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Feature Friday #15: Rich Boy – Ghetto Rich (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, John Legend & Nas)

Rich Boy Ghetto Rich Remix Feat Lil Wayne, John Legend & Nas

This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is the official remix to Rich Boy‘s “Ghetto Rich” song featuring John Legend on the hook, as well as dope verses from Lil Wayne and Nas.

The original version of this Polow Da Don-produced track was released on Rich Boy‘s self-titled debut studio album back in 2007, but the remix was released in early 2008.

“OGs used to tell me: ‘you just rap, lil’ nigga all you need to do is rap’; And just when I thought I was gon’ do just that; Papa was a Rolling Stone and them stones was crack; Fuck being like Mike I wanna be like pop; Then I picked up a mic I wanna be like ‘Pac”

You can listen to the “Ghetto Rich” remix below. This is one of my favorite features that Weezy F Baby has recorded in his career!

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John Legend Wants To Work With Lil Wayne

John Legend Wants to Create Music With Today’s Hottest Artists Including Lil Wayne‏

If this happens, I think it will be an amazing record! I can already see a collabo track between these two with Lil Wayne rapping 2 verses and John Legend singing the chorus and having a little 3rd verse. These two have previously worked together on the “Ghetto Rich (Remix)” but that was a Rich Boy record and also featured Nas.

Anyone else want this to happen ❓

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PS: Incase you missed it, here is the truth with the Omarion and Young Money Ent situation.