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Lil Wayne Plays A Game Of “Never Have I Ever” With American Eagle [Video]

Lil Wayne Plays A Game Of Never Have I Ever With American Eagle

Lil Wayne takes part in another conversation with American Eagle that was filmed at his private indoor TRUKSTOP skate park in Miami back in November, 2019. For this interview, Wayne plays a game of “Never Have I Ever” with the clothing brand, which is something he has never played before.

During the game, Weezy discloses if he has ever sung in the shower, if he has ever had stitches, if he has ever sneaked into a party, if he has ever said “I love you” to someone and regretted it, if he has ever felt like an R&B singer, if he has ever lost an award that he cared about, if he has ever forgot words to songs while performing live, if he has ever watched a reality or true-crime show on TV, if he has ever been on two dates in 1 day, and if he has ever received the wrong advice.

The Best Rapper Alive also revealed he learned how to slide into DMs while overseas, he came up with the song “How To Love” after serenading someone, his favorite surprise a fan moment was appearing at a bar mitzvah, he would really love to go to Nigeria and Egypt, and told the story of the very first time that he rode a motorcycle. You can check out Tunechi play “Never Have I Ever” below, enjoy!

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Kidd Kidd Recalls First Meeting Lil Wayne, Rapping For Him & Joining Sqad Up [Video]

Kidd Kidd Recalls First Meeting Lil Wayne, Rapping For Him & Joining Sqad Up

Kidd Kidd recently sat down with Nolazine for an interview, which you can watch below.

During their conversation, Nutt spoke on how he first met Lil Wayne and joining Wayne‘s rap group Sqad Up.

Also in the interview, the New Orleans rapper recalled rapping for Tunechi and Fee Banks back in the day!

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Fee Banks Shares An Old Story Involving Lil Wayne & Ecstasy [Video]

Fee Banks Shares An Old Story Involving Lil Wayne & Ecstasy

While backstage at the 2019 JMBLYA music festival in Dallas, Texas on May 3rd, Fee Banks chopped it up with Dallas Global for a short interview.

After talking about NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo, Fee then spoke on his relationship with Lil Wayne and shared a story he will never forget from the Sqad Up days back in 1999.

This story included all of the Sqad Up members popping an ecstasy pill before then crying and pouring their hearts out to each other. You can check out Banks‘ interview with Dallas Global after the jump!

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Lil Wayne Attends His Official Rolling Loud V After-Party In Miami [Pictures]

Lil Wayne Attends His Official Rolling Loud V After Party In Miami

Even though he decided to cancel his set at this year’s Rolling Loud V music festival, Lil Wayne still attended his after party.

The official Rolling Loud V after-party was held at STORY Nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida earlier this month on Saturday, May 11th.

You can check out some photos of Wayne at his Rolling Loud party with Marley G, T@ and Fee Banks below, courtesy of Robert Diaz, Varsity Lifestyle Group and Goldie!

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Lil Wayne Appears In Jay Jones’ “Late Nights, Early Mornings” Documentary [Video]

Lil Wayne Appears In Jay Jones Late Nights Early Mornings Documentary

Jay Jones has released a new documentary called “Late Nights, Early Mornings”, which was directed by Flot and shot by B Dragon.

At the beginning and middle of the mini film, which you can watch below, Lil Wayne appears on FaceTime with Jay‘s father Ronald “J-Dawg” Jones.

There are also appearances from Mack Maine, actor Jason Mitchell, PJ Morton, Nesby Phips, Fee Banks, Jay Jones’ grandma, and more.

During the documentary, Jones revealed it is a dream for him to record music with Tunechi that he has not yet woke up from, as well as spoke on how Tune goes to the studio for 26 hours straight and then heads to the skate park!

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