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Lil Wayne Signs With Kobalt Neighbouring Rights

Lil Wayne Signs With Kobalt Neighbouring Rights

Lil Wayne is one of the newest music artists to sign with Kobalt Neighbouring Rights. Other artists that are also with KNR are: Lenny Kravitz, Akon, Sean Paul, Macklemore, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and Calvin Harris.

If you are not aware of what Kobalt Neighbouring Rights is, the business basically helps artists to receive and manage the royalties that they are due from songs they have wrote and performed, as well as what income the record label gets!


Lil Wayne In Top 5 Of Billboard’s 2012 Money Makers List

Lil Wayne Placed 5 Spot On Billboard 2012 Top Money Makers List

Lil Wayne has landed in the top 5 of Billboard’s 2012 Top Money Makers list! In 2011, Taylor Swift earned the most money with £37.5 million, while U2 came second earning $32.1 million, third place was Kenny Chesney with $29.8 million, fourth was Lady Gaga with $25.3 million and fifth spot belonged to Weezy earning $23.1 million.

Billboard have said that the music artists’ ranking were only based on the U.S. income sources from album sales, publishing royalties and tours, not sponsorships and merchandise sales. You can view the full top 40 list here, and the crazy thing is that Jay-Z didn’t even make the list 😮

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