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Lil Wayne Officially Joins Instagram & Posts His First Picture

Lil Wayne Officially Joins Instagram & Posts His First Picture

There have been plenty of fake Instagram accounts pretending to be Lil Wayne over the past couple of years, but if you didn’t know, he has now registered an official account on the social media website – follow it here.

Even though the account has been up for weeks (even I remember following it in early February), Weezy only confirmed this news on Twitter a few days ago. He also made his first post just a few hours ago, which was the photo above of him, Marley G and N.O. Capo with the caption “Wooooop”.

Tunechi is currently following no one and has 1.7 million followers as of right now. Who is looking forward to seeing what Tune will be posting on his Instagram page in the future?


Lil Wayne’s Pre-Jail Video: “The Road To Rikers Part 3”

In the latest video he’s sent to MTV News, Lil Wayne gave fans a little bit more insight to his work schedule over last weekend. With the clock ticking before he’s expected to begin his jail sentence on weapons charges Tuesday, Weezy filmed seven videos in one night — on the heels of shooting between nine and 10 videos in two days last month. In his latest video clip, Wayne says he shot footage for videos by Young Money artist Shanell, Diddy, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Rick Ross — and of course we already know about the videos he shot for Drake and for himself.

“Show these artists how to do it,” Wayne says on his tour bus in a clip shot by DJ Scoob Doo and sent to MTV News on Monday afternoon (March 1). “Seven videos in one night. Follow me, artists!”

In the Drake video, “Afrika Boombata,” Weezy wears a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt. He had vaccilated between wearing that or one of his @liltunechi tees. We also know that the McCoy video is called “Tattoo Girl,” and the video for Diddy-Dirty Money is titled “Strobe Lights.”

A early version of the Dirty Money song leaked weeks ago and features everyone performing over a techno-type beat. “When the ceiling hits the floor, I’m gonna find my way to the door,” Diddy sings on the leaked version of the record. Later, Weezy raps, “The strobe lights are dancing/ We’ve taken all the chances.”

Via MTV, and I’m really looking forward to hearing some of these songs Wayne has shot music videos for, such as Travis McCoy’s “Tattoo Girl” and Drake’s “Afrika Boombata”.

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Lil Wayne’s Pre-Jail Video: “The Road To Rikers Part 2”

In the video above, Lil Wayne shows us his “@liltunechi” t-shirts which he got custom made, and says he may wear them in one of the seven eight music videos he shot last night! This just shows how hard Weezy works, and one of the music videos he shot was for a Drake song called “Afrika Boombatta“. Wayne says the track is a ‘fun record’, and maybe it will be a single from Drizzy’s Thank Me Later album ❓ Other music videos Weezy shot last night were “Runnin’” from Rebirth and a Diddy song. Props MTV

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Lil Wayne’s Pre-Jail Video: “The Road To Rikers Part 1”

“Three days, y’all — let’s party!” Lil Wayne said on Saturday (February 27). Now that his dental surgery is done, Weezy is expected to begin serving his year in jail on weapons charges Tuesday, but he’s making sure he’s seen and heard before his departure. Of late, Weezy has taken to Twitter (much more on than in a minute) and Ustream to communicate with fans. On Saturday evening, Weezy and his favorite videographer, DJ Scoob Doo, sent MTV News a clip we’re going to call “Nino Brown: The Road to Rikers, Part 1” (as in Rikers Island, the New York jail that Wayne’s heading to).

In the clip, Wayne promises to grant fans a look at what his life is like as he prepares to go to jail.

Shot Saturday afternoon in the guest house of his Miami home, Wayne had the NCAA game of Tennessee vs. Kentucky playing in the background on his big-screen TV.

“This is for my real fans,” Wayne said. “People who wanna know what I be doin’. I’mma let y’all in.”

From there, Wayne, who recently tweeted that he was giving up Twitter, urged his fans to log on and follow him at his page “@liltunechi.”

“I just opened that up,” Weezy said. “I got almost 200,000 followers. I need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need more followers than Drake.”

Wayne then gave background on his nickname.

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