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Feature Friday #227: Fats – Maria (Feat Lil Wayne & Truth Hurts)

Fats Maria Feat Lil Wayne & Truth Hurts

For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition, I have picked a single from Fats called “Maria” featuring Lil Wayne and Truth Hurts.

Unfortunately, there is no more information about this song at all other than the fact it was recorded back in 2003.

“I’m like me and my girlfriend, 03 Bonnie & Clyde, me and (Maria); Oh she’s mine oh mine, I yell it and since I’m a pimp, of course I’m selling”

You can listen to “Maria” below.

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Feature Friday #226: Pimp C – Let’s Talk Money (Feat Lil Wayne & T-Pain)

Pimp C Lets Talk Money Feat Lil Wayne & T-Pain

I have chosen a song from Pimp C titled “Let’s Talk Money” featuring a verse from Lil Wayne and a sampled chorus from T-Pain for this week’s “Feature Friday” installment.

There aren’t too many details about this collaboration, but what we do know is that it was leaked back in 2009, it was rumored to be recorded for the UGK 4 Life album, and Wayne disses 50 Cent in his verse.

“I am Mr. Go Hard, you boys just soft; And everybody know what I drink, so a nigga never cough; And a nigga never snitch like a nigga never golf; And a nigga forever rich, but pussy will never cost”

You can listen to “Let’s Talk Money” below.

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Feature Friday #225: Yo Gotti – I Got Them (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Yo Gotti I Got Them Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is a song from Yo Gotti called “I Got Them” featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman.

This Fate Eastwood-produced track appears on Gotti‘s fifth studio album, Back 2 Da Basics, which was released back in 2006.

“I pitch ya ten Gs, tell a bitch to go shoppin’; She buy herself some clothes and she bought me back a chopper; See niggas try to kick it, but no I don’t play soccer; I’m all about my cake, I’m tryin’ to marry Betty Crocker”

You can listen to “I Got Them” below.

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Feature Friday #224: Strings – Hey Ya (Feat Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Turk & Big Tymers)

Strings Hey Ya Feat Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Turk & Big Tymers

It’s that time of the week again! Today’s “Feature Friday” edition is a song from Strings aka Tateeze called “Hey Ya” featuring verses from Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Turk, as well as an intro plus outro from Birdman and Mannie Fresh.

The Steve “Stone” Huff-produced track was recorded for the female rapper’s The Black Widow album, which ended up staying unreleased, due to problems with the record label.

“Let’s get the choppers, we gettin’ ready to blow out the town; Keep everything on the hush and dig the dope from the ground; We show up around things, so we snow up the town”

You can listen to “Hey Ya” below.

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Feature Friday #223: Birdman – Get It All Together (Feat Lil Wayne)

Birdman Get It All Together Feat Lil Wayne

For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment, I have picked a song from Birdman called “Get It All Together” featuring 2 verses from Lil Wayne.

This Deezle-produced track appears on Baby‘s second studio album, Fast Money, which was released back in 2005.

“The fed’s walkin’, so I’m talking with slur’s; And we never sell a bird to a mockingbird; We find out where you stay and we mark your turf; Lace ya house with a bomb, make you walk in first”

You can watch a music video for half of “Get It All Together” and listen to the full record below.

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