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Lil Wayne Teases “Tha Carter V” Release Date, Says “Da Other Album” Will Drop 2 Months After

Lil Wayne Teases Tha Carter 5 Release Date, Says Da Other Album Will Drop 2 Months After C5

While on set of the “Krazy” video shoot in Los Angeles earlier this morning, MTV asked Lil Wayne about his upcoming Tha Carter V album and his upcoming Da Other Album.

Weezy F Baby says he has finished recording Tha Carter V and that he doesn’t know when it will be released, but he does think it might drop at the end of August. He also mentioned that Da Other Album aka DOA will drop two months after C5 drops.

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Episode 17 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Episode 17 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

Check out this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” clip, which shows Lil Wayne announcing he will be dropping two albums this year.

Tune explains he has recorded so many songs for Tha Carter V that he will be putting out another album this year as well as C5, which he says will be called Da Other Album. He also hinted at dropping 7 albums next year, so I guess we can say he won’t be retiring after Tha Carter V.

Click here to watch episode 16 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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Lil Wayne Shows You How And Where He Records His Rhymes

On Monday, DJ Scoob Doo gave MTV News a behind-the-scenes preview of his new DVD, “The Nino Brown Story Pt. 2,” featuring Lil Wayne reflecting on his past. Now Scoob graced us with another preview, showing us how Wayne really gets down in the studio.

You would imagine that a Lil Wayne recording session would involve a smoke-filled room and Weezy bobbing spastically in the booth, spitting an onslaught of lyrics at the mic. The fact that Wayne doesn’t write anything down only adds to the legend but it’s the small things that set Wayne apart from the rest.

Wayne is shown listening to the playback of a freestyle he spit over Jay-Z’s “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)” for his No Ceilings mixtape, and he’s not sure if he’s getting his point across.

“Say, because I said, ‘Getting swallowed in a Maybach,’ I meant the Maybach’s so big. I don’t want n—a thinking I’m getting h— in the Maybach.”

After a sip of his juice, a lightbulb seemly goes off in his head and Wayne runs back into the booth. He asks his engineer to play the sound back from a certain point and begins to re-record the lines, “I do it for my team Tim Tebow, n—a/ I’m killin’ this shit, grim reap flow n—a/ Getting swallowed by the Maybach, deep throat n—a.”

According to DJ Scoob Doo, Wayne’s partner on the DVD, the clip was shot in the wee hours of the morning in the rapper’s Miami condo. “You get to see how much fun Lil Wayne has making songs. It’s phenomenal to see somebody at 7 o’clock in the morning or 8 o’clock in the morning after being in the studio for a good 10, 12 hours and still having fun.”

Wanye exited the booth excited to hear the small change, and then turned to the camera to explain the importance of paying attention to detail.

“That’s important, rappers, on the real — two-letter words are important. You gotta change sh–. Think about the things you say, because people are listening,” Wayne said. “It’s simple, but it’s important.

“And this is just a mixtape.”

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