.

Also during their conversation, Tunechi discussed not knowing that the song he performed with 2 Chainz on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” 2 days ago is called “Rolls Royce Weather Everyday“, shooting a video with Chainz for another song off ColleGrove, and Von Miller sending him a video of himself in his kitchen bumping No Ceilings right before the Super Bowl game!

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Lil Wayne Talks Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto Fight, Boxing, Giving Adrien Broner Hard Criticism & More

Lil Wayne Talks Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto Fight, Boxing, Giving Adrien Broner Hard Criticism & More

Tomorrow on September 12th, Floyd Mayweather will be fighting Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada at 8PM EST. Lil Wayne has confirmed to ESPN that he will be ringside at this boxing match, but he didn’t confirm whether or not he would be performing live next to Mayweather as he walks to the ring, so I guess we are going to have to wait and see.

Weezy also discussed how he first got into boxing, Floyd Mayweather ringing him up to tell him he is a fan, walking Mayweather to the ring in 2013 and 2014 with Justin Bieber, what the atmosphere is like in Mayweather‘s locker room, if he thinks this will be Mayweather‘s final fight, why he is looking forward to tomorrow’s fight, and giving Adrien Broner some hard criticism.

You can read the full conversation between Tunechi and ESPN after the jump below. Who do you think will win the fight tomorrow?

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Infamous Talks Working With Lil Wayne On “FWA”, “Tha Carter V”, “I Feel Good” & More

Infamous Talks Working With Lil Wayne On The Free Weezy Album, Tha Carter 5, I Feel Good & More

Producer Infamous recently chopped it up with Complex for an interview about his work on Lil Wayne‘s Free Weezy Album, as well as what it was like working with Wayne.

Infamous discussed how the song “Glory” came about, Tunechi‘s work ethic in the studio, what a studio session is like with Tune, the “I Feel Good” song, the reaction to FWA from fans and bloggers, if he thinks Weezy has anything left to prove in music and is still relevant, Tha Carter V, and more.

You can read the full conversation after the jump below!

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50 Cent Talks About The Criticism Lil Wayne Gets, Says “Dedication 5” Was Dope

50 Cent Talks About The Criticism On Lil Wayne, Says Dedication 5 Was Dope

While chatting to Complex at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 50 Cent was discussing how when a music artist reaches a certain level of success and fame, people will always compare their new music to their old projects whether the new music was good, or not so good.

As an example of the point he was trying to make, he uses Lil Wayne and says we’re experiencing the feedback with his new music right now. Fiddy also mentioned that he thinks Weezy‘s Dedication 5 mixtape is dope!

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Lil Wayne Reveals Plenty Of Details About His “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album & More

Lil Wayne Interview With MTVs Sway

After premiering the No Worries” music video, Lil Wayne sat down with MTV’s Sway at the TRUKFIT Training Facility for a one on one interview.

During this interview, Weezy F Baby spoke on his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album – what the new release date for it is, which producers are involved, who is featured on it, what some of the songs are titled, if there will be any leftovers on the project from his previous albums, and more. Tunechi also mentioned that Kanye West will not be involved with the music on I Am Not A Human Being II, but instead he will be designing the album packaging.

Some of the other subjects Wayne and Sway touched on were: starting a sports show with Nelly, skateboarding, his style, criticism, his Young Money artists, a skateboarding crew called “Fuck Weezy’s Campaign”, plans for Thanksgiving, his children, retiring with a Tha Carter V album, going on a worldwide tour in 2013, and plenty more!

You can view the full interview in all of the clips after the jump below. I am sure you will all find this interview extremely interesting like I did, mainly because it is very rare we get this type of Tune interview. If you cannot watch the videos below, I have tried to describe exactly what Weezy is saying in them all, which you can read underneath each video.

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