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Feature Friday #15: Rich Boy – Ghetto Rich (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, John Legend & Nas)

Fri, Feb 21, 2014 by

Rich Boy Ghetto Rich Remix Feat Lil Wayne, John Legend & Nas

This week’s “Feature Friday” installment is the official remix to Rich Boy‘s “Ghetto Rich” song featuring John Legend on the hook, as well as dope verses from Lil Wayne and Nas.

The original version of this Polow Da Don-produced track was released on Rich Boy‘s self-titled debut studio album back in 2007, but the remix was released in early 2008.

“OGs used to tell me: ‘you just rap, lil’ nigga all you need to do is rap’; And just when I thought I was gon’ do just that; Papa was a Rolling Stone and them stones was crack; Fuck being like Mike I wanna be like pop; Then I picked up a mic I wanna be like ‘Pac”

You can listen to the “Ghetto Rich” remix below. This is one of my favorite features that Weezy F Baby has recorded in his career!

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  • Yeyo

    I feel the song my nigga, shit gave me goose bumps wayne verse is TOOOO REAL!!!!!!

  • 001

    This is classic

  • JustAGuy234

    how can you listen to this amazing feature and then say “had a phone in jail thats a cellphone” is still dope, dont get me wrong i love wayne and cant to see what he does on these next two projects. but all im saying is these features this time frame is undeniably dope, its hit and miss these days.

  • Don_Hooper19

    Man Wayne is the best fuck what anybody say man

    • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

      Kendrick aint quit

      • GTFO

      • JayHighAss

        Don’t you ever againin your life bring Kendrick name up on this site wtf wrong with u !?!? Lil nikka

        • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

          U is a nutt rider lil wayne got passed by

          • JayHighAss

            GTFO !

      • Don_Hooper19

        Kendrick don’t even compare to Wayne man like get real I’m tired of people saying that shit

        • weezil

          Why u guys always need to compare? Wayne and k.dot arent comparable. Im a big wayne fan since ’10. Kendrick lamar is one of the best mc’s right now, in my opinion 2pac level. He is a totally diffrent rapper than weezy. Weezy is a commerial rapper with punch lines and shit, I like it tho. But kendrick raps about the life in the ghetto streets and his life. They are both legends

  • taneccy b

    wayne killed nas in this shit. all i have to say is ” fuck bein like mike, i wanna be like weezy then i picked up a mic i wanna be like weezy” in about 2 years i will be one of the best rapper alive. i will drop my first single soon

    • Nexoduss

      Haha you and the other millions. Gtfo you’re garbage

      • weezy f

        You GTFO

    • Kidd

      I respect it keep working maybe one day you will be….why do haters gotta hate

      • Nexoduss

        because he simply changed 2 words with what wayne already said. He’s dumb bro and it’s people like you that give him some type of hope where there obviously isn’t any because there’s no talent, that are the dumbest.

    • Tony Altrudebta

      Hey man, if that’s your dream then you go for it. Never let no one dimb your light, through all the hate you continue to shine, most of the time the nigga’s that be hatin just quit trying a long time ago but I just want you to know, Failure is a choice but never a option keep your head to the sky and you got this. The sky is the limit!

  • Killuminati

    Another amazing verse from 2007, i miss that year so much, wayne was killing every track that was hot.

    • fewcha

      his prime

  • TheTruth

    Always talk to God never listen to Cops.

    • @DymeEliteMarket

      Real Shit He outshine Nas #17

  • William Tom

    Where’s future at

    • fewcha


      • William Tom

        For reals ha

  • Time

    Nas had a dope verse too but wayne did have him on this

  • I could neva win an oscar cause i dont know how to act…..damn

  • jay12

    one of the best lil wayne songs.. listen to it daily

    • YMCorey

      Rich boy song actually

  • nfs444

    @Danny M stop picking shitty songs nobodies heard of. Next week pick Southside (The Birdman version) or something notable.

    • Killuminati

      What the fuck are you on about? Danny is picking some of weezys best verses

  • xgoblin

    I wish Wayne still rap over hip hop beats like this

  • hytuah

    saw the track list to tha carter v…

    • Yoann Carter

      STFU Nikka!

      • supermamba17

        think he’s telling the truth. Saw the same stuff on MTV .com, Look up lil wayne on yahoo. go to latest news

  • Michael

    Rumored Carter V tracklist

    • Kidd

      Shit fake tho

      • Michael

        Could be, which is why I put ‘rumored’ but you never know

    • Kanye West

      i will not buy the carter 5 if it has this new rappers

      • @DymeEliteMarket


    • Bri Bri

      I’m sorry but if this is the official tracklist, this shit will flop hard AF, there is only 1 wayne solo track?!?!? I’m not buying this shit if the tracklist is real. Worst carter album smh.

    • Killuminati

      We get this with EVERY wayne album! This wont be the real tracklist

    • Mack Maine Already Said Its Fake …

      • Michael

        I know and I put this before he tweeted it so…

  • Corbin

    Wayne killed nas the best rapper of all time on this track…

  • Michael

    Here’s another picture so you can read a mini article about Tha Carter V track listing and it says something else you might wanna read…

    • Sean Smith

      Lot of future

  • YMCorey

    Nas killed everybody but wayne held his own

  • YMCorey

    Wayne the goat but I give this to nas

  • wiseman91

    everybody killed this shit

  • Michael

    Apologies, tracklist is fake. Mack Main confirmed it. Sorry guys but again I said it was a rumor

  • lee9561

    Danny a Wayne Carter V tracklist leaked

  • Josh Allison

    We all know wayne dont like his dad so he’s referring to Michael Jackson and pop music when he said “Fuck being like Michael I wanna be like pop” but then again he said “Fuck Michael” so I could be wrong but I doubt it.

  • Don_Hooper19

    Lol do yal really think that Wayne would do Carter V and have one song with himself come on now it’s looks ok but it’s not real

  • Don_Hooper19

    And tbh if it is real I’m not liking all the tracks with future

  • Don_Hooper19

    Birdman tweeted that the tracklist is fake so just forget about it

  • Don_Hooper19

    Mybad birdman son tweeted

  • Miguel Mendoza

    Thats a dope tracklist but needs more songs n lil wayne solo songz…on another note: Where tha fukk is that senile single?!?

  • Martin

    Tahiry in that picture, weezy probably smashed

  • @DymeEliteMarket

    @LilTunechi Always talk to God, never listen to cops #sotrue #nyundacoverstalka

  • Weezy

    That’s one of dopest features he’s ever done. He fucking outshined Nas.

  • Best

    Wayne killed this shit

  • Kidd

    I told yall niggas that bullshit ass tracklist was fake it dont even look real first of all when has wayne only had 12 songs on carter album even before the deluxe edition its usually like 17 or 18 songs second of all who would put rich homie quan and 3 future features on their album and third of all young thug that trash ass nigga now the rest people im cool with except for birdman

  • tre_soswavey

    Oh man thanks danny for showing me this one. Never heard it. Verse real as fucc

  • loyal fan

    Im waiting for dat nw single!!!!!

  • John Osco

    Mack Maine


    Fake Carter V tracklist floating around huh?? The anticipation’s building…#nice -Mack Maine

  • Kidd

    Danny they just posted the Rise of a New Empire tracklist on Hot New Hip Hop here it is:

    1. We Alright — Euro Feat. Birdman & Lil Wayne
    2. Trophies — Drake
    3. Bang — Lil Twist Feat. Euro & Cory Gunz
    4. Senile — Tyga Feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
    5. Induction Speech — Euro
    6. One Time — Lil Twist Feat. Tyga & YG
    7. Hittin Like — Shanell Feat. Chanel West Coast
    8. Lookin’ Ass — Nicki Minaj
    9. Fresher Than Ever — Gudda Gudda Feat. Jae Millz, Flow, Mack Maine & Birdman
    10. Back It Up — Lil Twist Feat. Tyga
    11. Moment — Lil Wayne
    12. You Already Know — PJ Morton Feat. Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz

    I though there would be more Wayne but I guess thats what Carter 5 is for

  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    The Tracklisting for the ‘Young Money – Rise Of An Empire’ is out

    1. “We Alright” — Euro f. Birdman & Lil Wayne
    2. “Trophies” — Drake
    3. “Bang” — Lil Twist f. Euro & Cory Gunz
    4. “Senile” — Tyga f. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne
    5. “Induction Speech” — Euro
    6. “One Time” — Lil Twist f. Tyga & YG
    7. “Hittin Like” — Shanell f. Chanel West Coast
    8. “Lookin’ Ass” — Nicki Minaj
    9. “Fresher Than Ever” — Gudda Gudda f. Jae Millz, Flow, Mack Maine & Birdman
    10. “Back It Up” — Lil Twist f. Tyga
    11. “Moment” — Lil Wayne
    12. “You Already Know” — PJ Morton f. Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz

  • @Official_X_

    Ok people, if that is the true tracklist for the RiseOfAnEmpire Album, then I need me an answer about YG being on it, is he YM now?

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Lil Wayne aka MR. REMIX BABYYY

  • Kgomotso Thabe Wrapper