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Lil Wayne Kicks Off “The Dedication Tour” In El Paso, Watch His Full Set & See A Setlist [Videos]

Lil Wayne Kicks Off The Dedication Tour In El Paso, Watch His Full Set & See A Setlist

On January 21st, Lil Wayne kicked off his “The Dedication Tour” by performing live at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas.

I’ve been asked a few times by people in e-mail how long Tunechi‘s set is and what the full setlist is, so that them and their friends can rap along to all of the lyrics. Well Tune‘s set lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes and the full setlist in order is as follows:

“Mr. Carter”, “Coco”, “I’m Goin’ In”, “Blunt Blowin'”, “6 Foot, 7 Foot”, “Rich As Fuck”, “Believe Me”, “I’m Me”, “She Will”, “London Roads”, “Nightmares Of The Bottom”, “Pop That”, “Loyal”, “Pop Bottles”, “I’m On One”, “Karate Chop (Remix)”, “Only”, “Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right (HYFR)”, “The Motto”, “I’m Single”, “How To Love”, “Bitches Love Me”, “Every Girl” with Mack Maine, “Go DJ”, “Hustler Musik”, “Leather So Soft”, “Right Above It”, “Comfortable”, “Mrs. Officer”, “Lollipop”, “Got Money”, “Rollin'”, “Jumpman”, “Wasted”, “Pussy Money Weed”, “Where Ya At”, “Ride For My Niggas”, “Cross Me”, “Finessin'” with Baby E, “Live From The Gutter” with HoodyBaby, “Drop The World”, “Mirror”, “A Milli”, “John”, “Truffle Butter”, “Steady Mobbin'”, and “No Worries”.

You can watch Weezy performing all of these songs live in the videos after the jump below. Wayne will next be performing live at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas for a stop on his “The Dedication Tour” later tonight!

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Lil Wayne Announces “The Dedication Tour” With Rae Sremmurd, Reveals Dates & Locations

Lil Wayne Announces The Dedication Tour With Rae Sremmurd, Reveals Dates & Locations

To thank us fans that are loving his No Ceilings 2 mixtape, Lil Wayne has announced a new tour called “The Dedication Tour” with special guests Rae Sremmurd.

The tour will be stopping in a total of 19 cities across the United States of America starting with El Paso in Texas on January 21st, 2016 and ending in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 6th.

You will be able to purchase tickets on December 4th, which is this Friday. However, if you are a Citi card member or have a TIDAL subscription, you can now buy your pre-sale tickets!

Hit the jump to see the full list of dates and locations on Tunechi and Rae‘s “The Dedication Tour” that shows Tune has decided to visit a lot of cities that he rarely visited on previous tours.

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Lil Wayne Says: “The Hardest Part Of Being In Jail Was Going Without Sex”

Lil Wayne Says The Hardest Part Of Being In Jail Was Going Without Sex
Lil Wayne and Cher Lloyd

We have another excerpt from Lil Wayne‘s Rolling Stone Magazine interview, which hits newsstands tomorrow (January 21). Weezy tells the magazine that being behind bars wasn’t too bad, and the hardest part about it was going without sex. He also says that he was man enough to take the punishment, even though the gun was not his.

The hip-hop star told Rolling Stone the closest thing he had to companionship in his cell in Rikers Island, New York, was a picture of a woman from a magazine that he taped to the wall.

‘Anyone starts looking good in that bitch,’ he tells the US music magazine. ‘Like, ‘Damn, look at HER with that uniform on, Mrs Officer!’’

The star still insists the gun he was sent to jail over was not his, but he says he was man enough to take the punishment.

‘I dropped my nuts and took it,’ he said, referring to his eight-month prison sentence.

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Lil Wayne Covers Rolling Stone Magazine (2011)

Lil Wayne Covers Rolling Stone Magazine 2011

Lil Wayne covers his first magazine since being released from Rikers in November, 2010. Weezy covers Rolling Stone Magazine, and if you remember back in Feb, 2010 when he was just heading to jail, Weezy also graced the cover then as well. This issue will hit newsstands on January 21st, and you can read a few excerpts below and check out some behind the scenes footage from the shoot after the jump!

“I’d bust a nigga’s ass at Uno,” he told writer Josh Eells. “We gamble for phone time. I’d take nigga’s commissary: Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup.”

Eventually his cellmates stopped inviting him to games. “They’d be like, ‘Oh, we thought you were asleep,'” Wayne says. “Like you can’t look inside my cell and see that I’m right there! We ain’t got no doors!”

When Wayne sat court-side at a recent Miami Heat/New Orleans Hornets game he was upset that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade never came over to talk to him. “Them niggas never speak to a nigga,” he says. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. Nigga spent all that money on them fucking tickets… Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass niggas. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

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