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Lil Wayne Walks With Floyd Mayweather Jr. To The Ring For His Fight Against Robert Guerrero

Lil Wayne Walks With Floyd Mayweather Jr To The Ring For His Fight Against Robert Guerrero

Lil Wayne accompanied Floyd Mayweather Jr. last night as he walked to the ring for his fight against Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. While they were walking to the ring, Weezy F Baby rapped along to his “No Worries” single – most likely because of the “you see Money right there” lyric.

You can watch footage of Floyd and Tunechi‘s entrance after the jump below, as well as an interview Mayweather did after the boxing match with Tune standing next to him, plus a clip of Wayne laughing during the fight. During the interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr. thanks Young Money for their support and tells people to go get the I Am Not A Human Being II album!

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Video: Lil Wayne & Short Dawg Joke About The ‘Hot Sauce’ Incident In “The Nino Brown Story”

During a recent trip to Atlanta (before Wayne‘s jail sentence was postposted earlier this week), Scoob was finally able to present Wayne with the latest DVD, and the Cash Money millionaire gave it his stamp of approval.

” ‘Nino Brown Part 2,’ shit crazy!” Wayne is seen saying with a grin a couple of weeks ago in ATL. Weezy was surrounded by Young Money members Gudda Gudda and Short Dawg. In the DVD, Wayne plays a wicked trick on Dawg, a native of Houston. When Short falls asleep in the studio, Wayne puts hot sauce in a teaspoon. Then, the multi platinum prankster puts the spoon in Short’s mouth, literally giving him a rude awakening.

“The ‘Nino Brown’ superstar in the building!” Wayne said to Short and the room full of his friends, still ribbing his artists for the escapades in the DVD.

Short took the joke in stride, quoting lines from “New Jack City” (from which the DVD takes its name): “Am I my brother’s keeper?

“I went out like G Money in that bitch, man!” Short continued, talking about his look in the DVD.

Meanwhile, Wayne was tickled at how Scoob captured his jokester side.

“You gotta really pay attention the editing and you gotta pay attention to how your verse comes on when you wake up,” Wayne told Short. “Soon as the verse come on, that boy wake up [and starts drinking]. If you would have start singing the verse, that would have been the hardest shit that Martin Luther King died for. For real!”

As the night proceeds, Short drops more famous lines from “New Jack.”

“You’re a murderer, Nino!” Short yells, getting everyone to laugh. “Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change!”

Via MTV, and in other news – we should be getting the “We Are The World Remake” and Shawty Lo’s “WTF” featuring Lil Wayne any day now.


Watch Lil Wayne In The Studio, Laughing While He Works

Lil Wayne is always so focused and serious about his work in the vocal booth — it’s amazing to watch, if you are ever lucky enough to be able to witness him putting the tracks together. It’s not the stern face you get — Wayne smiles and laughs, because he’s enjoying himself and he loves what he does.

“Hold on, man, hold on, man,” Wayne says to his engineer after cracking up in a Miami studio. It’s 7 a.m. and while most everyone is asleep, Wayne is in the booth composing lines as the beat plays. His goal is to rap 60 bars straight — no hook — over N.O.R.E.’s classic Swizz Beatz-produced track for “Banned From TV,” for last year’s No Ceilings mixtape. While in the booth, a line that came into his head is bold and crass and causes Weezy to chuckle.

“I’m a beast, I’m a pit bull, I get my ass kissed.” In this exclusive clip from DJ Scoob Doo’s “The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 2,” you see Wayne putting the rhymes together. Even though he has fun, he also makes sure that the rap is perfect before he leaves.

“Wayne is my favorite rapper of the new age,” Noreaga told us Monday. “Although in rap years, he’s just as old as me. But that’s my favorite rapper for the new age. For him to not only do the joint, but it appear on Mixtape Daily video … that’s an honor. My kids love Lil Wayne. Do ‘Super Thug’ next, Wayne — keep my legacy alive. … I’m trying to do Special Ed’s ‘I Got It Made’ and a few other classics over. It’s only to give respect to the people. If Wayne is a real MC like I know he is, he was doing it to show love and respect to the joint and what it meant to him. I’m speechless.”

“That dude is the epitome of workaholic,” Scoob Doo said about Wayne. “He doesn’t even sit down in the studio. He could be in the studio for nine hours and he’s not even sitting down. Everybody is nodding off, sleeping on the couch ’cause it’s a $3 million studio, and he decides not to sit down. That gives you an idea where his mental is at.”

“The Nino Brown Story, Pt. 2” is in stores on January 22, but you can purchase it now on DJ Scoob Doo’s Web site.